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Is This The New Mystery Sega + Namco + Capcom Nintendo 3DS Game?

Namco Bandai has filed two trademarks, one titled All Star Battle, and another titled Project X Zone (Project Cross Zone). It sounds quite possible that either of these aforementioned trademarks could be related to the mystery game that Sega, Namco and Capcom are working on together. The full reveal for the mystery crossover game is expected sometime next week.


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      1. you really sure I mean how many of the characters do you think would actually work aside from the ones from fighting games i mean sonic was broken in brawl wasn’t he?

        1. There are a lot of characters that will work, what are you talking about! They can use the whole cast from the Sega All-stars, Tales of series, Mega man, Pac-man, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry.

          Dante vs Bayonetta!


        1. You do know that development literally started in Febuary, with the game probably not coming out for another three years. Right now they are most likely just working on getting the basic physics engine right. They have no need for outside help yet, cause they have done that task three times over already.

  2. Sounds interesting. Can’t wait to see what it is.. I want to see Ryu hit Sonic with a Dragon Punch.

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  3. Fighter on the 3DS? Aren’t the ones already out a bit of a flop? And especially compared to SFxT

    I’m going for (hopefully) an RPG / MMORPG or simple platform / puzzle game. I quite liked Rayman Origins & Escape Plan on the Vita

  4. Man I don’t know whether or not I should be really excited for this because it could be something dumb.

    1. I feel the same exact way. I mean, Namco does own Soul Calibur but hell the fifth installment was a disaster storyline-based. Capcom half-asses ALL their games lately, syphonin money through ultimate-omega versions. And Sega is just dead altogether. I’m not puttin too much faith in this game until I see some gameplay and pics

  5. I think I will just wait for Smash Bros to come out. At least with it I know all the characters and like them (for the most part.)

    1. You do know that is most likely not going to come out for another three years MINIMUM. You have plenty of time for other fighters in the mean time :)

  6. I’m hoping more for an RPG, as all 3 of those companies had some Golden RPG franchises back in the SNES /Genesis days.

  7. Hmm a fighting game with Sega+Namco+Capcom = Aoi Umenokoji VS Sophitia VS Morrigan, sounds interesting

  8. Hmm… a fighting game from Sega+Namco+Capcom = Aoi Umenokoji VS Sophitia VS Morrigan… interesting

  9. So, they’re pretty much going to clone SSB for the thousandth time, is what it looks like.

    Simply fantastic.

  10. Played it SMART Nintendo to get you best Third Party Supporters to make a game together for you own publishing.

  11. I have a weird feeling that this is probably going to be more like the Namco X Capcom game for PS2. An RPG, as opposed to a fighter. It doesnt make sense for capcom to release a full fledged fighting game on a handheld, and not a console.

    1. You mean an exclusive fighter? It’s possible, especially seeing how big of a profit SSFIV brought (almost a million copies sold, practically pure profit since it’s a port), and that was a launch game (a lot less potential customers than, say, now). Just imagine how many sales they’ll make with a game like this, especially if it gets hyped a shitload from now till launch (E3, anyone?). It’s a smart idea, and if they pull it off right they could have a pre-Smash Bros. (to hold us over for the next 3 years or more for a 3DS Smash Bros.) that might even spawn a new franchise, like MvC1/2/3.

  12. I pray its not a Rpg. And I hope Guile doesnt show his face at all whatsoever xD. But in all seriousness, I hope the gameplay is like Tekken or MvC3. And just cause its a Crossover Fighting game dosent necessarily mean its gonna be a clone of SSB I believe that this game will be out before the next SSB. Its odd how I have faith in this even though we know absolutely nothing about it. But look at the developers, Namco,Sega,Capcom. Tekken will own Virtual Fighter and Possibly Street Fighter xD

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