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Nintendo 3DS Easily Fends Off The Competition (Japanese Charts)

This weeks Japanese Media Create hardware and software charts are in and unsurprisingly they show that the Nintendo 3DS is still at the top of its game. Nintendo managed to shift a respectable 63,796 Nintendo 3DS consoles. Sony on the other hand only managed to sell 8,250 PlayStation Vita consoles. To top it off there are seven Nintendo related titles in the Japanese all-format top ten, with Kingdom Hearts 3D leading the charge.

  1. [PSP] 2nd Super Robot Wars Z: Saisei-hen
  2. [3DS] Kingdom Hearts 3D -Dream Drop Distance
  3. [3DS] Super Mario 3D Land
  4. [PSP] Pro Baseball Spirits 2012
  5. [3DS] Kid Icarus: Uprising
  6. [3DS] Monster Hunter 3G
  7. [PS3] Pro Baseball Spirits 2012
  8. [3DS] Mario Kart 7
  9. [NDS] Pokemon Conquest
  10. [3DS] Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
  • Nintendo 3DS: 63,796
  • PlayStation 3: 17,765
  • PSP: 13,166
  • PlayStation Vita: 8,250
  • Wii: 6,837
  • Nintendo DS: 1,433
  • Xbox 360: 1,373
  • PlayStation 2: 1, 212

117 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Easily Fends Off The Competition (Japanese Charts)”

      1. i can tell you know it is pretty much the same. the game lists are different but Vita is not doing very well

        1. Hurr durr. Between February 26th to march 31st vita sold 200,000

          3DS sold 225,000.

          So if vita is doing bad so is 3DS….. In America that is. So vita actually generates more money than 3DS.

          :-/ and since launch there have only been 3 games released in the us. And vita still is competing.

          Please learn about it before you insult it.

          3DS is doing great, vita is doing great.

          Can’t we all just be ok with that fact?!

          1. last time i check vitas are still sitting all over best buy and walmart 3ds is atleast doing good in the US and the funny part is vita is catered more to a audiance who want people to see what the vita looks like in person rather than what games is actually good on the system

            1. Moron. Stores are always stock full of 3DS’s too. They aren’t exactly flying off the shelves as you twats would have us believe.

              1. In all honesty, my local store run out of 3DS’s and I had to wait 3 days.

                I sold my 3ds back in Feb for the money and bought it again (this time in a colour I liked, in black not red) about 2 days ago ! Thoroughly enjoying it and I missed it from before.

          2. Fanboy you are. You Do realize that Vita only sells everywhere else except Japan. Also Vita is generating Sony Profit it is selling at loss. Nintendo stated last year that 3DS will be profitable this month and on ward.

          3. Technically, Vita is not doing great if selling less than the 3ds, as the 3ds is over a year old.

            just saying,
            Love both consoles though, just a flaw in your statement…

          4. The only defense you have (absurd that you would need to defend at all) is to belittle the opposing side’s achievement and act like it doesn’t matter, so as to make your loss seem less of a loss. You preach fairness, yet you act like a spoiled sport about the victory. Face it, the Vita clearly wasn’t going to be as fucking awesome as all you fanboys claimed it was going to be while you were too busy trying to bully Nintendo nerds into thinking they weren’t cool or smart enough to see the so-called “facts” you say. Instead, the Vita is just okay. Be glad it’s even selling at all.

          1. Japan is the only major video game market that provides detailed weekly sales figures for games and gaming systems.

              1. I have frequented VGChartz for four years. Their charts aren’t official, and are gathered from various sources. Sometimes the sales figures are just guesses, which get quietly adjusted when the official data arrives. VGChartz gives good ball park figures, but the only truly accurate weekly video game sales chart is Japanese Media Create chart.

    1. Wipeout 2048 is the only interesting title on the Vita and also a Sony exclusive.

      Sony needed to think harder with the PSV because it’s selling worse then the 3DS at launch.

    1. lulul i did ur mum last nite haha nintendoh sux witout microsoft, nintendoh would nut exist Microsoft rulz

  1. Wow… I knew the Vita wasn’t doing well in Japan, but I definitely wasn’t expecting its sales to be THAT bad.

    Barely 8000 units in a week compared over 60k for the 3DS?! I’d probably feel bad for Sony if I didn’t hate them so much.

      1. yeah plus there fans were asking for a fight… come on its like asking your enemy did some thing bad to you, you forgive him later they do the same thing , why feel bad if its going to be the same thing…. mocking us that’s what.

