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Miyamoto Says Nintendo Must Prepare For His Retirement

Whilst Nintendo firmly squashed those Miyamoto retirement rumours that infiltrated the web last year, the man himself has told El Mundo that Nintendo must prepare themselves for his eventual retirement. Miyamoto told the publication that he’s currently in the process of giving the talented individuals who work under him much more responsibilities.

“We all get older. I’m already about to turn 60,”

“In recent years I’ve been telling people within Nintendo [that] I’ll have to retire at some point. We must be prepared. That’s why I given more responsibility to younger colleagues.”

99 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says Nintendo Must Prepare For His Retirement”

    1. What’s important to realize is that Miyamoto has already moved out of the spotlight in game development. He’s really in more of a consulting and approval position now as the Senior Producer. For an example, Zelda Producer Eiji Aonuma and Mario Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi have been working directly with Miyamoto for at least 15 years, and are essentially in charge of managing the directors and the rest of the development staff. Of course Miyamoto is still influential to these games and I assume was he says is what goes. He thoroughly plays and tests the games to make sure they feel and play right, and that the developers don’t lose sight of making a game that is fun. This has been Miyamoto’s job for a while now, it’s just now getting attention amid retirement rumors.

      1. Myamoto is Moses
        And we the gamer are the people of Israel about to cross the game divide
        Me must get a Joshua

    1. will start the legendary comparations like: What at the level of Miyamoto-Sama, even higher, lack his touch,etc.

      This incredible how a young who was contracted mostly because his mother ask his godfather?(or friend of his father depeding of the version) to give work to his recently graduate son… and them boom.

      In general is better, a lot of people in japan say that Nintendo will suffer Without Yokoi after Virtual Boy mishandeling and fiasco, but them… still cause impact but the company goes to better.

      But Miyamoto will never fully retired, they always will ask his help with their two childs… Mario & Zelda, heck like Itoi, he will even plan a Mario game before he die(the legends say Itoi-sama has mother 4 secretly as a post mortem work..)

      1. It’s painful to read this!
        About Miyamoto retiring, It makes me very sad. I am a huge fan of him. He has essentially shaped the industry by giving it firm roots with Mario and Zelda, and continued to make amazing games throughout the years. He will certainly be missed, although I do think it’s for the better that he retires, specially given his age, because I do find that partly due to some of his ideology, Nintendo has been lagging. What I mean is that sometimes, his old fassioned vision of the industry has backfired several times. And to anybody who is about to start flaming with things like “YOURE NOT A TRUE NINTENDO FAN FAGOT HOW CAN YOU SAY SUCH THINGS?!?!?!?!?!?” I am a huge nintendo fan, but one can’t ignore missteps, and just blindly ignore them.

            1. είμαι έλληνας και το βρήσκο κακό που θα φίγει απο την Νιntendo o miyamoto

  1. Well he was going to enter retirement at some point. At least he is notifying the public about it, sort of.

  2. I should’ve known it would start dying eventually.
    The next generations are going to grow up thinking Call of Duty is a good game, and never know the glory of the good Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Pikmin, Earthbound, Donkey Kong, and Metroid games.
    I mean, I know the games won’t be DEAD, but without Miyamoto, they won’t know what to do with the games and it will probably end in a bunch of failed hardware and software and the eventual death of the company.

    1. dont be dramatic. Miyamoto is a legend but there are great developers in Nintendo. Sakurai springs to mind. and of course his (miyamotos) students!

    2. I don’t think that’s true. Sure, they might not have that Miyamoto charm, but I don’t think they’ll be bad games or unworthy of their fans’ continued support. Miyamoto said he is working with younger developers that he sees promise in; he is letting them work on some projects. I think Nintendo will continue to do well with these “apprentices” maintaining Miyamoto’s dedication and vision in his absence.

    3. Thats why when I have kids I’m going to shelter them from the cawadoody shit and raise them with Pokemon, Legend of Zelda and Mother/Earthbound.

          1. He will grow into the gaming force.
            Raise him well
            and tell him not to like any type of Blue Hedgehog that can break through the sound beerier
            Thats a good Nintendo boy

    4. You can’t be certain that those games will fail.
      Who knows? Maybe someone as good as Miyamoto, or better, could come along. Although unlikely for being better, there’s still that chance.

  3. i wish one day i could meet him and give him a hug and thank him for all his work then and today. A toast to Miyamoto!

