Ghost Recon Wii U Will Have Plenty Of DLC

A member of the development team behind Ghost Recon for Wii U has stated that fans can expect to see plenty of downloadable content when the game launches alongside Wii U sometime after June this year. The game features a store with items that you can buy with in-game currency, or alternatively you can buy “Ghost Coins” with real-world money. The developer also mentioned that you can instantly switch your weapons and gear between respawns using the Wii U controller.


      1. I’m wondering that to.

        People always usually fail but how did he not fail?

        Well theres a twist answer of he did not fail, He did fail because he said the word “First”.

      2. QQ some more. He said first, big fucking deal. Just skip it and go to the next post.

      1. I agree having the option to earn currency in game to use to buy DLC is a brilliant Idea
        I will be more than happy to spend a little bit of money to make up the difference in what i earn in game if i want to get the DLC quicker

        more Devs should take this idea and use it

      2. Agreed, but there is some DLC that should be paid for. Like stuff that is developed after the game is released; they need motivation to make that extra DLC.

      3. you mean like bonus episodes. Yeah, I’ll be okay with. It’s the new items and clothes etc… DLC that’s off. I definately love what this game is trying to do, you know, gving an option to gamers.

  1. FFFFFFF…. damn dlc >_> I thought I was safe on Nintendo. DLC… its like a horror movie monster. But I should take this as good news that devs are liking the new networking on the Wii U… that was apparently a big complaint with the Wii’s from what I have heard.

    1. Please tell my why content that would extend the gameplay can be in any way negative? Let me also add that it’s the person’s choice to buy it or not, if you think you don’t need it then don’t buy it. A person who has done everything in a game would appreciate DLC, but I can see what your thinking of specifically. That companies make people pay for gameplay that should’ve been in the game. But remember, not all companies are like that, for example Rockstar. Don’t have prejudices.

    1. It’s really good. Personally I like Rainbow Six better (a new one of those is coming out too).

      It’s nothing like CoD is that’s what you’re thinking. It’s on the whole opposite end of the shooter scale next to strategy games.

  2. You better be able to buy a lot with in game currency and I hate when dlc is available at lounge.

  3. Dont know if im ok with this,, however this is a PC type of game so it would eventually get updates and stuff, the worriment is the value of the DLC, it probably should more then likely be free

  4. I’m not a fan of paid-DLC, but earning them through in-game money is a pretty nifty alternative! Anything else just brings back bad memories of games like Gunbound, and getting romped by people who “pay to win”

    1. Black Ops 2.

      I’m fine with DLC’s as long as they don’t disrupt the game playing for example you must buy the DLC’s to keep playing the game… simply because i don’t have to buy it.

      Can’t wait for this game ;)

  5. Can’t wait to get this. I’m planning on getting 5 launch titles with my system. Hopefully there’s a collector’s edition!

      1. I’ve got a little more than 5 on my list… For me, it’s:

        Pikmin 3
        this game
        Killer Freaks from Outer Space
        Darksiders II
        Metro: Last Light
        Aliens: Colonial Marines
        and the new Assasin’s Creed if it’s a launch title

        and maybe one or two more they haven’t announced.

        I’m not buying anything this year just so this thing won’t kill my wallet. Lol.

      2. i pre order my Wii U at a gamestop as soon as they announce a price. i will get 2 or 3 games with it [depending on price and Release date, because i got 2 games i pre ordered for my 360 (i might get the collectors edition of Bioshock infinite)]. any good first party and Assassin’s creed 3 (if a launch title) or maybe Resident evil 6 (if its confirmed for Wii U).

  6. I hate when a game is hacked, and people get for free, content that others paid a lot of real money for.

    If this happens one time with a Nintendo game, I’m goingto be pissed and boycott games with DLC.

    IF N can keep hackers from ruining the game by hacking in DLC that the rest of us can’t afford, then I think it’s cool.

    (I played a game where this happened, which is why I’m worried)

    1. SFvTx everything was on the disk, if you don’t want DLC early… Keep the hard drive with the content unhook from internet use until ready, slam it into the Server and wala. DLC… Simple concept co don’t use.

