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Grab The Kid Icarus Uprising Soundtrack At Club Nintendo Japan

Nintendo of Japan is releasing the soundtrack to the perfect scoring Kid Icarus: Uprising on Club Nintendo. The Kid Icarus: Uprising soundtrack would usually go on sale for 400 points, but those who purchase the game and register it can grab the soundtrack for 250 points. Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe have yet to announce a similar offer.



  1. Hey Sickr, why can’t I use my email address? It keeps telling me “you must be logged in to use that email address” when I try to comment with it entered in the box.


  2. Damn it!! 1st japan gets tingles ruppee adventure for DS, then a gold nunchuk… now THIS!?! keep your damn washcloths and buttons and give me some schwag NOA!


    1. i do appreciate my LoZ:OoT and LoZ:SS soundtracks… so thanks fpr them…. though the greece deku nuts would have blown my mind with joy!


      1. What SS soundtrack? You mean the Orchestra CD that came with the game? I wish there was a SS OST available..


  3. “Nintendo of Japan is releasing the soundtrack to the perfect scoring Kid Icarus..”

    Prefect Scoring. I don’t know why, but I laughed.


    1. the hidden pun, but Anyway Kid Icarus Uprising Show Us Sakamoto Perfecionism who would make Gunpei Yokoi(R.I.P. Old genius and master) Cry of Happiness.


  4. Not sure if Club Nintendo of America likes us enough for this treat (golden nunchuck, cough), but you never know. They are doing the AR cards and downloadable Kid Icarus 3D here. Still, Nintendo definitely gives Japan priority with the cool items they offer.


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