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Nintendo Says Don’t Focus On Technology Specs, Just Enjoy The Games

We’ve heard lots of contradicting reports from developers regarding the graphical capabilities of the Wii U over the past few days, and no one seems to be able to give us a definitive answer. Nintendo of America has decided it has had enough and has issued a statement to Yahoo stating the following:

“We do not focus on technology specs. We understand that people like to dissect graphics and processing power, but the experience of playing will always be more important than raw numbers.”

242 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Don’t Focus On Technology Specs, Just Enjoy The Games”

    1. So I don’t seem like a graphics whore, I mean this for the Wii U specifically. I’d be extremely disappointed if Nintendo decided not to opt to the HD option.

      1. I agree with this.

        If Nintendo make something that’s practically in the last generation again.. it’ll be a really bad move, and suffer the safe problem as the Wii when it was competing against the 360 and PS3.
        Don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo and I love that they make good games in favour of raw power- but art and graphics *IS* part of making a good game nowadays.. the average consumer will buy something that LOOKS good, because it’s the only thing they get to see before playing a game.

        I would be happy enough for it to perform at least as well as current-gen HD consoles, but to succeed, it needs to not only play in HD, but be much more powerful than a 360 or PS3… After all, it’s kick-starting the 8th Generation, it has to be ready for whatever lies ahead.

        1. “…but art and graphics *IS* part of making a good game nowadays.. the average consumer will buy something that LOOKS good, because it’s the only thing they get to see before playing a game.”

          You, sir, have just dissected the brain of every pre-pubescent gamer out there, and I applaud you.

          1. There is no compromise that needs to be made between a good game and a good looking game, so it baffles me as to why people so often sharply compare the two-
            “Gameplay / Graphics = Good game?” should be “Gameplay + Graphics = Good game”

            Great graphics will make the game look good, feel great to play, AND draw you in when you’re just looking at games on the shelf or browsing steam or something.

            Great gameplay will bring in the core value of the game and ultimately decide on whether you’ve made a worthy purchase. Is it fun? Does it last? Is there plenty of content? Are the controls responsive and easy to use?

            I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’m looking to buy a new game, I’m looking to get something that’s worth the ~$70 I’m paying.. If I see a game that has good visuals I tend to think that a lot of effort has been put into the game and read further into the game itself. If I see a bad, blocky looking game I won’t usually give it a second glance- even if it turns out to be the most amazing game ever.

            Nintendo doesn’t often disappoint when it comes to gameplay.. and by looking at a lot of their CGI work, it’s easy to say that if they had more power to work with, they could absolutely impress graphically.

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                  Also its about the gameplay is what makes the game not the graphics.

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        2. the wii had trouble competing with the 360 and ps3? i guess not being able to see a wii in stores for a year and a half due it it being sold so much was just my imagination…all sarcasm aside, the wii barely stopped selling more than the competition last year, so 5 years in a row it was selling twice as much as the 360 and ps3 combined. so yeah they didnt really have any problems at all.

          1. But it was the lack of software sales is what put nintendo in the hole. Lets put it this way, for the majority of gamers wii was a side console, one that was purchased along with their core gaming machine (be it PC, Xbox 360, or PS3) so when 3rd party devs come out with a game on all systems most gamers will sacrifice innovative (if they even are) motion controls over the HD GFX of the competition

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            2. Wii did not do well as Nintendo under powered it way to much.

              Wii U is going to be updated greatly.

              Wii had some good games on it like Metroid Prime 3 and Super Smash Bros Brawl.

      1. Jesus Gabriel Diaz… it’s EPIC GAMES. Unreal is the name of the graphics engine. However, I have to agree with you. I’m sure that some of their Wii U games will soon be powered by Unreal Engine 4.

    2. At first I wouldn’t agree with such a opinion, because I didn’t have a HD television that would actually make the image of my videogame better. Nowadays I see it different: there’re games that just NEED to be played in HD, like Mass Effect 2 for example. If you’re playing it on a standard TV, you’ll probably have some difficulties reading the dialogues and action stuff to do. After I got my HD TV, I can sit back on the couch and read everything from afar.
      My point is: Nintendo didn’t want to make games that would only work good on HD TVs because there weren’t many people with that kind of technology back home. Today is a different story, and I think it’s time for them to enter the HD graphic world. I’m tired of listening that Wii can’t have good and epic games like Mass Effect 3, Batman Arkham City and Skyrim because it lacks of graphic capabilities!

      1. That’s exactly what I mean. The Wii was fine without HD graphics, but almost every household in developed countries has at least one HDTV nowadays and Nintendo can’t simply ignore that.

        1. Nintendo said they didn’t go with HD on the Wii U, because at the time of the launch of Wii, not many homes had HD televisions. They felt the market saturation of HD TVs wasn’t significant at the time to include it on Wii and make it more expensive than it had to be.

          Obviously that has changed, and will be addressed with Wii U.

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  1. Agreed. I play games for the game play, not just graphics and other specs. I like beautiful graphics in games, but it all comes down to the game play. That’s why I enjoy Nintendo’s games the most because they focus on the game play and not the specs.

    1. wii has absolutely impressive graphics? yeah am sure impressed how far the wii push those gamecube graphics cards :o

      if you play games for gameplay than why did you buy a the wii and not stick with the gamecube great lineup of games. because the wii had shitload of shovelware,shitty online and since gameplay is more important am sure you didnt buy into the wii for their gimmick motion controls. oh unless you think shovelware like the ones you find on apples apps store are wonderful or that you love the thrill of waiting every year for one nintendo triple a title that or your a fanboy consomer why cadual mentality and brain disorder that causes you to spew shit out your mouth while lying your ass off.