  7. that game will be just a failure on the wiiu!!
    PC will be better because it’ll have more features than the wiiu,graphics and wiiu will suck your pussies!

      1. Microsoft steals money worst with their Xbox… everything is money about it.

      2. carfull idiot, microdick will just steal the wiiu controller and make it better but i dont think 3rd parties dev will be interesting…. fuck u

      3. wrong kid!!
        shitendo stole all of your money and their games are horrible! how can you let them steal your money?

      4. Hey Shit for Brains. the games aren’t horrible, and some are just as good as Gears of war 3, like Skyward sword for example. both Microsoft fanboys and sony drones are nothing but Graphic whores.

      5. U mad, Nazi? MicroDICKsoft steals money for playing games online. Nintendo and Sony doesn’t cost a single dime for playing games online.

      1. Macs can’t be compared to PC’s because macs are not for gaming, It’s primarily Designing and buizness computer; not built for games.

  8. Switching weapons in between spawns- these simple ideas will make the tablet controller worth it.

  9. Cool stuff the Wii U controller can do ;)

    I loved in the Demo when the player was controlling a spy drone and can still see whats happening on the screen at the same time incase they have an enemy near them.

    Take a look at this GAMEPLAY footage for more stuff we saw last E3 with Ghost Recon Online Wii U. For a fact Ubisoft were the only Game Developer to SHOW games being played that are launching on Wii U. They also showed Killer Freaks multiplayer and some single player. BELOW is Ghost Recon Online being showed by some Ubisoft developers.

    Also the playable part everyone could play is below.

    For other Wii U games; we have already heard some other cool stuff like the Wii U controller being a radar to show near by enemies as of what Gearbox said.


      1. Shut up you Fucking Troll. Nintendo will reveal Wii U’s final specs at E3 2012.

      2. Try and put your video on HD as it will show better, also it’s recorded of camera so the quality won’t be that good.

        Also the game is in development so you cant say how bad the graphics are because it’s prototype.

  10. speaking of dlc im gonna have to get an external hardrive that uses 2.0 usb at least 1 tb.damn i wish hard drives were cheaper,i have a 500gb external usb 2.0 harddrive but i dont know if thats enough memory because developers have more freedom with downloadable stuff apposed to xbox and ps3 which have harddrives that have a cap.

  11. What I want to see is GR have cross plat for online gaming, I would love to take the Wii U and blow away Sig on his “beloved plat” while using his screen resorces to scout for enamies. While I scout and hunt his ass at the same time :)

    1. ^THIS

      Really I hate the way Xbox and PC trolls keep going on this site, why don’t they go and play games or go on the XBL forum? Still remember this old video which I love because of this PC/xbox lover on this site.

      1. Haha my niece just got a 360 slim and within 10 minutes the power failed so she had to get another system AND game, I laugh that even the slim still sucks balls after 6 years of redesign. They sell more consoles because more consoles break, to this day. 1ps3, 1wii, 4xbox… In 6 year time and I played Xbox least of them all. And their warrenty sucks balls, the system breaks right on Q, right after warrenty expires.

        Got rid of all my systems cause the games suck as much balls as pong on Atari. Will get Wii U, and blow off the other late comers SonySoft and use my money for more diverse WII U games.

      2. You also forget they come on this sight because their games suck balls. And even they don’t play the games they so “claim” to support.

  12. So how will all this DLC be saved to the Wii U with no hard drive? I probably will buy one for it, but it seems odd.

    1. Choose your own 500GB-2TB external hard drive, or buy a several $10 32Gig SD cards. Hope the Wii U game cases will have card slots like PS2 games cases held memory cards. @32GB SD cards that’s enough space for 20 games DLC for the price of $10

  13. Awesome. We finally get some juicy news. I guess this confirms 2 of the 5 games at launch, with the other two being Killer Freaks. We don’t know yet if AC 3 will be a launch title, but it depends on the timing.

  14. Oh god no -___-‘ I hope they do it right atleast and don’t fool us to buy a quarter of the game and then making us pay extra for the rest…

  15. I recently saw a new video for this game. It looks absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to play it.

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