  4. As long as Miyamoto makes one last (orrrrr, a couple…) Zelda games before he retires, then, I’ll be fine and wish him the best with retirement and thanks for all the games.

    If he dosen’t, I’ll be extremely sad and disappointed but I’ll respect his decision.

  5. Miyamoto’s retirement obviously won’t be the decline of Nintendo’s franchises, but will more be the start of a new generation of developers. Miyamoto hasn’t been doing that much work on the games himself actually as well, he was more just giving his thoughts about the development and maybe improve something here and there.
    And we still have the amazing Retro Studios! Also all OP Rainfall games have been developed by other developers without Miyamoto (correct me if I’m wrong) and Xenoblade is one of the best games ever made imo.

    1. And behold
      All of the nerds cried out
      and out shined justin beiber

      The book of geeks virse 1-2

  6. Miyamoto is still the reason I play nintendo games, I mean the work that he’s create is amazing. Its going to be a shame when he leaves :(

      1. apple is not a game company and u dont even get the reference! miyamoto is a is 3 steps behind him

  7. thats bad.without the father of games nintendo MUST find another more game developers.(I hope nintendo can survive)

  8. On that fateful day when Miyamoto retires, I hope that gamers across the world will either turn off their consoles in a day of mourning… or have each and every one of them put in the latest Mario game for the world’s largest celebration of his work.

    Miyamoto is truly one of a kind, and the gaming world will not be the same when he retires.

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  10. Miyamoto will always be the best gaming legend of all time. I just hope that we get a good person to replace him. Fortunately I’ve gotten Miyamoto for most of my gaming life :D


    On the day Miyamoto dies will be a sad day, the day he dies will be an even sadder day, so when he retires I’m going to play his last Mario game he makes and when he dies I will play my most favorite Mario game ever, and possibly his best work ever besides Mario 3, Zelda, I will play Super Mario 6r for as many hours as I can stay awake.

  12. The father of gaming can never be replaced. It will be a sad day when he retires. Nobody has made as big an impact on the gaming world as he’s had. Hopefully his retirement is a ways off.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  13. NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  16. I wish there was someway to preserve Miyamoto forever. Can we freeze him like we did Walt Disney? I mean he is the Walt Disney of our generation. Now if only they will make a Nintendo theme park….

    1. They had they’re own cereal lol. Nintendo Entertainment Cereal or something like that, it was awesome. 2 cereals in one. Mario and Zelda if I remember correctly, each with its own bag. Sad part is I can’t remember how it tasted, it was so long ago for me. Those were the days. Eating Nintendo cereal while watching the Super Mario Bros. show wearing mario 3 undies, a zelda shirt and some mario velco shoes.

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    1. Well then when James Allard and you died i hope they would buried the rest of those “Xbox” with him! (PS: You should bring some down to HELL as well, Bitch!)

  18. Good riddance i hope he die already. Xbox is the future and xbox working on holograph based on the tupac one/starwars xbox console dont worry gamers xbox got ur back. Fuck miyamoto may he die

    1. Im not gunna listen to some 5 year old that hasnt played a true game in his life. Miyamoto set the standards for video games today, if it wasnt for him there would be no xbox, so shut the hell up you ungratefull little sh*t!

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  20. I think it is safe to say that anyone that is about 20 knows what a good game is… Being this generation kids are graphic whores… Don’t get me wrong… Graphics is good but content is better… That’s what call of duty fan boys or Xbox fan boys don’t understand..

  21. Hopefully, Miyamoto will leave behind some ideas for future Zelda games. I will miss Miyamoto forever…..he even developed Star Fox. WHEN MIYAMOTO IS GONE, WHO’S GONNA MAKE US OUR STAR FOX FRANCHISE AND ZELDA FRANCHISE? I haz a very huge sad right now. my heart will be forever broken if Miyamoto retires from Nintendo……</3 like this.

    Plus, peteriuss, you really are a fucking douchebag when it comes to failing as a troll altogether. You really think you are better than everyone peteriuss? WRONG! The only person you are better than is yourself, which means, get your fucking act together or all of your comments, including all evidence that you were ever here, will be gone for good. This isn't a threat, peteriuss; It's a FACT.

  22. @Golden_Sifter: You, sir, deserve comment of the year! don’t get me wrong, one of my friends plays call of duty, but not on a regular basis, and that’s why I respect him. Plus, TF2’s content keeps growing, and that’s why we play TF2.

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