      1. I recently played Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and Pokémon Blue. Graphics don’t have to matter much, as long as the gameplay is good. But companies stop making games for old consoles and we are left with no other choice but to move on to the newer consoles to play new games. I don’t say graphics don’t make a good game, but it’s the gameplay that’s the most important.

  2. Well said Nintendo. I’ve lived by this philosophy throughout all my gaming years. Not just for Nintendo games, but all games in general. :)

    1. wii has absolutely impressive graphics? yeah am sure impressed how far the wii push those gamecube graphics cards :o

      yeah great shovelware nintendo. btw if nintendo has tons of money in the bank then why do they offer outdated tech,underpowered,shovelware,no hd, no good online oh because their greedy fucks who knowngly use their stupid moronic fandrones mentality to barely offer the minimal work to earn money seeing how the fans love buying half ass shit not for graphics but for gameplay…you know like mario 3ds land,skyward sword or kid icuris lol fucking disgraceful for a company with so much money who cant afford to at least at least increase the storage space if their wii internal ram so that indie dev. could have given us meatboy smh cheap bastards are genius *claps hand keep barely doing the minimal effort mr. iwata while reaping the rewards i respect anybody who knows how to effectively take advantages of kids.

      1. Yeah those ignorant ps360 folks. Especially this boy in my class who don’t even play games 24/7 trying to tell me that
        games are like power point presentation no good visual no good grade. I told games and power point are completely different and games is for fun.

        1. No he’s right, overdo a powerpoint presentation and it distracts from the information, it needs to look elegant, simple, and filled with innovation.

          Hang on, sounds like the the Wii/DS combo.

  3. This is why I love you Nintendo!!

    —-Meanwhile in Redmond, WA.—-
    Reggie is kicking the asses of those anonymous “developers” and taking their names while
    Nintendo continues to make superb video games.

    1. I’d like for him to release those names…
      Every time i read “anonymous” or “our source” I get a brain aneurysm.

  4. Why can’t we focus on both. Im fine with the decision but what’s so hard with up to date graphical and good quality games????

    1. Price. That’s what games come down to, what’s more accepted. Bad game play, bad graphics or redick prices.

  5. That’s because, aside from a few past failures *coughcoughvirtualboycoughcough*, Nintendo knows exactly what it’s doing.

  6. Game play should be great, great graphics should be icing on the cake. Then again, Nintendo also shouldn’t hold back too much on the power lest we have a repeat of the Wii when the PS4/720 come out.

  7. Well said, Nintendo. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Nintendo will continue to do their own thing and continue to be the best in the world. Gameplay is priority #1.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  8. I agree completely. However, the reports are BS, so we’re going to see a more powerful console anyway.

  9. WTF!?
    Do all of you want the Wii U to just be a Wii 2?!
    Games and gameplay is of course more important, but come on Nintendo, its time to step it up in terms of graphics and power! You guys clearly stated that you want to gain back the “core” audience, and let me tell you, if the Wii U ends up being a bit more powerful than current consoles and the PS4 and Xbox 720 blow away the Wii U, you won’t meet that goal!

    1. 1. If Wii U ends up with the same games, it will have the “core” audience.
      2. Wii U is released a year earlier. At Least.
      3. Sales will be just like Wii, if not better. Especially because E3 will show everybody what its really made of.
      4. Not Wii 2. Look at HOW MANY things hav been added to the controller.

      1. 1. Not really, if the same games that are coming out for the Wii U also come out for the PS3 or Xbox 360 those people that already own a PS3 or Xbox 360 won’t see the point of getting a Wii U. Also, third parties such as Call of Duty, are available on almost every platform including the Wii. But which version is more appealing to the “core” audience? Either the PS3 or Xbox 360 version am I right?
        2. Exactly, since there is probably only a year that the PS4 and Xbox 720 are going to give the Wii U without any competition I think that the power between them shouldn’t be noticeable. But it seems that Nintendo wants to go with the same strategy that they used with the Wii, which is a pity.
        3. …
        4. I am not saying that its literally going to be like the Wii, I am just saying that its probably going to end up like the Wii of the next gen.:P

        1. 1. Who cares about ps360 gamers. The point is we Nintendo games who didn’t spend money on ps360 or games for it will buy it. Games that are being ported over to Wii U are not for those ps360 gamers it for nintendo gamers and those who buy it and don’t own it.

          4. So what if it be like Wii of next gen then that great sign for Nintendo winning next gen. As the next ps and xb arent gonna support used games based on those past rumors.

      1. Nintendo will prove everyone at first launch. Hypocritically, you’re not ready much as I am and the millions of Nintendo supporters and true gamers.

        1. are you talking about the same “millions” of true gamers that bought the 3DS at launch?

          i want nintendo to succeed in the next gen (because zelda in HD is a wet dream) but ports aren’t going to cut it, and these millions that are supposedly supporters of nintendo will flake again just like they did back in 2011. and i say they because i myself got my 3DS at launch, but not this time, ill be waiting for the WiiU to drop price this time around before i even commit

          1. Just from what is announced now…
            Wii U will sell very well to the Nintendo gamers because they want the next First party games. Hopefully families that enjoy Fitness, Sports, etc. will consider it as well. But I’d like for 3rd party games to start strong and I think they will help because developers have raved that they found something interesting for the controller. Maybe when Nintendo allows people to talk we’ll get a better picture.

