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Wii U To Be Renamed Wii Entertainment System?

A forum member over at Neogaf has spotted an update on Nintendo of Japan’s website which seems to suggest that Nintendo may be naming the Wii U to the Wii Entertainment System. This wouldn’t come as a huge shock as we previously heard from developers that Nintendo was looking to rename the system to avoid confusion from consumers.

Update: Fake

151 thoughts on “Wii U To Be Renamed Wii Entertainment System?”

        1. I second that. They need to get rid of “Wii” because people were obviously confused. The tablet controller doesn’t look like a Wiimote, but whatever.

    1. That would be a cool name, however, this ‘WiiU’ still uses the Wii-motes from the existing console, so I guess Nintendo has to keep the name ‘Wii’ in it :/

        1. There’s a difference between using gamecube controllers as an option and the WES using the Wii-motes because it might be a “required” product (like how Wii golf in the demo used both the pad and the mote, it wasn’t really an option for that game, to get full gameplay, instead of “alternative” gameplay)

          1. If developers wanted to, they could have made Gamecube controllers on Wii games required too. The only difference between Gamecube backward compatibility and Wii backward compatibility is that Nintendo is pushing reusing Wii remotes.

          1. I love it! But, that won’t work for the American audiences. That country is a religious hotbed. The atheists would boycott just cause of the name, the Christians would proclaim it as their own, which would further drive consumers away.

            Very few of them will bother to check what the phrase means and will spend their time raging over something harmless. Such is the way of the American media.

        1. The consumers would be VERY confused because the first Nintendo Home Console was called “Nintendo Entertainment System”, and was dubbed the name: “Nintendo” Or “NES”

  1. It would not make sense. The idea behind Wii was to have a short name that didn’t lend to abbreviations. Wii U follows that idea but Wii Entertainment System does not.

  2. When i first saw the title of this I was pissed, but then I put 2 and 2 together and remembered the NES.
    Ahhhh maybe I can live with that name :)

  3. how.. does the name Wii Entertainment System avoid confusion with vanilla wii? >_> You could still just call it Wii at that point… freaking pointless name change =/

  4. How about actually calling it the Nintendo Revolution? I’m not sold on ‘Wii Entertainment System’, personally.

    1. NRS= Nintendo Revolution System NIS= Nintendo Innovation System
      NIS= Nintendo Integrated System
      NHC= Nintendo Home Console

  5. How is this going to stop confusion? It’s still even got Wii in the name….But I suppose calling it the WES [pronounced Wee’s] would be pretty funny

  6. Yeah so to avoid the confusion of mixing up the WiiU with the Wii they just put Entertainment System next to the previous console name! :) It would be fine by me though, I loved the NES, it would be fun to have a WES.

  7. Wii Entertainment System would only serve to confuse people MORE than Wii U already has. Since the Wii is technically an entertainment system already so…I don’t see this being the name logically. Hell, even “Wii 2” would be less confusing!

  8. That’s the stupidest name … “Ohh i own a Wii entertainment system”… >> Wii U is a better name they should just keep that

  9. Wii Entertainment System might just be the encapsulating name for the Wii U console, the game software, the video-chatting protocols, the online servers, the streaming game/video services, all in one.

  10. ummmmmm….is it just me or is Wii Entertainment System EVEN MORE likely to be confused with the current Wii…which is an “entertainment system”…??? I mean, come on, you still have some uninformed/unfamiliar people who call the Wii simply “Nintendo” or even NES. “I’m going to play my Nintendo.” lol

  11. Im sure we will hear a new game at this year E3, because that always happened with all nintendo consoles.
    WiiU will kick asses and will win again the new generation war,

    1. Revolution should be the new name i liked that name, because like Wii, WiiU will be a revolution in gaming experience.

  12. Kalandapandahormindatag shakalatamari

    I think it’s better than Wii U, I’ve been wanting them to change the name and i think that the idea of going back to a classic name is good. However, it’s not that good of a name. I don’t care really, it’s what the console does that’s the important thing.

