Wii U Will Be Amazing For Online RPG’s Says MMORPG Developer

Funcom developer Joel Bylos has told the official Nintendo magazine that he thinks that the Wii U will be the perfect home console for MMORPG’s due to the consoles innovative touch screen. Bylos believes that the Wii U could be the first console to run a massively multiplayer online role playing game without any compromise.

“Wii U could be the first real console on which running an MMORPG without compromise is plausible. The controller is perfect for lining up those rows of hotbars that are essential in most MMOs. A customisable touchscreen interface combined with the 3D spatial movement of a console controller could be a winner.”


  1. I can see MMORPG games working well actually! The main problem for consoles is it just takes far to long with your thumb stick and buttons to navigate to all your hotkeys and buttons quickly. Touch screen would just be as quick as mouse and keyboard. The problem is getting the right MMORPG on the console.

    1. I know right! Maybe Nintendo could get a good MMORPG developer to make *drum roll* POKEMON ONLINE!

  2. i love mmorpgs Hope a developer realizes this and starts making a mmorpg for the the Wii-U

  3. I seriously hope for Nintendo’s sake there will be a Blizzard MMO RPG on the way if this is seriously true. Not fond of MMO RPGs but a WoW rip-off by it’s original creators will do any console a lot of good!

    On the other hand, DUH. This controller makes way for RTS and RPG games on consoles, because we gain so much control using the touch screen enabled controller.

    One sad thing though, running servers, creating and applying patches or mods is not a key feature on a console….and that’s something what makes PC MMO RPG and Shooters (IMO) better in their online experience…Try to fix that…

    1. Mods are great (especially for WoW, I never found a need for the first Guild Wars or other MMO’s but WoW greatly benefits from them) but I think any console-MMO would ONLY exist if constant patches are allowed.

      1. WOW??? Its expired long ago, I quited half year ago after 8 years, well from the second day of wow exixtanse..

        Nobody will pay again on wii U for wow!! Only if its free play. After all, the way wow it is today, its not worth it. EXTREMELY greedy and boring game. No point of questing after level cap

      2. i dont think wow will do very well. i mean everyone is making fun of the latest expansion so i think when that releases it will (hopefully) be officially dead. if they put swtor on it and had the ability to play with pc player and have constant patches, then that would be and awesome thing to have.

        1. It’s primarily PC gamers who play WOW. WOW don’t need high specs and I won’t expect people to buy a whole new console just for it.

      3. Thats why I stated a WoW-like game:) Still would draw the attention.

        For Nintendo’s part, any MMO RPG or a GTA-like game will make the console sell more. Thats the only thing Wii itself misses, heck it even lets people abandon Nintendo…

  4. Now let’s see if Nintendo will actually put an MMO on one of their consoles. I hope they do, but they seem to ignore MMOs for some reason.

  5. A new Phantasy Star for Wii U AND 3DS? Or how about Guild Wars 2? There has been confirmation they’re working on a console version… I just hope my PC purchase carries over.

    Anyways, this could open up an entirely new market for consoles, especially if those rumors of the next XBOX having a tablet-controller hold true. MMORPG’s are quite the attention-holder, keeping gamers enthralled for months at a time. It’s really a massive money raker, and it has a high “tail” of cash as well, naturally, more so than any other genre.

    1. Phantasy star online 2 for PC you mean? It’s console counterpart will be the Playstation vita with cross platform gameplay with PC.

    2. If they make PSO2 ported for the Wii U, hell, I’m dishing my money into that! I’m already planning on playing it on my PC :D

      Ah, PSO… anybody remember the one that was ported for the Gamecube and before that, Dreamcast? Those were good old days… never reached level 200 with any character though :( (RED BOXES 8D!!!!!!)

  6. Uh….. DC Universe online plays just as good on ps3 as it does on PC….. So I don’t know wtf this guy is talking about.

    Also there is dust 514 an MMOFPSRPG from CCP, the creator of the PC MMO, Eve Onine. That is another MMO that is on ps3. It is currently in beta, and it uses the vita as a second screen while playing on the ps3 (which also has fun keyboard and mouse support) and while not on the ps3 the vita version can be played same as the full version, minus the combat. (if you look up dust 514 you’ll see that combat is only 10% of the game, so the vita version can do ALOT.)

    And here’s the kicker, everything up to this point is 100% free. Zero dollars. They are all free to play MMOs.

    Also MAG on ps3 was classified as an MMOFPSRPG. Only had 256 people per match though, so I wouldn’t really call it an MMO, but hey I’m not the person that classifies these games.

    So this guy either is sucking up, or has no idea what he’s talking about.

    1. DCUO was developed with the PS3 as the primary focus. Sad part is, that same version has been cited to have a lot of frame rate loss.

      Lmfao. Dust 514 on PSV is not a full-blown game, but a companion app designed to be played in conjunction with the PS3.

      Funcom is known for Age of Conan and Anarchy Online, both of which rely heavily on the keyboard/mouse schematics. That tablet controller comes with the Wii U. It’s not something for which you have to pay an extra $250.

      Clearly, you’re the one who doesn’t know anything. That, or you’re determined to sling mud at whoever you want.

  7. My ideal MMOs for wii U are, guild wars 2, Mario land a mario MMO that anybody can be anything from mario characters, except mario and luigi itself, as they are going to be the kings of mario land.. lol like WOW… But with good story line.. lol
    Pokemon MMO and Starfox (space MMO)..

    I would love to see an mmo in space and planet traveling, be able to farm, buy, make wars in many planets or defending our planets.. Something like swator, but more… and better.

  8. Let the musical chairs of the Wii U hardware capabilities continue. First it is better than current gen (Xbox360/PS3), then it is on par, then it is not even as capable, now the hardware will drive up gaming production cost (how is this possible on lesser tech…hmmm) and now it will be the superior platform for MMORPG (when Nintendo is piss poor with their online capabilities… according to the so call experts).

    Rumors will be rumors. I will wait for the E3 press conference to finally know if the Wii U will be worth my money. To me, Wii U have to be better than Xbox360/PS3 in every way (this does not means by a huge margin). Yes, even the unthinkable… as it being a serious competitor to the currently superior Xbox360 online infrastructure.

  9. I’d only really want first party MMO RPG’s myself, but I’m also sure tons of others would want third party especially since Nintendo will never make their own. My long term dreams of Pokemon Universe will always just be dreams.

  10. Dragon Quest Wii U is going to be amazing because of this news proving it. Also I simply don’t want to wait 2 months for E3 2012.

    Now you’re playing with power.

    1. I don’t think Starwars: Old republic will happen to come on Wii U as it’s a PC game which is a massive online.

      However I would love PC ports of games ;)

  11. …Except the PS2 and Xbox 360 both had Final Fantasy XI before this so it wouldn’t be the first… “without any compromise”, both systems could use keyboard macros so I don’t see where they are going with this one.

  12. I’m not into MMOs, but I could see myself getting into online RPGs, which is a bit different than MMOs. Certainly I wouldn’t play something like The Old Republic, but I think it will be cool to play something similar to Dragon Quest X.

  13. Zelda mmo! you already have a range of races (goron, zora, hylian, human, kokiri, gerudo), weapons can fall into place as with items and quests.

    (I know it all about link, and items such as the hero can only use master sword and such, but I play lord of the rings online and you don’t play any of the characters as mention, you just follow frodo’s path, don’t even get to use weapons such as sting)

  14. Pokemon would be the best candidate for this, to be honest. They’ve already made so much to do online. Since almost every pokemon game seems to have some sort of glitch or balancing issue, making an MMO would make it much easier for them to fix their problems and to add new content.

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