    2. Not to be mean, but if the Wii U does not focus on graphics and power enough to compete with the PS4 or Xbox 720
      I hope it does horrible in the market. Its time for Nintendo to realize that they won’t just sell there systems with gimmicks and have Mario and Zelda games on them.

        1. Yes I am mad.
          I don’t want all my friends to always be talking about the PS4 or Xbox 720 when a gaming conversation is going on. Just like the Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3 nowadays.
          Everyone freaking talks about the PS3 and Xbox 360 all the time!

          1. My friends and i enjoy talking about every videogame device, from 3DS to Wii to 360. We talk about everything. You shouldn’t blame it to Nintendo. Blame it to to your friends because of them being so superficial and not apreciating all the faces of videogaming

              1. Sounds like he’s an outsider to his friends………hey I’m lonely too. Give me your powers (last story reference)

            1. Well you know its true, most people make the Wii aside because of its weakness compared to the PS3 and 360.
              And I don’t want the Wii U to end up like that against the PS4 and 720.

      1. High quality graphics in itself is a form of gimmick. All you really need for graphics is to be able to tell the difference between characters and environment and items. That’s really it.

      2. Francisco Alvarado Vega

        Nintendo better get a lot of third party support, and exclusives because if all it has to offer is first party games, no matter if they’re Zelda and Mario, the Wii U will not succeed.

  10. I think that the atmosphere of a game and it’s graphics are more important than the actual resolution or power, as long as it can run the games smoothly – would you rather play a 16-bit survival horror game with a dark, intense, and fitting atmosphere, or a 4k resolution survival horror game with rainbows, smiley faces, and happy purple unicorns pasted all over it? Unless it was designed as a joke, I think I’d go with the 16-bit game.

  11. Which to me sounds like an excuse to justify WiiU’s specs in the case that they end up actually being subpar to what is expected.

    I agree with the part about the experience in playing, however, specs can actually improve said experience. And I’m not talking about graphics (which I don’t cae about and I even think that 6th gen graphics were more than enough), but about better AI, bigger maps and so on. I mean, it’s great that Ninty’s main focus is gameplay over specs, but why not focus on both? They’re not mutually exclusive elements, you know.

    1. Very well said.

      Nintendo is lacking balance by focusing one one area far more than the other. In the current generation, the PS3 and X360 both pushed graphics technology, while the Wii did the opposite. The Sony and Microsoft’s consoles, especially at first, lacked any new gameplay innovation, while the Wii did the opposite. Every system this generation lacked balance, which left gamers without an option to get an all-around gaming experience by purchasing any one console.

      Furthermore, the Wii became old technology quite quickly due to its weak hardware. Nintendo’s home console sales have dropped off the charts within the past year, and yet they refuse to drop the price of the Wii in order to match its actual value.

      Now Nintendo is repeating the same mistake again. Do they really think that they’ll have 5 or 6 years of strong sales by releasing a system that’s as far behind as the original Wii was?

      Yes, Nintendo will make some good games with great gameplay mechanics. But if it looks like an old piece of technology after a couple of years (like the Wii did), then where’s my incentive to keep playing when the competition looks a generation better?

      My hope is that both Sony and Microsoft focus much more on unique and inventive gameplay experiences so that fewer people have to own multiple systems just to experience what current games have to offer.

      I’ve owned every Nintendo console up until this point. But I felt burned after spending so much on the Wii and not feeling like I got my money’s worth. This may be the first one I don’t buy due to their continued philosophy that graphics don’t matter. They do. Just ask myself, and the many people I know that grew up on Nintendo but no longer buy their hardware.

  12. That sounds like they’re trying not to say, “Your next phone will be more powerful.” That’s fine with me. Nintendo made a previous previous generation spec’d Wii because they wanted to be able to sell it at a profit, and they have the in house talent to make good games that not only do not rely upon high graphical fidelity, but cannot.

    The WiiU will output HD, no question, but I’d be surprised if it does 1080p.

    I predict rereleases of PS3 and Xbox 360 games on the WiiU for those who wish to play them with Nintendo’s superb controllers. FPS games with the WiiMote were a lot of fun.


        1. I am surprised. The PS3 and Xbox both do 1080p, but the games all run at 720p or lower. I will be interested to see if the WiiU does in game 1080p.

          1. My name is not Matthew, so I will assume your strangely worded remark was meant for someone else. Have a lovely day and I look forward to playing Nintendo games in 1080p if what you say turns out to be accurate.

  13. In other words, all those anonymous developers mentioned in other articles were telling the truth. Fanboys were getting mad at the claims and suddenly it is okay? Yeah ok.

    On a greater note, I will continue to support Nintendo as long as they keep delivering my favorite titles.

    1. Oh, and I know none of this is still concrete but it is turning out to be this way. I could be wrong so don’t flame me!

      1. You’re wrong. I’m flaming you.
        like you said, NONE OF THIS IS CONCRETE. And these reports don’t have a name to put to them.

    2. I agree with you 100%.. Some of the fanboys bashing those anonymous developers are eating serious crow right now and back peddling by saying “oh, and but Nintendo never cared about graphics anyways, I hero deep! “

      1. Any fanboy who doesn’t want to look like a tard for slamming potentially verifiable claims from anonymous sources.

        1. Are you guys all that forgetful? Why would I believe nameless sources literally a day after April Fools when a number of credible devs and publishers like EA, Crytek, Vigil, Gearbox and Epic Games have all said positive things about the console and its power?

