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Famitsu Awards Kid Icarus Uprising A Perfect 40/40 Score

Japanese gaming bible Famitsu has awarded the forthcoming Kid Icarus: Uprising a perfect 40/40 review score. There’s currently no information other than the score, but clearly this is going to be a game every Nintendo 3DS owner should own. Edge magazine previously awarded Kid Icarus: Uprising a more-than-respectable 8/10.


69 thoughts on “Famitsu Awards Kid Icarus Uprising A Perfect 40/40 Score”

  1. Wow… I wasn’t planning on picking this game up, but now I just might. Need a good Nintendo game for my 3DS anyway.

      1. yeah, beat 3d land and got all five stars pretty quickly. i played the game a shit load, but after completion its kinda pointless. star fox 64 gets old quick, mario kart 7 is no fun on one screen with no one else to play with, and i still have yet to finish the master quest on ocarina. revelations and snake eater are my two loves at the moment. cant wait till friday

  2. Not bad. Pity Famitsu scores don’t count for nearly as much as they used to. Also Famitsu tends to favour games aimed at a Japanese audience than Western-style games.

  3. And this is the type of review I like. Why? Because they have 4 different reviewers and 4 different scores to get a final judgement. It’s more fair to the games that way.

  4. O yes I’m laughing now because I was one of the only people who saw the potential for this game when it was announced at E3 2010 and everyone of my friends said this game would be cut. NOW everyone loves this game, hmm fools! lol =p

    1. I actually had faith for this game to show off what it can do since that time, and I couldn’t be anymore right.

  5. Already pre-ordered. Now I just wish I could find the Circle Pad Pro so I can actually play. It’s not online, not in store. I wish they made the control lefty-friendly.

      1. I still have the circle pad pro sealed brand new from GameStop. Im not using it. Guess I might when this comes out.

  6. *flaps arms up & down*

    As excited as I’ve been for this game, really didn’t see THIS coming. Dat Sakurai.

  7. That’s the good news I like to hear. Major system seller for Nintendo right here. Were getting closer to the launch date. Is your body ready?

    Leave luck to heaven.

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    1. I think both Zelda and Skyrim got perfect? So yeah. Not been a huge while but considering it’s up there with them~

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  11. Alright folks just wait until Gamespots and G4TV review this game. They gonna give it a low score and complain about the controls and voice acting.

    1. Imagine Adam “X-Play” Sessler scores this game a 2 out of 5 and then an army of angry letters 2 minutes after the review. I’d be more than pissed off if they score a below average.

      1. I like the voice acting. Yeah the jokes and stuff are kinda cheesy but it makes the character’s lovable. It feels like that saturday morning cartoon you used to wake up to back when you were 10.

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  13. Am I the only one who’s NOT über-excited for this? It looks cool and all, but I would like a demo before any final decisions.

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  19. YEAH KID ICARUS UPRISING I preordered it yesterday damn
    about 100 AR cards
    too much weapons
    every day new news
    and the best reason is pit is nintendos new IP
    kid icarus uprising will be the best 3ds game 2012
    YEAH !!
    I wanna it now
    shit it has got an online mode wtf
    this game got too much content if any magazine give this game 70 i will destroy them :D

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