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Nintendo Europe Brings Back WiiWare Demos

Nintendo Europe and Nintendo UK have announced via Twitter that they’re bringing back WiiWare demos. Nintendo says you can now sample more than thirty WiiWare demos absolutely free, but if you view the site it says there are only twenty-seven demos. Still, it’s better than nothing.


14 thoughts on “Nintendo Europe Brings Back WiiWare Demos”

    1. all the Xbox 360 make me sick; the black screen of death on windows makes me sick also.

      Also your icon makes me sick.

  1. Seriously? Fuck this shit, this is weak. Don’t get me wrong, before people go cry about what I said, af course I like Nintendo, otherwise I wouldn’t visit this site, but this is retarded.
    I would have liked this a year ago, but it’s way too late, and it shows that Nintendo just does this to milk the wii out even more, so no, I’m not happy with this at all.

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