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Hitomi VS Ayane Dead Or Alive 5 Demo Video

Team Ninja has uploaded some fast and frantic footage of the Dead or Alive 5 demo that comes bundled with Ninja Gaiden 3’s first print run version next week. Team Ninja hasn’t confirmed whether the game is coming to Wii U, but Yosuke Hayashi, the head of the development studio, has hinted that the game could come to Nintendo’s forthcoming system.

41 thoughts on “Hitomi VS Ayane Dead Or Alive 5 Demo Video”

    1. Lol with my experience with almost every fighting game, it defies science because you never die or it takes for ever to die ;)

      You know Super Smash bros is an example, You never die.

      Also with Bloody roar you never die after being hit so much.

      Something with almost every fighting game has something strange… you never die.

  1. Nice update! I’ve played so much DoA on my Dreamcast, since then I never bought another game of the series. Maybe if it comes to WiiU I can play it DoA again.
    Anyone knows if DoA Dimensions is a good game?

    1. Dimensions is great and underrated game, I’ve been playing it ever since it came out and clocked about 50 hrs of playtime!

      1. Thanks man! i’m asking because I don’t trust reviewers anymore (not that I ever trusted) it seems the ”best” sites can only see potential and fun on massive advertised games.
        I think i’m gonna buy dimensions, would be great to have an e-shop demo in america.

        1. It’s a great game. In terms of gameplay Tekken 3D would be better but DoAD offers much more and more beginner friendly. I also have SF4 but don’t really like it. So out of all three I would say DoAD is the best.

          1. I also have SSF4, but I barely play it, what killed the game for me is the touchscreen controls. Why would I master my combos, if anyone online can kill me by freaking tapping the touchscreen comands? that’s boring.

            1. I completely understand what you mean. But I am glad that at least the noobs can do something to defend themselves. I still kick all their asses online. Who wanna test me I will give you my friend code.

              Get N or get OUT!!!!!

  2. Funny with all the punches to the face there’s no damage. No black eyes, no busted lips. Game looks like a fast paced fighter like Tekken.

    Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Yesh…

        Dead Or Alive Dimensions 3DS had Samus and the Other M stage based at the Ridley encounter.

        How about a cleaver idea?

        Each version… so PS3 has an exclusive Sony character, Xbox has an exclusive character and Nintendo has Samus?

        Did you know one of the Dead Or Alive games for Xbox had an playable Halo character?

        1. Samus was in DoA d because they help on Other M. They’re not going to put Retro’s Samus in there game.

          1. They could put Retro but they would most likely put Other M if they do the idea.

            Team Ninja did not make any of the Halo and they put an Halo character in one of their DOA games on Xbox.

        1. Badass Samus from all the previous games is the only one I know. Other M is a terrible game to come after the masterpiece of the Prime trilogy.

          1. *adding to my above comment* Badass Samus from all the previous games is the only one I know. Other M is a terrible game to come after the masterpiece of the Prime trilogy, where Samus killed first and whined like a bitch never.

    1. Boobs do not move like that.

      I know it’s their “thing”, but it’s just so excessive lol.

      On topic, this was awesome!

  3. The next dead or alive should have this exclusive (If not this then the next one)

    Each version of the Game for diffrent consoles should have an exclusive character.

    So Xbox 360 version could have an Halo character (Just like with one of the DOA on Xbox)

    Wii U version could have Samus. (DOAD had an Other M stage and Samus but Samus was not playable)

    And Sony version could have an exclusive character for Sony.

    You know, It’s a good idea ;)

    Who agrees!

  4. WHOA uncanny valley on that girl face during her victory pose. I really hope this game does come to the Wii U just so that that disturbing face can climb out of that valley, whether on one side or the other.

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