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Next-Gen Launch Games Will Probably Stick With Unreal Engine 3

Epic vice president Mark Rein has told CVG that he believes that next generation launch games for Wii U, Xbox and PlayStation 4 will most likely use Unreal Engine 3 for the time being. Rein also told the publication that while the Unreal Engine 4 is very futuristic, Unreal Engine 3 is really what development studios will use initially for next generation titles.

Despite showing off Unreal Engine 4 behind closed doors at GDC this month, Epic Games says its predecessor Unreal Engine 3 is “probably the way to go” for launch games on next-generation consoles.

“Samaritan is something you can do right now. In fact, Unreal Development Kit has all the features that powered Samaritan – every single graphics feature you can do. We could have shown another 30 videos.

“The UE4 stuff is very futuristic. UE3 is really the horse for this year.”

39 thoughts on “Next-Gen Launch Games Will Probably Stick With Unreal Engine 3”

    1. I think for now only PC’s will use UE4… still, the next Xbox/PS3 will be lots of $ if it used UE4.

    2. No…it won’t…UE4 can barely run on the new Kepler GPU which will cost no less than $600 when released and probably won’t drop below $500 for ~ 3 to 4 years.

      If you want to ever play UE4 this gen to the graphics level of the Samaritan video, then you need to either build a VERY nice PC or hope for a console that will cost >$1000 which just won’t happen.

    1. Better anti-aliasing, smoother polygons (in reality just more polygons, and cleaner animations, for a start.

      There’s also the fact that we didn’t see any outdoor usage, which is something where CryEngine dominated. We need to see some competition so the tech will start moving forward.

  1. will 720 have the same power as wiiu to play that game!? same for ps4 some people says that ps4 wont be more powerfull than the ps3 it will support only a 3d audeience piece of shit

    1. The future of consoles isnt about Hardware its about features and gimicks

      720, ps4 and Wii U will likely all be around the same power level and hardware wont differ much from each system

      I say that confidently because were at a stage now where more or less every game is multiplatform

      Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo litterally only have to make sure that thier console is powerful enough to run all the multiplatform titles in future in order to void missing the market
      having the first console out will be a bonus unless the other 2 come out with massivly supirior hardware which will likely force Nintendo out of the Multiplatform titles like what happend with Wii Or will force the other 2 systems to have a price tag much higher than what the system will be worth to the consumer

      I’ve said it before though do not exspect any kind of technological leap like ps2 to ps3 because the next gen systems will have nothign even close to that jump

      All Nintendo have to make sure is that thier Hardware is 3rd party friendly and thier system is going to be powerful enough to future proof its 3rd party multiplat titles

      1. oh i missed out exsclusive games
        that is the biggest and most important selling point of these new systems

        Nintendo already has a huge selection of titles to work with that no other system will ever have so there is no worires about Nintendos exsclusive game problem

        Sony on the other hand need to make sure they keep some devs free for exsclusive games
        we know that they have a few but they could use quite a few more

        Microsoft though suffer worse with this because every exsclusive they have is done 3rd party
        they have the money to claim exsclusives but have lately shown theya re too greedy to use it

        Gears of war is over and the exsclusive conrtact for that franchises has ended so dont exspect anymore of them
        Halo likely will end at 4 and Microsoft have stated they do not care about exsclusives

        With that attitude they are going to loose gamers support
        so they do need to wise up abit

    1. It’s already been confirmed by EPIC to be able to run something equivalent to Unreal Engine 3.9. So Nintendo might be able to put a little juice in it to get up to 4.0…

  2. guys UE4 will run on the wiiu! if UE will come to 720 that meens it can come to the wiiu because 720 will be only 20% more powerfull than the wiiu which meens nothing and we dont have to worry about it!! :)

  3. Take into consideration he’s talking about LAUNCH titles, what he is talking about is if UE4 was released now, game companys that made it ultra realistic games at the start of the console would over saturate the industry with all the graphics looking the same, from the beginning, and leave nothing to expand upon in newer titles. That would leave bad sales of the system after year one. Playstation1 could produce graphics seen in Final Final Fantasy 9 from day one, but in contrast they all looked like FF7 at the beginning of the gameing age.

    It’s not to say WII U will not be able to boast UE4 graphics, its saying if it goes UE4 at the start, games won’t grow in quality over the life span of the system. UE4 at the beginning of a console is bad news if you want a long life span in a console and Epic and Nintendo knows this.

    Fear not, Wii U can support it. You just won’t see it till 2-3 years in the consoles cycle.

    1. That’s not why. Because it’s an entirely new engine, developers need more time than the customary 3 years to develop a game (3-5 years). That means it’s practically impossible for a launch game to use UE4, since the Wii U is coming out in under 10 months.

      1. The UDK3 reduced the time to get a game up and running at optimization, and that structure is built into UDK4 . If you watch this video, though long you will understand the pipeline UE3.9 now uses, and the reduction in time it takes now to create a game. What took 3 years on 3.0 is reduced to about 1 year.

  4. For now, it’s all good. If Epic Games want Wii U games using the Unreal 3, there’s always hope for 4.

    1. People forget there is more than one engine in the industry. Not every game use the same engine. Some developers create their own engine to work with. Unreal Engine 4 will not work for all types of games.

    1. Yeah, the Ipad will run it on video mode not rendering games. Or, your thinking of the I Pad X42 (See what i did there?) which is releasing in a very long time.

      Also Wii U could probably have problems running it but if there is a way to minimise the amount of processing and rendering it could be possible to run the UE4. for now… only PC gaming can do it.

  5. As long as UE4 can run on Wii U later that’s fine. Plus, UE3 doesn’t even look that outdated yet and probably has a lot of life left to it.

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