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Microsoft Preparing Next Xbox For Release Next Year?

VG247 claims that Microsoft is preparing to launch the next Xbox late next year. This move will obviously give Nintendo more than a years head-start, which will undoubtedly please the Kyoto based company. The next Xbox will apparently include a Blu-ray drive, 4-6 core CPU, 2 GPUs, Kinect as standard and net required. Sony is also apparently busy getting their next PlayStation console ready for a late 2013 release date.

73 thoughts on “Microsoft Preparing Next Xbox For Release Next Year?”

      1. I have a blueray player sitting under my wii! Consoles should be for games!

        Plus it increases costs and therefore the retail price. bad for you and for me ;) unless we have the cash of course

        1. But Xbox is not a console only. It’s a multimedia hub that should play movies go on the internet etc. etc. Bluray is the current Disc based HD movie media, they would be crazy not to include it.

      2. It’ll be region locked! Just like the PS3 one is for movies. Which for TRUE movie lovers, completely defeats the object.

          1. Because of the added cost dumbass lol. Also what’s the point in having a BD drive sat there when it could be playing movies? Seeing as how MS are trying to sell everyone on this whole “multi-media” crap.

            Personally I too WOULD rather it just played games like WiiU, but IF they’re gonna try & sell me on Blu-ray, I better be able to buy superior U.S. “UNCUT” versions which are also packaged a LOT better.

            It also goes without saying it should be region free for games. Too many SHMUPS ('em_up ) both U.S. and EU have been missed out on due to “publishers” region locking- not MS. But forced region-free like PS3 is the way to go on games.

          2. @daniel (edited) :”I have a blu-ray player under my piece of shit wii so that dust dosn’t gather on it. Consoles where ONCE gaming system and now even nintendo has broswer and wii Ugh as a cheap total shit for lazy to stupid for tech. pale wanna be pc console for hipster nostalgia fags but fails on cosmic levels.
            plus consoles are more expensive and increase cost=trumph card for nintendo as they mod leftover outdated trash tech. to gain victory over the elite RICH upper class master pc race. I of course am a stupid lazy poor smuck who rather buy things seperate than an all in one machine cuz my fanboyism somehow illogically thinks am saving money while buying trash console specificlly made for playing shovelware,rehase,kidfreandly,broken online outadated ips and crappy take years to have crappy control games like kid icurape.”

            There fixed. :D

            1. Bashing Wii just made you look like a fucking imbecile, and robbed you of any point may have just tried to make. #EPICFAIL

              1. ^this, thanks anon whoever you are

                and for the record I play PC and WII and it will be WII U AND PC.

                Bash wii all you want. it was hugely successfuland nintendo are laughing all the way to the bank.

                I dont mind if people dont spell properly or txt speak but for the love of god…please proof read.

          1. nintendo also sold out now its a media entertainment with music,internet,netflix but no bluray cuz they still to poor haha idiot ninty fags r clueless die crackers jesus kill these stupid rednecks..nintendo only play games my ass lol its the trashy all in

            i though wikipedo didnt count smh fail sickr u multiple faggot btw ur moms pussycat needs a tan and smell like shit lol easy white sluts

              1. Nintendo too poor? someone please give this guy/girl a link to their finances which was posted on this very same site…Sony are the ones in worst debt you will find…

        1. They didn’t pay them last generation because they believed in HD DVD, but now that’s dead & Blu Ray is the preferred format of “next-Gen DVD” they will buy that patent. Would be a little surprised if Nintendo didn’t do the same. Then again maybe not…it would just suck for Wii U fans cause it would put the system way behind the technical curve…again. Meh.

          1. I think they already reported a propietary format for Wii U, but I honestly don’t believe half the information I read about a new console until it comes out. On another note, requires kinects (which it comes with) and requires net (which YOU pay for)? Its one thing to include it as an option. Its another to require it. Tall order for those who don’t have internet, especially those over seas.

            On another note intirely, I really hope that year head start means something for nintendo. It didn’t work for sega. I miss you sega…. still waiting for dreamcast 2 :(

    1. how would they mess up? the Wii sold a crazy amount of units. The libary is a different story but in terms of sales, Wii was hugely successful as will be the 3ds.

