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TheAtRhythm Final Fantasy Coming To North America And Europe

Square Enix has finally confirmed that TheAtRhythm Final Fantasy is finally coming to both Europe and North America this summer. Square Enix wouldn’t specify exactly when we will be seeing the game, but a summer release is more than good enough. TheAtRhythm Final Fantasy was released in Japan on February 16th.

64 thoughts on “TheAtRhythm Final Fantasy Coming To North America And Europe”

  1. Pretty cool. not the kind of game I want to play but it is always good to see different types of games being released around the world.

  2. Not something I feel particularly hyped for, especially since with the latest news it seems like SquareEnix is using the 3DS for easy downloadable content sales. IME Nintendo gamers aren’t into paid-DLC but maybe part of the expanded audience or HD-fans that bought the 3DS would provide SquareEnix the easy money they want before they’ll make something higher-effort on the 3DS, like a TWEWY-styled game.

    1. I’ve heard that a lot of the DLC was free during the weekend of the game’s launch. The main reason Square Enix is using DLC, according to them annoying, is that the maingame fills up the 2GB. Insteading of using the 4GB cartridge, they decided to use DLC instead for more songs and get some extra profit on the side.

    1. siegfried von schroder's good soul

      Sir, think carefully what you say here. Why do you hate Nintendo so much? Is it because of the “kiddy style” games they make?

        1. siegfried von schroder

          whats this? aha! you use my name? then you have to think twice because you dont know me vell! i can destroy and hack your PC or you usless Imac with anonymoys and with the help of microsoft corporation

      1. siegfried von schroder

        yes! the most girlish and kidish games in the world wide and i have seen many mario girlfans around of my neighbor and i am sick of that! i want reality games and superior graphics just like 360

              1. siegfried von schroder

                especially that banjo kazooei game was desgasting and the most kidish game ever made and more kidier than super fatrio

  3. Sickr, the game is actually called “TheatRhythm” as in Theater Rhythm, not “TheAtRhythm” as in The At Rhythm. Cant wait for this game!

              1. siegfried von schroder

                you suck losetendo fans.get a ps or a xbox and leave nintendo to be destroyed and hummiliated bu theirselves!

    1. It’s the other way around. Without Nintendo, Sony’s consoles would not exist. Ironically, it was Nintendo and Sony who were working together to create Play Station, but their partnership disbanded and Sony created the PlayStation (without the space).

  4. siegfried von schroder

    Nintendo destroyed my life but still that company is usless and they dont even compete!so that meens they dont do good graphics and they steal your money

    1. The graphics are amazing! Are you crazy?

      Or are you just a casual gamer who doesn’t know the difference between graphics, art style and resolution?

  5. Gimme gimme chance, gimme gimme chance.

    I’m sorry, but when it comes to music-oriented games from Square Enix, I will only care for one:


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  7. heh heh heh now i can rock out to one winged angel and alla my other fave ff songs :) (no im notta ff7 fanboy i love ALL final fantasys lol)

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