Nintendo Has A New Wii Game In The Works

UK trade publication MCV has revealed that Nintendo has a new Wii game in development. The game is a new entry in Nintendo’s party game series and is titled Quiz Party. Quiz Party is a trivia game that can be played with an unlimited number of players who can take part just using one Wii Remote. The game is set to be hosted by British TV quizmaster Roy Walker, of Catchphrase fame.

“Quiz Party has been tailored specifically for the UK audience and their love of quizzes. It should be a hit with families. It’s the perfect multiplayer game for the upcoming bank holiday weekends.”


    1. Yes, damn the only game company doing something right now. Damn the most reliable system.

      People tell me the Wii has the least problems. Mine won’t even show up on screen anymore. And it freezes. A lot. With absolutely nothing on the horizon.

      What do you know, my 360 doesn’t have any issues. Not that anything’s coming out for it at all.

      That leaves the PS3, a wonderful system with great online play that isn’t online, which has possibly the best controller design of this generation (And by that I mean it’s the only one that doesn’t die every five minutes) with Blu-Ray integration… Yeah. I’m not even a Sony fanboy. And that’s the saddest thing right there. I’ve always been all about Nintendo but they’ve done nothing but disappoint me over and over again. It took me long enough to finally get the 3DS and even then, for me, the only halfway decent games are OOT and Mario Kart. Everything else is shovelware. Much like the Wii. I miss the Gamecube. I miss the N64.

      1. You’re one of the few with a Wii that doesn’t work well as it’ll take a nuke to destroy most others and I’ve already been through 2 PS3’s, already on my 3rd (Thank you warranty) Besides, there’s so much more on the 3DS than just OoT and MK 7, such as SM3DL, SSFIV,BlazBlue, Dead or Alive, Kingdom Hearts 3D, etc. These games are shovelware? Then you must have poor tastes in games.

  1. Seriously??? Why are they making Wii games when Wii U is in front of the door -.-” Don’t get me wrong, I have a Wii my own and i like it verry much bit it’s life is OVER!! ….

    1. Because a lot of people own a Wii. They’re trying to get more content after it before they fully focus on the Wii U. A lot of averages joes have a Wii and they won’t rush out to by a Wii U so it makes sense to still produce content for it. Plus they’d make some extra money.

  2. Seems tailored to the English audience. They will have to change it up and introduce a whole new set of questions if they were to bring that game stateside.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  3. Issues with this:
    1. Once we’ve killed Bruce Forsyth, Roy Walker is our next target.
    2. The British don’t like quiz shows, the UK television networks just fund that quiz shows are the only things they can afford.
    3. The British don’t like “family fun,” we spend our bank holiday weekends repressing our intense pain at how shit we are.
    Source- My Britishness

    1. You say that like Nintendo stopped publishing every “hadcore” game the’ve otherwise been known for since the Super NES Era AND MORE and instead made nothing but Wii Sports and Wii Fit.

      I remember back when only aging conservative politicians got offended over games they themselves have no intention of ever purchasing or playing.

      1. they have and in returne people bought ps3 and 360s so now there to the point where they know hardcore is there chance foe survival im sure wii u wont suck like the wii did

  4. Some day, there will be a quiz game in which you yourself can make up questions and have your friends play the game and answer them. It’ll still fucking suck.

  5. I dont care i just like the super smash bros series even if they repeat some thing i still play it

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