          That’s not being a fanboy; that’s stating facts.

        2. Being a fanboy, I’m not about to disregard notable individuals for people who won’t state their name.

  14. This is just one of the reasons I love Nintendo. Not because they’re the innovation leader in video games, but also a true gaming company. To the person at Nintendo of America… thanks!

  15. sorry to say this but this is why the wii failed in the third party support because nintendo isnt focusing on graphical power if xbox and ps4 has better graphics than wii u just saying thin it might turn out to be another wii xbox and ps3 gen but i understand gameplay is more important but try to give people a zelda game with gamecube graphics on wii u nintendo ur done so please dont make those mistakes again

    1. Thank you! Someone with the ommon sense! Why is Nintendo thinking lately that gimmicks sells games. It doesn’t. Immersive gameplay sells games.. And yes, if a console is gimmick free and has a better graphical fidelity, and why wouldn’t you get the competitions console?

      And please, please everyone, and stop saying that it being in HD is “good enough”. HD is standard issue for everyone else except Nintendo. Just because. They are the last one to the party doesn’t give them a free pass.

      1. What are you expecting from the other companies next year? They’ll still be HD. They won’t have the initiative to create better gameplay experiences though, they’ll release the same games with slightly higher quality.

  16. Then don’t charge such a high price for tech that you don’t care about.

    Anyone will tell you they sold the wii at 2x cost of production, obviously you care about making profit more than you care about the quality of your consoles.

  17. I’ve only lived my gaming life by the value of the game, and the graphics are usually about 3rd or 4th on the list. story, U.I. , Gameplay, multiplayer support, are just a few of the things that tend to go before graphics as a standard. hell, Xenoblade Chronicles has been one of the funnest games i’ve played in years, and it’s on par with FF8 for graphics.

  18. Ok… Are you fanboys serious? For the past week developers have been a oming out and basically saying the WiiU is underpowered and you jerks called them lying trolls. Now that Nintendo comes out and prettyich CONFIRMS THE WIIU IS Underpowered, and you all want to praise Nintendo for making a system that isn’t as powerful as what is currently 5 year old technology. Are you guys SERIOUS!!!!! Does your fanboyism know no bounds?

    Do if a developer says the WiiU is underpowered, and it’s a full blown lie.. If Nintendo says it, but they are geniuses….. Wow…. Just wow….

    1. The statement didn’t confirm anything about what the power of the system would be, they just said the experience of playing is more important, and I agree. That being said, if they truly want to bring back the “core” gamers they must offer them something better than what they already have, they’re not simply going to switch over simply to play it in a different manner, some but not enough. They must offer an experience that is not available anywhere else, that includes gameplay and the graphics. This would greatly benefit 3rd party support as well. The Wii was notoriously absent of 3rd party support because it was very limiting. Those multiplatform games that made it to the Wii were often watered down versions of their counterparts, and simply were not appealing. I’m not saying it has to be some megaton powerhouse, it just has to be better than whats available. When I buy the WiiU, I want the 3rd party support its getting now to be consistent, I want those to be the definitive version, not a watered down disappointment. I want to see Nintendo’s creativity because I believe they make the best games, but I want my selection to come from more than just them

    2. Where in this statement did they say that the Wii U is under powered. Taking words out of context. It’s a PR statement. Why would they say anything about the console when they have a conference to do that? I don’t ever remember Nintendo talking about the specs of any of their consoles. They care about the games. Putting ideas together and see how it work out. I don’t care if it is the strongest or weakest consoles. I enjoy what I like and pay no attention to anyone else. I’m what you would call an individual (or leader).

      1. The “competition” is using FIVE YEAR OLD Tech in their systems. If you want to properly compare, why not wait until Microsoft and Sony release their next generation of consoles and THEN play the comparison game, eh?

    3. Nintendo didn’t confirm 1 THING. If you haven’t noticed, they haven’t truly released the specs of the system. everything up to now is examining the console during a couple of events. So if this man FROM NINTENDO says they are not focusing on the specs, it’s because they’r not about to release that information. Not before E3.
      So what this man is saying, “Video Game fans, expect great gaming experiences.”

      1. Coming out publicly and saying “not to focus on technical specifications” when developers have been saying the WiiU is underpowered is called damage-control in the PR department. “Expect great gaming experiences” is tantamount to saying “The console just might b under-powered, but atleast our games will be fun, right?”.

        Nintendo is playing cathc-up, and now they are being called out for it. Fanboys, unite! Please try and defend Nintendo again for coming to the playing field with out-dated technology built around another developer limiting gimmick. At least the basic tennets of an actual controller exist this time around for developers to use.

        Oh, and I know Nintendo has the potential to convince developers to make great games around their controller, but the tech is now confirmed OUTDATED. So what if Nintendo didn’t actually saying it in black and white or in a press conference, some people have alreayd gone through th trouble of stripping the system apart and doing that for you. Accept it.

          1. You’re subscribed to Shokio and ReviewTechUSA? Awesome. They’re two out of a handful people that have some sense on YouTube about gaming.

  19. hahaha kid these days, only looking for graphics; even from the begining and now I still don’t give a fuck about that “power” instead I rather a REAL game than a SHITY movie

    1. You do realize that it is entirely possible for a game to play well and look good at the same time, and right?

        1. as rand said, if it is the gameplay, history, music, etc. is a hole mess of shit why in the world i would be induced for the graphics? otherwise, if all that stuff is ok but the graphics i don’t care.

          if the graphics are good, then fine thats a “plus” but not the main thing fo all the game.

