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Pikmin Wii U Will Be At E3 Along With Mario Wii U

A Nintendo spokesperson has confirmed that the long-awaited Pikmin Wii U will be joining the recently announced Super Mario Wii U at this years E3 event in June. We’ve known about Pikmin Wii U for a while so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we will be seeing it at E3. Still, it’s extremely exciting to know that we will finally see the game in a few months time.

“In a recent interview, Mr. Miyamoto confirmed that a new Pikmin game will be shown at the E3 Expo in June. He believes that anyone who has played Pikmin games in the past will enjoy playing.”

– Nintendo spokesperson

76 thoughts on “Pikmin Wii U Will Be At E3 Along With Mario Wii U”

  1. F*cking yes! 8 years I’ve been waiting for this, and it’s going to be so good when it arrives! Roll on E3!

  2. I’ve never played the pikmin series. I’ve played 5 mins of my friend’s account but i found it confusing. But I really want to give it another shot. Should I get Pikmin 3/Wii U or should i play the other ones first?

    1. Well, I’d say play the other ones first. They’re really fun, and this looks like it’ll be a pretty big jump and playing the first two first will help you to appreciate it more.

      You never really feel the effect of a huge jump if you haven’t played the earlier games.

      1. is it a series? I know there’s pikmin 1 and 2 but are the stories connected? I dont want to get confused if it alludes to previous games or characters.

        1. I’d just play Pikmin 2, it’s more accessible than 1. Heck, I’m pretty sure Pikmin 3 is accessible too at the start, so you may not need to play any of the previous ones. And yes, story is pretty minor so you wouldn’t have ot worry. A wiki page would fix taht for you.

    1. It’s hard to explain. How it works is like you are a little man and you pull these plant people out of the ground and your goal is to comand them to take down monsters and take
      spoils back to their pod to spawn more of them and make your army bigger and also collect the peaces of your ship so you can escape the planet.

      1. Calling it an RTS is all right. Calling it “like starcraft” is really a stretch. It’s an adventure game at its core, not a strategy game. Comparing it to DOTA…not even close.

    1. You realize they make new IPs every generation right? They keep the old ones and keep adding to it. This gen they pumped out Xenoblade, Pandoras Tower and The Last Story, last gen they came out with Pikmin, and new information coming to light says they’re working on at least 2 new IPs for the next gen. Fail troll is fail.

      1. While the comment you replied to is idiotic, you’re comment isn’t well informed either. Out of the three games you mentioned for the Wii, none of them are Nintendo IPs. Aside from Pikmin, there really have not been any new characters in the last three home console generations.

        1. From what i can tell, all 3 of them are Nintendo IPs and they simply asked external developers to make the games for them. Like how Rare used to make the Donkey Kong games. There’s also Battalion Wars, Electroplankton, Disaster Day of Crisis and Baten Kaitos. One could also argue since Nintendo owns Monolithsoft, they own Xenoblade. Nintendo helped co-develop all 3 of the “Operation Rainfall” games and thats good enough for me.

    2. Reggie kicks your ass

      Also, a major new Nintendo ip was wii play (wii sports, wii sports resort, etc). This ip has more sales than all Call of Duty games combined.

  3. Pikmin is an incredibly entertaining and strategic game where the player, Captain Olimar, leads and commands tiny creatures, the Pikmin, as small-soldiers to defeat very imaginative wildlife monsters. The player grabs and throws multiple Pikmin one at a time at an enemy, and the soldiers bash away at the monster, until it’s health is drained. In the first game, Olimar crashes on the Pikmin planet, meets the plant-like creatures, and they help in recovering missing parts of Olimar’s ship, working together when commanded to carry the parts which require specific numbers of Pikmin. I highly recommend picking up either the first game or sequel (or both!), but look at the first game as an introduction to the amazing style of this real-time strategy game, and the second as the perfection to the classic. Meaning Pikmin 3 can only be the most amazing in this already outstandingly impressive series!

  4. I think I just died when I read this. I am so watching this live. Cancelling anything else that gets in the way of me seeing Pikmin 3 for the first time!!!

  5. So at least two gigaton bombs be droppin on June 3rd or whatever day Nintendo’s show is.

    Let’s pray for some more of those bombs!

  6. Pikmin is definitely not my type of game, but I can imagine many unique and intuitive controls on the Wii U. This could be a title that helps make a very well-rounded software launch.

  7. Can’t wait for pikmin 3 to come out on the Wii u, its gonna be awesome. I’ve played both one and two with my mate before and they were brilliant games

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