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Transformers Heading Exclusively To Nintendo 3DS, Wii And Nintendo DS This Year

Activision has announced that it plans to bring Transformers Prime games exclusively to Nintendo related platforms later this year. Based on the hit animated television show produced by Hasbro Studios and currently airing on The Hub television network in the U.S., the game lets fans play as their favourite Autobot characters and embark on an action-packed adventure to save the earth from the evil Megatron and his new secret weapon.

“Hasbro Studios has done a phenomenal job with the Transformers Prime television show. We are collaborating closely with the series creators to capture all the adventure, humor and friendships from the show to create an authentic action experience for Transformers fans of all ages to enjoy.”

–  David Oxford, Executive Vice President at Activision Publishing


      1. Drop fucking dead with that first shit. How fucking old are you imbecile?

      2. niahahahaha! nice try peteriuss but your tottaly stupid! thats a rumour the wii U will fail misserably get a life and you too above me ^

      3. Which article?

        We won’t know the Wii U’s real power until next E3.

        Why don’t you wait until June 5th to see the real Wii U… all we saw was a prototype.

      4. don’t listen to him i am the real Siegfried… wii u will kick but.

  1. Transformers hasn’t been good since armada…. Maybe energon, maybe.

    And the other systems get the much better game fall of cybertron?

    1. Wii U better get FoC. Some good indication that it’s going hardcore, because sorry but bringing this juvenile cartoon crap to Wii doesn’t help its image. I usually don’t think like that, but they’re deliberately looking past FoC for a family friendly one.

  2. “Nintendo-related platforms” does that mean the Wii U as well? Maybe that’s the unannounced game they were working on that was revealed on a list a while ago. This is kind of unexpected, but we’ll have to see how good the game is.

    1. I added ‘Nintendo related platforms’. The series has only been confirmed for Nintendo 3DS, Wii and Nintendo DS. Sadly there was no mention or a hint that a Wii U game is in development.

  3. Do game developers still live in the past or what?

    Why no Wii U version?

    CoD MW3 was not on 3DS…

    Massive games coming on all consoles still… are not coming on 3DS but are on DS.

    It’s just weird… we want game Developers to live in the present not the past.

    1. FUCK COD! call of duty sucks and i dont like it.people on our days says that if u play super mario ur a faggot and call of duty is the best and serius game ever made.get a life cod fans the game sucks and games arent only about graphics u retarder(s)!!!!

      1. But wii u has better graphics, and you boast about that. Also your spelling is atrocious.

      2. I play many games. Not just CoD.

        Also games are not about graphics, LOOK AT THE OLD NES GAMES!

        Also I was saying an example of an popular game.

        Also my favorate franchises are.


        Star Fox

        Modern Warfare

        Just because someone plays CoD. It does not mean they hate Nintendo.

  4. Its gonna suck. I was really hoping for fall of cybertron on 3ds. I think the system could have pulled off a decent version of that game. This is why I had to buy a ps3.

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