          1. Sigh……get real.

            Great gameplay is entirely possible with bad graphical fidelity. So is incredible gameplay with very high graphical fidelity. Allow me to demonstrate:

            BattleField 3: Awards for Multiplayer game of the year
            Modern Warfare 3: Highest selling form of media of ALL TIME
            Skyrim: Game of the year….period.
            Batman: Arkam City: It’s Batman….no more needs to be said.
            Deus Ex: Human revolution: Many Sci-Fi genre awards
            Street Fighter 4 Arcade and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom: Best fighting games of the year.

            Notice how NONE of those high-selling, gorgeous looking games are nowhere to e found on the Wii. The Wii had Skyward Sword, a mediocore Zelda game that looked like garbage on an HDTV (I say this from personal experience having completed the game).

            If Nintendo does the same crap again, where the competition has better but similar tech, and the WiiU’s tech is five years behind, then hunker down and continue to endure another half decade of digging thru casual shovel ware games or inferior ports just to get to those gems (Like No More Heroes 1+2 or any first party Nintendo title).

            1. “BattleField 3: Awards for Multiplayer game of the year
              Modern Warfare 3: Highest selling form of media of ALL TIME
              Skyrim: Game of the year….period.
              Batman: Arkam City: It’s Batman….no more needs to be said.
              Deus Ex: Human revolution: Many Sci-Fi genre awards
              Street Fighter 4 Arcade and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom: Best fighting games of the year.

              Notice how NONE of those high-selling, gorgeous looking games are nowhere to e found on the Wii. The Wii had Skyward Sword, a mediocore Zelda game that looked like garbage on an HDTV (I say this from personal experience having completed the game).”

              It’s because video game award shows have become just a popularity contest these days. Shoving aside great gems like Murumassa: The Demon Blade for overhyped games. Not saying all those games you listed are bad, but they are just nominated just because they’re on HD systems (at least that’s how I see it). Wii games can be just as good (at times better) than the HD games.

              NMH 1+2
              Murumassa: The Demon Blade
              Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom
              Monster Hunter Tri
              Truama Center
              House of The Dead: Overkill
              Dead Space; Extraction

              1. Here’s the difference in MY list compared to yours. YOUR list is a compilation of games over the span of four years. MY list is strictly games of 2011.

                Ya see the difference?

                That’s the problem, the “gems” on the Wii are too far and few in-between. Like I mentioned, with outdated hardware the WiiU may just become another platform where one has to endure much shovelware to get to the gems.

                And NO, gaming awards aren’t just popularity contests. Some are, not all. If a game like Skyrim wins Game of the Year from Everybody, maybe it’s game of the year worthy.

                Nintendo says “graphics aren’t important”. Yeah, that’s cute. Then why are they touting that the WiiU will be in HD so much. Put your money where your mouth is and prove graphics aren’t important by not touting the HD component of your system so much.

                Graphics ARE important, at the end of the day. They have been important for many years. A game can play just fine, but nowadays the excuses for why it doesn’t at least look good are becoming less and less acceptable.

                1. “but nowadays the excuses for why it doesn’t at least look good” That’s the thing, the Wii has some of the best looking games this gen like Murumasa. I never said graphics weren’t important, but you don’t need RAW power to make a good looking game.

            2. I’d never said that a good game wit GOD graphics isn’t a good thing….so what you want me to know?

              these games are really good, but whats your point?
              I alredy play all of them in 2 and other even in the 3 consoles and PC. If your looking for super processor and graphics or something like the “4096 x 2160 next gen” go look for a PC, MAYBE is cheapper than a game console, then you don’t have to worry what nintendo do with their stuff

  20. although I agree, now that nintendo is in the zone, we won’t be missing out on third party games. still nintendo is known to make high quality games without hd so I’d prefer that over hd without high quality gameplay any day.

  21. all you people need to get ahold of yourselves and not let these stupid rumors get to you. do you all honestly think that after seeing stuff like the japanese garden demo or the HD zelda demo, nintendo’s just going to decide that a powerful system is no longer a good idea? this is classic “Gaming Goldfish” syndrome, where people just take the most recent rumors and believe them no matter what for whatever reason without any regard for words of the past.

    need i remind you of the earlier days after the last E3 where actual named developers talked about how powerful the system was or how easy it was to develop for or how eager they were to put their games on it? don’t be discouraged by all these articles by anonymous “developers” (which were probably just trolls who sent the news to sony-centric gaming journalism sites who wouldn’t care to look any further as long as it’s bad for nintendo)

    also, don’t think of NOA’s response as a confirmation of the bad rumors. i think they’re just writing it off without confirming or denying the claims and they’re keeping it secret until they can officially show what the Wii U has under the hood in a couple months at E3.

    until then, just stop caring about Wii U rumors entirely and simply wait for nintendo to reveal everything themselves

    1. agreed, besides nintendo is exceptionally secretive, they won’t tell you one way or the other until they want to

  22. Pingback: Wii U, 3DS, Wii, DS, DSi, Videojuegos y Consolas Nintendo – | Comunicado de Nintendo sobre los rumores de Wii U

  23. That’s shit, Nintendo. Quit it already with that bullshit of “we don’t care about technology”. You HAVE to care about technology, because nowadays part of what makes a game enjoyable is the technology implemented in it. I’m not saying that graphics are everything; you don’t do anything with a game with near-human perfect graphics if the game is boring, but it’s always good to have a balance. It’s nice to play a game that doesn’t freeze or lag when loading a stage. I’ve lost two Wiis because of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, because the Wii is so freaking weak it can’t keep up with a game with so much data like that. I’m sick of this, to be honest. I don’t buy a PS3 because I don’t like its games, but it’s nonsensical to not admit it’s an excellent console. I would kill for a Nintendo console with as much power and features as the PS3. Imagine playing a a Mario, Zelda, Metroid or Pokémon game in a PS3? It would be HEAVEN. Don’t want to end up like Sega, Nintendo? Then STEP-UP-YOUR-GAME.

