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Brand New Pokemon Black & White 2 Information Coming April 8th

I announced a couple of weeks back that the next edition of Pokemon Smash will feature brand new Pokemon news. Well, it turns out the news is related to the forthcoming Pokemon Black & White 2. The episode of Pokemon Smash that you need to stay tuned to will air on April 8th. Hopefully there will be plenty of interesting information to report on.



    1. I wouldn’t count on it. There will be DSi enhanced features, like in BW, that work with 3DS, but that’s about it.

      I’d say they’ll reveal a new Pokemon forme.


      1. Well, I did read somewhere about 3DS features, so I’m hoping for a mini-game or an actual 3D Town or something…


      2. There isn’t going to be any 3DS features, you can count on it. If they put there even a single thing that works only on 3DS, they need to redo the covers and publish the game as 3DS game. The mini-game thing you mentioned is ofc possible via e-Shop.


    1. No Platinum was awful, Go for HeartGold, Soul Silver since it was an awesome game for GBC and it’s storyline was uber chill, Or if you just want a fresh start, go with Black or White since B/W2 is coming out


  1. Im hoping this one takes place in the area outside of Unova (Or it could actually be a part of Unova) that is covered in the clouds. You recieve one of the Unova starters, and Team Plasma are back under the control of the Shadow Triad. N works as an ally to you. I want both Cheren and Bianca to be in the games, but not as your main rivals. 8 new Gyms, a new League, I kinda want them to take the idea from the anime and put Team Plasma and Team Rocket against each other!


    1. Pokemon
      On cartoon network isn’t anime . It used to. E anime back in late 90s to 2001 but it got so watered down and corny it became a cartoon wow u must be like 12 to be able to withstand the shitty ass Pokemon tv show. I’m 21 and remember the good days when Pokemon ended with a song and inbetween commercials had “who’s that Pokemon” so yeah


  2. A few corrections:
    >I announced a couple of weeks back
    March 25th is not a couple of weeks back.
    >that the next edition of Pokemon Smash will feature brand new Pokemon news
    Pokemon Smash is a weekly show. The next edition airs April 1st, and will feature news unrelated to this announcement.


  3. I’m looking forward to this news. I loved Black & White. Pokemon always delivers, the main series anyway.

    Leave luck to heaven.


  4. i will steal this and play on my r4, would of happily paid for a 3ds version.


  5. both new forms of kyurem (pronounced kyu-ree-am) will retain the original typing of dragon/ice and will not be a triple type. they will not use energy of reshiram and zekrom for kyurem to get it’s new form but instead a item called a god stone,black kyurem will have a new signature move along with glaciate called freeze bolt that can parylyze your opponent’s pokemon, white kyurem will have a new new signature move along with glaciate called cold flare that can burn your opponent’s pokemon, both forms of kyurem will retain the signature move glaciate which can freeze your opponent’s pokemon. i think the new games will be awesome. pokemanic


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