Toys “R” Us in the United States is selling the fantastic The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the bargain price of $29.99. It’s generally quite rare to see first party Nintendo games at a reduced price, especially since the game didn’t launch so long ago. The Legend of Zelda: skyward Sword is one of the best games on Wii so if you haven’t already purchased it nows your chance.



  1. Wow O_O

    USA always gets things cheep. Here in the UK the cheapest i’ve seen is £25.

    Even Game and Gamestation it’s still £29.

    Really, US 20$ compared to the £25 is a massive difference.

    Also Link is creepy in that E3 pic.


  2. It’s not as amazing as people claim it to be. I, as a huge Zelda fan, was disappointed of the game. And it’s not even one of the best Wii games, in my opinion.
    Anyway, $29.99 is alright for it though, I guess.


      • I got it and never got a chance to play it. Just couldn’t find the time…. Its a shame if its really not as good. I loved wind waker, was so so on Twilight princess, but nothing beats a link to the past! I was hoping for a throw back to that….


    • I wasn’t disappointed by it :) The weeend I bought it I sat and played the whole weekend and I strongly regret not having played it for a while… But I’ve not had the time but SOON I will finish it (have 1 maybe 2 dungeons left)


  3. I’m such an idiot.
    Because it was a toy store mentioned, I instantly thought they had a physical Skyward Sword sold in stores. I got excited for a sec. :(

    And I bought mine for 60 euro, meh!


    • I was thinking the same thing. How can you own a Wii and not Skyward Sword? But, I have a 3DS and haven’t bought Kid Icarus, yet, so people would probably say the same thing about that.


      • So, game sales directly represent the quality and excellence of the game itself? That’s funny because Uncharted 3 sold barely over 3 million units too; according to that, COD and Mario Kart the best games on their respective platforms. If you’re going to express a personal opinion you should try to back it up with some cognizance and evidence.


  4. I bought this game day one for $70, considering I got the limited edition gold Remote Plus which has a value of $40 in the bundle, I paid $30, for the game the day it was released.


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