    1. Hmmm. so tell me, do the other systems have motion control, standard controls and a tablet controller? One with cameras (that will be used in game), streaming, an accelerometer, weather sensor, and more?
      Have fun with Kinect.

        1. one thing id like to know, yes i agree those things are gimmicks, but since when did gimmicks become a bad things? people have warped the meaning of a gimmick, its supposed to make a system stand out from the other ones, which is why nintendo advertises the gimmick so much, if they advertised better online play for the wii U, for example, then people would think that its nothing different from the xbox/ps3.

  24. Its the only thing I totally disagree with Nintendo.. And Wii is a proof of that, NO SPECS – no game.. I hope they dont prepare us for any bad news.. lol

    1. if anything, the wii proves that specs=/=success and that worse specs=/=failure. last time i checked, a system sold for profit that has sold about 30 MILLION more consoles than the closest competitor of this generation is successful. but i guess a substantial sales lead is meaningless when the system isn’t HD, right? gamers these days……

      1. wii is successful, but now nobody supports it! Only nintendo supported it and made it successful..

        I hope we dont see the same thing with wii U and next generation games! … thats my point.

        I am aware that wii U have sold 97 million consoles, do not panick about it.

        1. well didn’t we have third party developers coming out about their eagerness to develop for the Wii U out the gate? third party is something the Wii is known for not having much of, but i believe the Wii U will bring much support with it

  25. With all the people stressing don’t, Nintendo always says this and it does not mean anything for Wii U, if the Wii U truly is 6x more powerful then current HD consoles Nintendo would still say “focus on the games”‘, I’m pretty sure Sony and Microsoft said the same, and this statement is from a rep.

    1. agreed. also, i enjoy the zelda HD avatar you have going for you there. it seems to add emphasis to your comment

      1. Exactly and thanks:), Nintendo should know now they can focus on technology and gameplay, there’s no reason to not use powerful hardware to make a good game, Nintendo should know now that technology is very important and if they think the Wii U being like the Wii will be a success it won’t, and who knows maybe Nintendo wants people to hear these stupid rumors so they can blow us away at E3 2012 for the Wii U’s power.

  26. I’m a huge Nintendo-fan myself but I must say… To me it seems like they’re only saying this because they’ve been steps behind the other companies until now, when it comes to technology specs. So they’re trying to make it look not as bad as it actually is because the specs do play a big role indeed, actually.
    Not trying to be an ass but that’s just the impression I get when I see Nintendo saying that… I find it sad myself.

  27. SImple the message of this is stop to worring about graphics when we neither now the console specs(even the rumored one are mostly what the Microsoft want in the Durango), nor which kind of gameplay will have, The Company Say that stop trolling as gamer and play more.

    Jeez Nintendo is the only gaming company, doesn’t want pointless debate about graphics but playing games at the end

  28. I don’t care alot for “good” graphics. Something I noticed is that 16 bit games play better, have tighter controls, and interesting stories (even if a bit vague). Best of all when it came to graphics, they had to come up with creative ways around hardware limitations. Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instinct, Vectorman, Yoshi’s Island, Comix Zone, etc. All Had to use creative techniques to make interesting graphics, while keeping the gameplay tight and interesting. Now dont get me wrong, I love a lot of new games. I just find the older ones had more thought and care put into the. Anyone that disagrees, play Chrono Trigger and then Chrono Cross and tell me which is better. Shit, play Chrono Trigger and then Final Fantasy 13 and tell me whats better.

    1. Almost anything is better than Final Fantasy 13, so you’re going to have to have a better comparison than with Chrono Trigger, because almost nothing is better than Chrono Trigger, save for a select few.


      Chrono Cross is “special”, I like that game. Don’t see it as CT direct sequel but as a different title. It’s still unique compare to a lot new games out there.
      Final Fantasy 13 is so call “best graphic” that now days people only care of.
      As for Wii U, I want good gameplay experience games, not good graphics only games.

  29. zant's faithful servant

    A-frickin-men. as much as i like powerful hardware, nothing is more important than quality games.

    1. That’s all it is. Arkham Asylum was so effin fun, and I didn’t even care that much about its Unreal Engine 3 graphics.

  30. It’s a little disappointing I must say. Nintendo won with the wii because they had everyone even the FPS guys. It was a, “you gotta try this” console. Us fanboys will buy it, but will the masses? I figured with some raw power they could get the Xbox ps crowd to buy it while wating for their next console. If this isn’t amazing gameplay, they are in hot water I hate to say

    1. In the words of Jerry Lambert’s character, “Don’t believe what you’ve read on the internet.”

      Think positive. Nintendo will bring their new system (perhaps a whole new look) in the next 2 months. For now, have faith.

      1. Don’t you agree Nintendo has admitted to the rumors by posting this? They went for specs with n64 and GC. Wii was innovation. I’m a little concerned

  31. I like how some ppl are taking Nintendo’s response as confirmation that Wii U is underpowered. Ahhh a bunch of lollygaggers you all. I do remember Reggie saying the games will play in native 1080p and that’s all I need to hear……….and if you still have doubts, just look at the 3DS an how it can still produce beautiful graphics twice with 3D. That takes some power. Bunch of fanboys, Nintendo knows exactly what they’re doing unless you wanna take over yourselves. I’d love to watch you guys go bankrupt.