  13. I still don’t think it needs “Wii” in it – I know they want people to be sure their Wii stuff will be compatible but I don’t think they are giving the average person enough credit – I think simply seeing in adverts it being sed with Wii games or controllers and stating the fact it is compatible is enough – it doesn’t have to be in the name. While I think having it in the name forces in some confusion for people now so used to mobile upgrades where the changes are minimal and thinking they aren’t really a new product.

    The problem wasn’t the “U” part, while it does sound sort of odd it isn’t anything that weird since almost all videogame devices have sounded odd when they were released (Playstation, xbox, dreamcast, genesis etc…) the problem was more confusion in branding and simply changing the second half won’t really fix that.

    1. It would be equally misdirecting to change the fundamental part of the name, which is the “Wii” part of it, yet have the console be entirely reminiscient of the Wii and thus have people be asking “Why didn’t they call this new console a Wii either?”

      Think about it. It’s not about having a cool name. It’s about consistency and name recognition.

      1. I know that is why they are doing it. I just think it is a really useless reason. I mean people didn’t think “the Wii should be called the Gamecube entertainment system” because it could play and use all the functionality of the Gamecube. The Wii controllers differentiated it as its own identity. This next console has that with the tablet so people can see it is its own thing but allows you to play your old stuff. Keeping the “wii” in it only adds the idea that it is simply an upgrade rather than a completely new system. It adds weight to the confused peoples thoughts that it is simply a new controller add-on. This is a bad thing.

        They had the same problem with the 3DS and they seem not to have learned.

  14. Yes, because calling it the “Wii Entertainment System” makes it so much easier to distinguish from the Wii.

      1. And the whole reason why the name change rumors even exist in the first place is because Wii U may confuse people into believeing it’s just an add on to the Wii.

  15. I think this name still will confuse people because it sounds like the full name for the wii. Why can’t they just call it Wii 2 no confusion about it being a whole new there

      1. The full name for the Wii? How did you end up with that reasoning? The full name for the Wii…is just WII. That’s it. The full name for the Wii U…is the WII U. It’s that simple.

  16. It’s fake. I’m sure of it. But I have to say I hate the name. Kids who don’t know about NES won’t get the reference, and it makes it sound even more like an updated Wii console! Terrible rumor!

  17. I don’t like Wii U, but this doesn’t seem any better, and the fact Wii is still in the name means it won’t make much of a difference in terms of removing confusion, if anything people are more like to see Wii and Wii entertainment system as the same thing than Wii and Wii U

  18. If this were true which I highly doubt Nintendo is this stupid, it would be the dumbest name change since SciFi became SyFy. Seriously? You want avoid confusion with the original Wii console by slapping “Entertainment System” on the end? The Wii is already an “entertainment system” at least the the “U” in Wii U added something to it rather than extended the existing name. They need to remove the Wii part not the U part, call it the Nintendo Stream or Nintendo GameTab (Gaming Tablet) or hell even the “Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System” UNES. That’ll work.

    1. All of the names you listed are too exclusive to a specific party and not endearing to the entire world as a whole. They would be miscommunicating Nintendo’s intent and image. Plus, they’re not very professional.

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  20. Thanks for Posting Fake news sickr… I just checked the site and it’s not there the only thing that was schedualded for that day was Wii Mario Party 9

  21. I liked some of the weird and wonderful variations that floated around before E3 last year. Beam and Stream would be cool!

    As for the name change, I’ll actually wait for some official info first.

  22. ……that….is the dumbest name I’ve ever heard.

    Wii entertainment system? What….exactly does that make the REGULAR wii?
    This is fake. If not, than unbelievably dumb.

  23. Nintendo: Tries to let the public know that their next system is different from the Wii.
    Gives their next system the EXACT SAME NAME.

