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Rayman Origins 3DS Delayed… Again

It’s been revealed that Ubisoft’s fantastic 2D platformer Rayman Origins 3D for the Nintendo 3DS has once again been delayed in Europe. Rayman Origins 3D was originally scheduled to come out at the end of the month, but it’s now due to be released on June 7th. There’s no word on whether the US release date has been delayed as well.

34 thoughts on “Rayman Origins 3DS Delayed… Again”

      1. Or, you could see the implications in his sentence and it would mean any other console it’s on. Vita has it too smart guy

      2. No, he meant to say console, if you were in the game you’d know people Reffer to Handheld consoles as just ‘handhelds’ and Home consoles as just ‘Consoles’
        Get to know and don’t try and be a smart.

    1. The only reason i would accept. And I so would love it, could delay it even longer if they add multiplayer. any words on the vita release date (since its also announced without mp)?

  1. I have the Vita version of the game so the delay doesn’t bother me.

    Actually, I probably won’t buy the 3DS version.

  2. I hope the delay is to add online co-op and to make it better. I didn’t get the Wii version because I wanted to get the 3DS one, but if they delay it too much, I might not pick it up at all. And June 7th? Isn’t that the week of E3?

  3. I’m not sure on whether to get this game for Wii or 3DS >< But all in all, I look forward to see how the 3DS version plays out

  4. Might as well get a console version for 15-20$ at this point.

    The vita version is 40$ the 3DS version with probably be 40$ too.

    Do yourself a favor. Get it now. Save yourself the wait and the higher cost.

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  6. How much more are they delaying it… the 3DS game reliability is quite bad, games are constently being delayed.

    MGS was delayed twice.

    DOAD was delayed.

    Star Fox was delayed.

    Some others but could not remember which.

    Whats wrong with the games being delayed on 3DS so often?

  7. This does not make no sense it’s on Wii Xbox 360 PS3 and the vita had it for a launch game and now the 3DS version is coming out in June. nobody’s going to buy this game for 3DS it’s going to get poor sales.

  8. Of course, the one time a game I want that is on both Wii and handheld is delayed twice happens to be when my Wii is broken.

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