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Sega Issue Press Release Regarding Its Devastating 7.1 Billion Yen Loss

Yesterday I reported that Sega has decided to cancel a number of its projects and will instead focus on existing IP’s after the company posted an extraordinary loss of 7.1 billion yen. Sega has now issued a press statement regarding the critical situation which can be read below:

Due to the challenging economic climate and significant changes within the interactive gaming industry, SEGA has made the decision to consolidate its publishing business in order to focus on developing digital content and driving its existing IP such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Total War, Football Manager and the Aliens franchise. This realignment of the business around existing and digital IP is a necessity to ensure that SEGA continues to invest and enhance its digital business offering, whilst reducing its reliance on traditional packaged goods.
As a result of the SEGA Sammy Board decision to consolidate the business, many of our internal functions will be re-structured and this could result in a number of redundancies within the publishing business across the Western organisation. The company will be entering into a re-structure phase to reflect the unprecedented change in our industry and to move the company forward appropriately.
The changes will position SEGA as a content led organisation, maximising sales with a strong and balanced IP portfolio across both packaged and digital distribution. The management team are confident that the proposed restructure will benefit the company and make it fit for purpose within the changing nature of the industry over the coming years.

74 thoughts on “Sega Issue Press Release Regarding Its Devastating 7.1 Billion Yen Loss”

    1. I could’ve sworn they made a pretty decent profit last year though? And a small profit the year before that or something.

      Hopefully this won’t mess with their digital plans too much. Jet Set Radio HD acutally happening is great news, but I’m still waiting for Skies of Arcadia HD and Panzer Dragoon Saga HD…

  1. It always sucks when game companies, big or small, have to radically shift focus like this because there is always a gem of a game or two that might be a personal or cult favorite that gets put on the chopping block or back burner. :(

    1. you must be a virgin then or a really religious guy/gal… man i feel happy to be linked to a porn site!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. *Singing to can you feel the sunshine from Sonic R*
    Don’t you feel that sometimes, sega needs to stop making games?~

    But in all seriousness, it’s their own fault for milking existing franchises and beating dead ones. They need to focus on their good IPs AND new ones.

    1. They’ve been trying to, I think. Shinobi and Super Monkey Ball got 3DS games, House of the Dead & NiGHTS got Wii games a few years ago, and the Yakuza series has gained a pretty devoted fanbase despite not selling that well in the west. Their partnership with Platinum Games has led to some brilliants titles as well.

      They don’t milk their big franchises anymore than Nintendo does, imo.

      1. yet Nintendo sell by the bucket loads. Sonic just cant compare… and Nintendo make new Ips and revive old ones (icarus) so stop talking rubbish!

        1. I’m not entirely sure how what you’re saying is relevant to what I said, but okay…

          Nintendo is simply more popular, therefore has better brand appeal amongst customers. Simple as. You’re implying that I think Sega is better than Nintendo – not true, I honestly don’t think either is overall better than the other **in regards to quality**. Sonic Generations just as well-crafted as New Super Mario Bros. Wii but sold nowhere near as much, because they’re just not as popular. Sega revive old IPs plenty as well, I already mentioned Shinobi and NiGHTS.

          1. sonic generations is god damn awful. I loved sonic 1 and 2 but the rest have been nower neer as good.

            I personally never liked SEGA that much to begin with.

  3. Sega should just let Nintendo buy them out and have iwata or myamoto do some storylines for sonic, to save Segas but….just an idea

      1. Do you know how many “If I went back in time and told my younger self that Sega will merge with Nintendo one day, then…”-comments that will spawn? The Internet might explode!

    1. This is what will happen. Nintendo will buy up sonic like that! It’s a Shame, always loved their arcade innovation

    2. you want to have nintendo do a story where sonic has to save amy all the time, for the next few years, you’re nuts

  4. So with Sega sticking to its “Original IP’s” only approach, dont expect any original or new franchises from them….

    If other developers follow the same path, the new games for 2013 and beyond will be:

    Mario Kart 356
    Call Of Duty 4,257
    Mass Effect 9
    Elder Scrolls XXXIV
    Tomb Raider 56

    In other words, imagine every company copying EA sports games like FIFA’12 …. releasing yearly updates of games with ever-so-slightly-different gameplay to justify the £40 price tag.

    Gaming will be a barren waste land within 5 years if all companies follow Sega’s new approach.

    Im going to dust-off my SNES and play some proper games now…..

      1. the 4 tombraider (REMAKE TO THE NINTENDO 3DS) i have childhood on my ps1 which it had good games except from some and tombraider and MGS were my top 1 games on that console!

  5. Am I the only one who finds the above picture… I don’t know… disturbing? lol It just looks wrong :P

  6. It’s not like I didn’t see this coming. Sega hasn’t been doing well for awhile. I just hope they don’t go out of business, I like Sega, I don’t want to see them go

  7. So this means that the grinder had been cancelled as of right now? Wasn’t really looking forward to it but I would have bought it to see what the company could do with a game like that. Sad face.

  8. sega didnt suck in the past.i love segaand sonic and i wish sega had been on nintendos site as first party developers or secound or studios anyway.

  9. Hope Sega gets better ;)

    Sega should do well this year and next year for the upcoming games and because of the Wii U.

  10. Very disappointing to see. If worst comes to worsts I hope Nintendo offers to buy them. I understand it would blow people’s minds but sometimes rivalries turn to friendships and it’s not like Sega being part of Nintendo would be much different to what it is now. The games would just be Nintendo console exclusives and also I would love to see how Nintnedo would work with them. It’s better than if Microsoft buys them. Look what became of poor Rare.

      1. I actually weep for never playing the game. We never got the power pack to play DK64. I should look online for it. I wish Nintendo was able to get it on the Wii Shop.

  11. nintendo actually make money off there games and gain profits sega should join them first party wise and make the same money

  12. Sega are a joke. Untill they realise they should picks sides and pick the side of Nintendo where all their loyal fans migrated to they will continue to fail. No one care about about Sega games on Playstation or Xbox, but a hell of lot wish for Sega to focus on Nintendo consoles. As I said it’s where the loyal fans migrated to. Sonic clearly belongs on a Nintendo console as does almost every IP Sega have.

    Let me make it clear to anyone from Sega…I adore everything you do, but I haven’t and never will buy another console to play Segas games. If it doesn’t come out on a Nintendo device I just dont bother and not even you best game ever could sway me. I am not and will not buy 3 consoles so I can enjoy all the classic Sega Games I enjoy. You can find me because am I fuck chasing you!

    1. And wow Sega create some massive franchises.

      Aliens franchise are massive and SEGA own it and yet you can’t see it. ;)

      SEGA own some big franchises

      Don’t worry you will see how massive Sega is with Xbox and PS3 fans eventually ;)

  13. Sega have shown a total inability to adapt. They have failed at every major milestone in gaming and every new direction they chosen to take. Focusing on digital distribution will only shrink the company further while placing them in an unfamilair playing field.

    People expect old skool off Sega and they outright refuse to deliver. We want a 16 bit sonic, a new Streets of Rage, Fantasy star, Alex Kidd and Golden Axe. Sega has alway shown a total failure to commit to anything. You may say they have commited to Sonic but they can’t leave well alone. It wasn’t broke, so they mess around and broke it.

  14. Stop blaming Sega for everything going wrong…


    Its the SAMMY bosses and share-holders that have lost all the money that Sega should have earned by making bad business decisions.

    Blame SAMMY and not Sega!!!

  15. SWEET FUCKING JESUS! THAT’S A LOT OF YEN! At least SEGA is still working on their primary games. also, LOL at the picture.

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