Italian online gaming store MultiPlayer is advertising a brand new Kirby game for sale for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is simply titled Kirby and hasn’t been formally announced by Nintendo. Sadly there’s no other details regarding the game, but the online store does feature the funky box-art which can be seen above.

Tip: Jerry R



  1. I call fake. For one, that’s a shot of Kirby AirRide for the GC. Second, something like this has already happened this past week alone (Donkey Kong 3D). It’s probably the same company putting out fake titles for profit.


  2. A 3D Kirby would be great! Its the only thing the 3DS is missing. We got a 3D Mario game, a 3D Zelda game, coming soon a 3D Paper Mario game and a 3D Luigi’s Mansion, all we’re missing is a 3D Kirby <3 I hope this isn't some bullshit someone made up though.


  3. im sure many of nintendo games are coming to 3ds f zero maybe earthbound but i rather have that for wii u idk but yeah its nice to have kirby around cause i loved return to dream land




  4. This is fake until Nintendo themselves comes out and says “we are making a Kirby game for the 3DS.”

    Also this is first we heard of it and none of the other retailer have it up, so it just comes off as guess work at most.


  5. I hope this is a Kirby Air Ride sequel because that game was fun (and that box art looks like KAR). Offtopic: If only they had Punch-Out instead of Yoshi for the Ambassador games.


    • Punch Out instead of open tournament golf, i couldnt even understand how to hit the ball in that game, at least i understood how to play Yoshi, its simple. but yeah Punch-Out is AWESOME!!!


  6. Kirby’s Air Ride? The game that used only ONE BUTTON, yet had a 46 page instruction booklet? Besides, a sequel to anything with the most basic interface possible would have to have potential. That’s not saying a whole lot.

    Hell, I’d rather see a new Kirby’s Dream Course or even an updated one with stylus or gyroscopic controls. That would be the Kirby off-shoot I’d like to see them revisit before Air Ride again.


  7. That is pathetic. Any Kirby fan could recognize that the box art is from the back of the box to Kirby’s Air Ride. But a Kirby 3D does sound nice.


  8. NO NO NO I still haven’t played the retail kirby mass attack, returns to dreamland and epic yarn. I gotta catch up or release em all.


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