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The Last Story Will Have A Limited Run In North America

XSEED the publisher behind The Last Story in North America has revealed that the game will have a limited run when it launches later this year. XSEED say they have a rough idea of how many copy’s of the well-received JRPG they will distribute. Sounds as though you will need to make sure you pre-order the game if you fancy getting hold of it.

“…we do anticipate a limited run for the game as we already have a number in mind of how many units we can expect to sell of this title, and all our pre-production efforts will be geared towards being able to manufacture a final number somewhat close to our initial estimated number. It’s too early to start thinking of doing additional runs, but as a general policy we haven’t been very active on doing reprints of our other titles so far.”

28 thoughts on “The Last Story Will Have A Limited Run In North America”

  1. Wow, I better pick up my copy, and another copy to keep New just so I won’t miss out on this!

  2. this story just reminded me of why i dont look for any news on april 1st….. but if this is true, i just might not be able to get a copy… cause i refuse to feed into any hype that forces me to preorder

  3. You can partly blame the whole GAME fiasco for this. GAME refuse to sell The Last Story, less people buy it as a result, so other publishers in other countries do not make as many copies… It is a real shame, since The Last Story is truly an amazing game.

    1. Umm… GAME couldn’t sell any of the big titles, much less this smaller one. How the heck can you blame them for that when they weren’t even financially stable enough to carry Kid Icarus Uprising?

      1. True,

        GAME even did not stock Mass Effect 3 at the first week of march which was the largest release of this ENTIRE year.

        My local GAME closed down and all of the ones in my county. R.I.P my local GAME :(

        So simply you can’t blaim GAME for this because it was worse for NA with Xenoblades; Publishers did not think about launching it in NA even with high sales but they launched it in NA eventually.

      2. Because Uprising, Mass Effect 3, Street Fighter X Tekken and most of the other titles GAME had to cancel were VERY hyped up already, and most people just got those games from other sources like HMV. Barely any high street retailers sold The Last Story, and this resulted in people which could not get it off the Internet for various reasons (mainly no credit/debit cards, or just don’t like buying online) to be cut off from it.

  4. Too many good Japan games! I still haven’t picked up the Latest Blazblue yet, apparently Guilty Gear online is coming to XBLA and PSN, I’m broke since I already paid off Xenoblade, and now there possibly won’t be enough Last Story to go around! I be screwed!

  5. so there is not gana be any first person shooters on nintendo 3ds or wii no time soon fuck where is the wii u

    1. Wii U is being developed by Nintendo and Nintendo is doing the final modifications right now ;)

      So the Wii U is at Nintendo centre right now.

      And just to say the Wii U is launching ether the end of Summer or some point in Fall.

    2. Go back to playing CoD kid, FPSs aren’t the only gaming genre in the world (even though they are the most overrated)

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