  24. Maybe they’ll keep the “U” but drop the Wii. You could call it the Nintendo Ultra Entertainment System, or UES.

  25. Oh come on, its just the nane…personally, I could call it anything (Wii U, Wii Entertainment System, Wii 2, Nintendo Revolution, Nintendo Entertainment System 2) I personally don’t think it matters…no matter what you call it, its gonna be a new console…who cares if the people are confused? All they need to know is that its a better gaming system than its prediceser (hope I spelled that right :P)

  26. That doesn’t even make any sense. “Wii Entertainment System”? Just call it the NES or add a letter to the front to indicate its awesomeness like SNES did… UberNES? UltraNES? ExtremeNES? You get the idea.

  27. Raise of hands who in every day life called the Nintendo Entertainment system Just Nintendo? I doubt that would help confusion… Unless you wanna call it the WES… Which doesn’t sound good to say like NES was

  28. Tell me if this has already been pointed out, but was the point of the rename of Wii U to avoid confusion between it and Wii, tbh with the “Wii Entertainment System” im sure somebody would ask for it and get handed a wii, Honestly Nintendo end the “Wii” and change it “Nintendo Stream”

  29. NO! If they were doing it to avoid confusion like the 3DS, this is even worse! The Wii U sounds different-ish, whereas the Wii is already an Entertainment System! I know people wouldn’t call it that, but technically it is. This is a stupid name! Ultra NES or something, yeah. But this sucks!

  30. If they wanted to avoid confusion, why are they still using the Wii name? Doesn’t make sense.

    Leave luck to heaven.

    1. …Because it’s branded as a Wii-type console? So naming it anything else would make less sense?

      If anything, the fact that “Entertainment System” is obviously reminiscient of NES makes “WES” even dumber than just Wii U.

  31. Couldn’t you call the Wii the Wii Entertainment System and be correct? If this is really what’s happening, it doesn’t make much sense.
    And I’d gotten used to the name Wii U by now.

  32. wii TX would be cool but wii sucked for the hardcore so i rather nintendo XS Xtream System rather wii u or Super nintendo 2 now that would make me so happy

  33. You guys know that pic is fake right? I mean “Scheduled Wii Entertainment System Information Release” is written in english on a japanese site. Another thing is that the “Entertainment System: part is related to the NES in the West.

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  35. You guys don’t care about Nintendo. You just care about what’s cool. That’s why you guys keep thinking of these stupid ass names that have nothing to do with Nintendo’s intent.

    While “Wii Entertainment System” doesn’t sound too bad, and neither does its acronym, I think Wii U ultimately sounds better. I bet Nintendo would throw out a name like WES on purpose just to make Wii U sound better by comparison.

  36. This is probably FAKE. Check Nintendo of Japan’s website. It does not say Wii Entertainment System. But it is possible that it was removed from their site.

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  38. I prefer the name Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System. Let’s hope that Iwata calls it Wii U while Fils-Aime calls it Ultra NES.

  39. Wii type-R [kinda like the Honda’s from Japan]
    Nintendo Type-R [….lol sorry I think it sounds badass]
    Nintendo Evo(lution)
    Nintendo R(evolution)
    SNES^2 [the 2 Should appear like on E=MC^2 you know *squared*]
    UNES [Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System]

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  42. It should be something cool, like “The Integrator”, with a beefed up hardware, and a lit up motionplus, or even better a mind controller. Yah that would be cool. Nintendo cant afford to lose the next console war. Techsp are all over this case, next generation consoles. Especialy after some stuff they saw.

  43. Nintendo Stream
    WII Stream (sounds enem more awkward than just WII)

    Nintendo Steam was a rumoured name and was pretty accurate on the consol design with the streaming controller

  44. To the people who said the “Wii U” name would just confuse people…

    Were people confused by the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color? We’re they confused by the DSi, or the Super NES?

  45. To the people who said the “Wii U” name would just confuse people…

    Were people confused by the Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Color? Were they confused by the DSi or the Super NES?

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