    1. its not that, its the ram, ok wii U got more than xbox360 and ps3.. so what.. Lets see how much it will be comparable with 720 and ps4.. It does matter, for textures quality, etc.. I hope its more than 1 gig.. up to 2, it will be nice..

      Second, GPU, we dont know how many stream processors got
      If its more than 500, it would be nice!! If its less than 500, meh, is going to struggle a bit. Is the controllers also, if each controller with screen (not the simple ones), need 1 core and gpu power to perform, then I would suggest nintendo to make an addon hardware for wii U, that keeps up the controllers, I dont want to see wii U power drained by the controllers!!! lol.. I dont controllers, I want console!..

      Everything is about next gen consoles.. Stop talking about xbox360 and ps3.. its un existent for me.. they don’t exist..

      Someone said, wii U will have support, yes it will have support this time.. But I am an extreme gamer and I will not tolerate to sacrifice quality over nintendo.. I want them all..

      Here is an example, What i mean, about what I dont want to see in wii U, compared with the next gen of other companies.. see the video on youtube.

      Its an example, what I DONT WANT TO SEE.. I want them to be arround the same thing.. and better games.

      1. either ways, I am not a xbox or sony fun, so the only console I will invest is nintendo, but I dont want disappointment.. as I am a pc gamer to.

    2. You could put like fifty cores on a cpu, but if the clock speeds of each core are low, it doesn’t mean much. Trust me, I know; this computer I’m using to type this comment is a quadcore, and it can barely play Half-Life 2 without any lag. Embarrassing.

      1. well now I am using an i7 870 with gtx480, but I allready started to gather up the items for my next rig, 6 core LGA2011 with kepler graphic cards SLI.. hehe

        1. BTW, the only game Ive experience some lag, or alot of lag, is The witcher 2 at full settings! I couldnt play it.. The only game.

  32. I don’t give half asses about graphics when it comes to Nintendo. Often I’m too busy thinking about how good the games are to really care about the graphics. If I want to see some awesome graphics, I’ll just head to my PC or PS3 and play something like Fallout 3 or Portal or whatever. Now Nintendo has stated that “the experience of playing” is much more important than some numbers or whatever. I’m going to really hold them to their word with this, because as much as the good games on the Wii were good (and you know which games I’m talking about), they were very few. VERY, VERY FEW of these games. And even the more good games that did or will come out for the Wii (you know which ones I’m talking about of course) are slighted hard because by this point, almost nobody gives a shit about the Wii anymore. I don’t care if the Wii games didn’t compare to the PS3 or 360 games cuz comparing them was absurd. What I did care about was whether or not the Wii games maintained their sense of integrity of being a good game in themselves, much like how Metroid Prime and Wind Waker, despite being last-gen games, are still incredibly awesome games, and unfortunately a lot of the Wii games, even some of the core ones, did not have that same amount of integrity as those two mentioned games. This lack of care for making a game with as much dedication as during the 90s is really starting to piss me off. Nintendo did do this during the Wii, and I’ll swear them off altogether if they have this same apathetic attitude for the Wii U as they did for the Wii. A company that doesn’t give a shit about the very thing it was formed to do,does not deserve any respect. This does not just go for Nintendo; MS and Sony are hanging by a thread for me when it comes to the growing number of dreadful rumors regarding their new consoles, and it’s only by my curiosity to see what these new consoles are that’s why I’m still hanging onto them.

  33. johnr754. Not anonomyus, PETERIUSS.

    You are all saying that just Nintendo cares about gameplay more than power, the Wii U is going to be bad at power! Really! Reggie confirmed that the Wii U is 1080p, and gaming companies like EA claims that it’s more powerful than the XBOX 360 and PS3. It must be more powerful! Hey! Listen! Okay. Nintendo says that gameplay is superior over power, but they will advance until real-life graphics! Same goes for Microsoft and Sony! The Wii U will be powerful! They will make you play with Power! Ultra Power!

    1. Why do you “POWER!” guys always insist on reminding us of the power glove fiasco over twenty years ago.

      1. johnr754. Not anonomyus, PETERIUSS.

        I wasn’t. I was trying to refer to NES and early GB and SNES commercials that said “Now you’re playing with power!”, with Portable Power or Super Power. Not the Power Glove.

        1. Francisco Alvarado Vega

          The Wii U should have been named the Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System so that the slogan could be “Now your playing with ultra power”

  34. My personal feelings is this, as a fan of video games, I agree that game play SHOULD come first. However, in today’s enviroment, people love technology. I know I do. The three biggest problems that Nintendo had this generation is: lack of HD, lack of online presence, and significant 3rd party support. Nintendo has to realize that what allowed them to thrive and survive this generation is no longer unique to them (motion controls). If Sony and MS once again have much more powerful consoles, this could lead to a significant loss of 3rd party support. Hopefully, E3 will ease our concerns.

    1. At what cost would Sony and Microsoft would be able to make a system that is so much more power than the Wii. If the TV standards hadn’t move to HD, would this generation have been a great leap. HD wasn’t really new. They could have changed it in the 90’s. 1080p is 1080p. Don’t think for a second that 4k will be the norm in the next 10 years. I know others things can improve with graphics but let Nintendo run their company. If you had a company, you would do what is best for you. You can’t worry what other companies are doing. That is how a company go under.