      It will be harder for the Wii U to achieve the same as the Wii but I am sure they have a way ;) Nintendo always pulls surprises when you least expect them! I love the fact it is backwards compatible so anyone can still buy wii games. unlike the vita… unless you emulate of course…

  1. well, with the surprise release of the Xbox Slim, who ever really can predict when they’ll release what.
    I mean, they announced it, and the final sentence of the announcement was “are already on their way to stores around the country”

  2. If this rumor is true then I don’t know what the world has come to anymore. I still don’t see why so much power is expected. Development costs are going to get higher. See THQ and Sega. Studios have closed this generation like crazy.
    The console is going to be sold at a loss which means Microsoft again are forcing their shit into the market because they can and have a lot of money creating a situation which is not healthy in any possible way.
    Hope they go with a less drastic hardware jump because this is stupid.

    1. Lol it’s a bit sad but true (if the rumor is true), but all that will eventually happen is that Sony & Microsoft will bow out of the gaming biz due to cost & Nintendo will have to save gaming (again, like they did in the 80’s) from the brink of extinction. The they’ll do battle with a new rival…Apple…

      Laugh until it happens kids, Laugh until it happens.

      1. Sad but true. Wont be long now…. a year…. maybe two…. Apple TV with games? Something new all together? How about a portable thats compatable with all apple apps, but also has a joystick and a few actual buttons? That would help keep nintendo and the others fresh to compete. Great part about having competition :)

  3. Wait a minute here. It will have a Blu-Ray drive? What happened to going to a no-disk method of gaming? And secondly, if Microsoft puts in a Blu-Ray, doesn’t that basically put them at the whim of Sony? That seems highly unlikely to me. I am not going to believe anything about these next-gen systems until they are either officially announced at E3, or elsewhere directly by the big 3.

    1. Whichever system goes no-disc, supporting digital distribution, or anti-used game technology will be dead to me. Gamestop makes a killing because a lot of people would never buy a lot of games if it wasn’t for used games. I owned 100 PS3 games because of trade in specials, with no used games I would have only bought Fallout and Red Dead.

    1. I don’t really think it killed it.

      I used the PS3 Blu-ray player to watch movies in HD, way better value then buying a blue-ray player.

      1. “Almost” killed it he said, and I agree. True, it pulled out, but he is pointing out the danger in highly increased cost.

  4. Problem is… how are they going to release a console a few months after being shown at E3 2013?

  5. I just did a naughty smell in the toilet room.

    my nan is on fire cos the microwave blew up


  6. The problem is that their getting too close to becoming computers. Eventually they won’t have game consoles anymore, they’ll be computers you connect to a TV and use a fancy remote to control.

    Actually that doesn’t sound too bad, except the focus on games might drop :(

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  8. mee peteriuss cant waits to buy this, i loves dah also love dah sony move cos dah controls fit snugly up my bum.

    1. Yep. Looks like. We can hope the developers will realize that much power is unnecessary and overkill.
      When they develop games, if they can release the same game for xbox, PS4 and WiiU, then the power difference won’t be a problem.

      It’s only a problem if developers have to spend time making “watered down” software for WiiU, which hopefully won’t be a problem.

    2. The wii u’s final devkits are said to have a 4 or more core cpu and the gpu is supposed to out perform the nextbox’s gpu anyway. So yah im guessing wii u will be on par or stronger .

  9. I’m not sure about the blu-ray drive, but the GPU rumor states that it has a dual core GPU, not 2 GPUs. It makes a big difference which one they use.

    1. That doesn’t was who doomed the Sega Saturn in the 90’s doubling both the CPU & GPU to make a 2D Console to a 3D one who was very hard to programme.

      That would be Risky too

  10. -groan- Next thing you know, there’s gonna be another Video Game Crash because everyone is following Sony’s use of the Blu-ray. Nintendo just likes Video Gaming and not discs. The internet browser was useful, but it was too slow. Wii Shop had lots. Yeah, I really am starting to think that the Video Game Crash of 1983 will be repeated in a year. Or two.

  11. We all saw this coming. Sony and MS shat their pants last year when they saw the Wii U, and are quickly trying to counter it. Don’t be suprised if one (or both) of these consoles have a touch screen on the controller like Wii U.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  12. Imagine what PS4 will contain. (in my imagination: an onion cutter, a blu-ray 5D, some sause, a slice of God of War 6, Uncharted 0: The baby years, Twisted Metal EXTRA METAL EDITION, a killer baby, a salad, Crash Bandicoot X Uncharted, YOUR MAMA IN A BOX, and a dab of Mortal Kombat: Crapogeddon)

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