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Nintendo Confirms It Won’t Be Attending Gamescom 2012

Silja Gülicher, head of press at Nintendo of Germany has confirmed to Nintendo Online that the company won’t be attending this years Gamescom. Nintendo is instead focussing its attention on planning their post-E3 activities with various media partners.

“Although Gamescom is an important fair for us, we have decided not to participate this year”

“Instead, we are planning our post-E3 activities to introduce the Wii U, and the latest titles for Nintendo Wii and 3DS, to trade and media partners.

“In addition to this, we are planning to hold a series of events later this year – as part of the pan-European marketing, public relations and event activities – that will offer our fans similar opportunities.”

54 thoughts on “Nintendo Confirms It Won’t Be Attending Gamescom 2012”

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      2. What is the point of getting Mad and talking crazy cause some says First? SMH, if they First they first……

    1. You guys are just jealous because he made it here before any of you guys did. I don’t care either way, but that’s because I’M SMART. What are you?

  1. Seriously ?
    It’s one of the biggest Games-Conventions and they don’t plan on attending ? Won’t be that good for them, I guess.
    Looks like I won’t be seeing the Wii U before the release then.

    1. E3 is the largest one. Nintendo is at E3 and they will show lots of infomation. LESS THEN TWO MONTHS LEFT =D

      1. Yes, but Gamescom is probably the second largest in the World. Also, it’s the main EUROPEAN conference. So, yes; it is important. I went there last year, and it was awesome; I’ve never been to E3 but it’s probably on the same scale as E3 judging from the sheer size of the event and the amount of publishers present.

        1. e3 is only for people who work for editorial journalists and press, isn’t it? and gamescom is for the public, too! i really hate nintendo for that decision. nintendo has also something like a responsibility to their fans! i was on every games|convention / gamescom and i can’t believe that this year i go to a convention without a nintendo booth. >.<

          1. Nintendo confirmed before there going to have there own conventions for Wii U after E3 2012, which is good because then it will be all about Nintendo.

          2. Actually, they don’t. They have a responsiblity to making sure that Wii U and 3DS and other games for them will be the best to play. They don’t have time to worry about the trivial and often asinine requests that fans make.

            1. okay, but i think they should also bother about the customers and fans, because these people buy the stuff in the end! okay, it’s not the case that they totally forget about the customers, but i only made bad experiences with those small only-nintendo-events. at games convention everyone comes together and the feeling is much cooler, sry i can’t really explain it.

      2. No. Gamescom is the largest one, measured by number of visitors + exhibtion area. Last year there were about 275.000 visitors at Gamescom. E3 had about 45.000 I think. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. I don’t think Nintendo would have that much to show off at GamesCom anyway. They’re saving their fireworks for one big show.

      1. My thought exactly – the wii is on it’s last legs with wii u around the corner and im guessing there too busy trying not to fuck up the launch of it to worry about the 3ds for now

      2. Not much to show off ? Uh, how about the WiiU ? I mean, Nintendo fans don’t only exist in America. Gamescom would have been the perfect chance to introduce the WiiU to Europe. Plus, Gamescom is after E3, means that Gamescom wouldn’t ruin those “fireworks” at the biggest show. It’s plainly a bad move of them.

  2. If they don’t want to show anything WiiU related yet, until E3, why would they go? XD
    If they have nothing to show, it would be just waste of time and money!
    Also, like someone said, E3 is just around the corner too! :D

  3. it may not be good for us europeans for ninty not being there this year but at least it’s encouraging to us that ninty are busy preparing there POST-E3 activities with media partners! this in my opinion is showing us that they aren’t sitting down with a shitty launch like 3DS and are actually doing something about it! next couple of months will be interesting…..

  4. Nintendo needs their own show. I think they should make their own! They could fill a whole building with demo’s :P

  5. I understand why some people would be upset about this, but those people must also rember that Nintendo is launching a new console this year. console unlike anything we’ve seen before, they have to focus all of their attention on that.

    We all want Wii U news now, but bear with Nintendo just 2 more months, I’m sure they’ll make it up to you at E3, when they steal the show with new Wii & 3DS news and the grand unveiling of the Wii U.

    1. You said it yourself. They are launching a new console. And that’s the reasy why they SHOULD be at Gamescom. Gamescom is, measured by the exhibition area and number of visitors, the biggest gaming convention worldwide. They’re voluntarily missing the best chance to show off the WiiU to Europe. That shouldn’t turn out good for Nintendo, I think.

      1. They can’t show off the Wii U at Gamescom before they show it at E3. They had to make this sacrifice. They’ll make it up to the European audience at and after E3 this year, somehow.

        1. Gamescom is 2 months after E3. It would have been the best chance to make it up to the European audience. Their decision doesn’t make any sense to me at all. There is no reason to make such a big sacrifice, it’s just senseless.

          1. Oh, it’s after E3? Well yes, now it doesn’t make any sense to me either. Maybe the E3 show will be so big they won’t be able to do the European show.

            I don’t know, hopefully they’ll explain it to us later.

            1. Yea, hopefully. Maybe they’ll be planning some other things for Europe and make people able to test the WiiU some other time.
              And judging by the rumors and expectations, Nintendos presentation at E3 is going to be huge. (:

  6. When the hell is Gamescom? If it’s before E3, then I understand why Nintendo wouldn’t be there, but if it’s after, then Nintendo’s E3 show must be pretty big if they won’t even have to make a second showing at Gamescom. You think everyone who’s been posting this news could at least show when Gamescom is happening.

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  8. well they wont be at gamescon but atleast we know that there putting all of their efforts on the actual wiiu which just means we end up with a lot more WIN and isnt that what really matters?

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