      1. True.

        4K is the future of graphics but it’s very expensive.

        I 4K won’t be in this generation of gaming at all. But after this upcoming Gen I speculate 4K will come after it.

  35. To me sklyward sword and mario galaxy have better graphics than any xbox or ps3 game because the developers focused on making the games look and play good instead of worrying about polygon count

    And they said lots of RAM, I like Ram.

  37. This is why they are going to change the name of the system! Specs are confusing to the un educated ^_^ Nintendo needs to really clear this up not with a fuzzy response where people can still warp their words and make the big N look lame. News to you and them, E3 is coming(thank god!) and will shut all the limp minded fools up! Nintendo will have my hard earned cash at launch!!

  38. This has to be the most hyped console ever. So much publicity. Good or bad, Nintendo is loving this. I love how one generation changes the perspective of a company. It has to be tough for companies. People demand so much but want to pay so little. Every article and every word is taking out of context. Nintendo said the same at E3 last year. Specs don’t matter. They said they won’t talk about the specs. At E3 this year, they still won’t talk about the specs. Publishers, developers, youtubers, journalist, and people in general can speculate all they want to and it still won’t matter when the games are displayed and played.

        1. The specs will not be announced this June at E3. The specs will be known after launch when a tech site breaks it down. Nintendo don’t waste their time talking about specs. You will be disappointed if you expecting specs. Games, yes! Online, yes! Controller, yes! Specs, no!

  39. I enjoy some games because of the graphics, Assassins Creed has beautiful graphics and brilliant gameplay. Metroid Prime 3 has great gameplay and very good graphics but the doors take a while to open because of the processing power of the Wii.

  40. TITS. But seriously this means it will probably be on par with current consoles. Bad news.

    Now you are playing with less power than you thought you would be.

  41. I have every console from nintendo but they are beginning to be stupid. Yes i agree that the experience and gameplay is more important but if you 3rd party developer making the same game for all platforms (gameplay and story the same on all platforms) i’d rather go for the one with blistering graphics. Not one that has last gen graphics.

  42. i.ll tell you were i am, i’m out. Fed up with gimics. Motion sensing is over rated on all platforms. Best games on nintendo dont use it or dont use it much. my favs are. Pikmin, mario galaxy, eternal darkness, new super mario bros, mario kart without motion sensing. Remember the stupid vitality sensor idea. How about some good games with just a normal controller

  43. This is Nintendo saying: STFU and wait until E3 GODDAMIT! lol Anyways, I agree with the statement. I mean, after seeing how a Zelda WiiU mighr look like, how can you complain about the graphics?

      1. Wii was right at the start, but the PS3/360 took over because the graphics and processing and RAM was to low for most developers.

      2. if wasnt right, why they have some of the best rated games on this gen, and outsel the competence by millions of units sold ????

    1. Nintendo is here to stay and will once again prove the world that they’ve got the games and the best quality.

  44. Well done Nintendo, just what I wanted all that time… Gameplay > Graphics.

    Now you’re playing with power.

  45. Of course it matters that’s the reason i never played my Wii, it just got abandoned by third parties, that’s why i brought a 360, why do you think the Wii has so much hate? If the Wii U isn’t on the same level as the PS4 and then Next-Box then i won’t buy it, because it’ll be like the Wii again.

    1. Graphics do matter when it comes to 3rd party.

      But how the game is made with it’s gameplay is most important.

      I play on my ambassador gameboy advance games today, Never played the game but i loved it.

      Gameplay > Graphics.

  46. Who cares about specs ???

    I mean, who has Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid ?

    now thats what I’m talking about…

    1. I have Metroid Prime 3 and Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii. I don’t like it because of the graphics, I love the gameplay and the story line ;)

  47. Words of truth there. But then again really wouldent enjoy playing a system from them that still has last gen graphics in the next gen

  48. I think they do care, they’ve proven that. There just angry at all the “it HAS to be better than current gen to be successful” talk.

  49. lol, i only come here for the comments now. if you nintendo fans want news, go to nintendolife. if you ps360/pc fans don’t like nintendo, forget about them and support your favorite dev. this is way people hate polatics. it’s just a bunch of bashing and flaming wars until you win. why not focus on promoting good publicity on who you like, and stop promoting bad publicity on those you don’t.

  50. wait i thought i the consumer was the one who decides how i want you to make your consoles? Because you know nintendo i might decide actually not to buy the wii u.
    I promise I am not trying to troll because I love nintendos games and am even an ambassador with the 3DS but they lost my respect in the console sections when their were few good games on the wii and the least graphic capabilities.

    1. Madworld, NMH 1&2, Red Steel 2, Okami, Zack & Wiki, Klonoa, Trauma Center, Dead Space: Extraction, House of the Dead Overkill, Sonic Colors, Monster Hunter Tri, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, Little Kings Story, Blast Works, Lost Winds, Elebits, de Blob, Boom Blox 1&2, Cave Story, SSX Blur, GoldenEye 007, Epic Mickey, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core, The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces, Rabbids go Home, Strong Bad, NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits, DKCR, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, Warioware, Super Mario Galaxy 1&2, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Rhythm Heaven Fever, Xenoblade, The Last Story, Metroid Prime 3 are all good Wii games.

  51. dumpkopf nintendo
    if wii u didnt have good specs
    wont theyre be limit on developing graphics
    like limit amount of enemies , particles ETC
    nintendo Wii U I think this is why a lot of people hate nintendo

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