  2. lulululul, 3ds is fur babees. its a poopy gimick dat gets ppl to buy der stuf. goo die shigeru miyamoto . wii want u to retire ur fatface. no one liek nintendoh aneways

      1. goo die u fanboi go play wit ur wiiwii and babee zelda and mario gaems. i will be busy playing good gaems lik call of doody mw1 2 and 3 yo loser

  3. It’s time for Sony (Phony) to call it quits on the handheld front. In any case, I expect a slew of ports coming from the Vita to the 3DS very soon. Maybe @ E3 LKS2, Dragon’s Crown, etc gets an announcement for the 3DS can’t wait!!!

    1. If games got ported from vita to 3DS they would just be the same thing but with worse graphics.

      So uh….. Why not just get them for vita?

        1. there’s a few that I would like to have maybe Dragon’s Crown, Little King Story and such. I keep telling people there really is no point in buying the Vita since it will surely die in a year

      1. It’s called “toxic asset”. Assuming the Vita keeps doing worse, nobody will want to play anything on it even if somebody’s too busy trying to pawn it off.

  4. Sickr, you’re such a douche. 2 of the top 5 are PSP games. Number 1 is a PSP game!

    Troll harder faggot.

      1. cuz Sony had to cut/close half of all Sony style store in the country!!! LOL…Sony won’t be around in 5 years the way they’re performing as a company lately!!!!

      1. Moron. I’ve owned every piece of Nintendo hardware in existence. That includes the Power Glove and Bob. That said I’ve owned every Sony console since PS1 too. They’re both great companies who make great games but it seems you faggots get more enjoyment out of being fagboys rather playing video games.

        Go fuck a goat beeotch!!

    1. err, the number one on the list of this article was a PSP game. And there are two PSP games on the top 5 list here……..

  5. And none of the those are for the Vita…boohooohooo…anonymous Sony fanboy is butthurt that the Vita is dying….Boooohooo!!! This is Sickr’s site so he can spin things anyway he likes it. Vita gets beat by the Wii at least once next month…I called it!!!

      1. I didn’t know you had two dads? He’s a pretty fella. Not matter I got a blow job and a Vita, so suck it beeotch!

  6. nintendo isstill the king:D psvita wil never get 16m salesin 1 year until they get a pricedrop in either thememory cards or the handheld itself becuase it’s fucking ridicoulessorry for bad grammer:P still learning english XD but nintendo FTW:D anyway i normal have both butdon;t want to risk an dieing handheld:p sosorry sony;)

    1. lol…you sound like the typical Sony fanboy!!! Which is dumb and immature!!! Go outside and get a life loser!!!

      1. are you a retard or something i prefer nintendo over sony noob normally i buy both sony and nintendo but sony is releasing gay games nowso you sir are a effing troll

  7. Pingback: Nintendo 3DS sigue batiendo a sus competidoras en Japón, y su rival PS Vita marca un nuevo mínimo

  8. So much hostility between fanboys and trolls…

    Anyway, the Vita will get an increase in sales at some point; either with “casual” games or using the high profile games Sony stuck with during the PS3. The 3DS will still lead, but I’m just guessing on this. I really want both to succeed – competition is healthy.

    1. Nintendo doesn’t need competition to make quality products. They do it for personal reasons, not for money. But of course that will end as soon as Miyamoto leaves :(

      1. You sound like a child. “They do it for personal reasons, not for money.” That’s their practice; to make quality products – because then it would sell! That’s a business practice.

        While I love Shigeru Miyamoto; he wasn’t the heart of Nintendo. He was an Executive Director. The real heart are the developers and programmers that were taught by him. He has no say over the pricing or quality – because that’s a practice. Every company needs competition; remember the Bit Wars? Their rival was Sega and they competed with them. They compete with Sony in the handheld market, too. You may not see it; but it’s there.

        1. but Miyamoto has the ideas and he makes sure the game is perfect…(hes very strict apparently). unlike skyrim and its many bugs ROFL

    2. Yeah but Sony has not made up the investment from that endeavor. Sony, also has to deal with it’s continued rising losses; there is only so much assests (LCD factory, Sony Style ) before they start going under. The $7 billion loss they had will affect Sony for years to come.

  9. Sony focuses too much on themselves and not enough on 3rd parties doing good games for their systems. Sony can’t rely on themselves because there too busy making TV’s to make lots of good quality games. They should make Playstation a totally different company than Sony, just the same owners. Sort of like Pepsi and Frito Lay being the same owner buy different companies in a sense. That way they can put more focus on it.

    1. And I wonder if Apple would try a portable gaming console/iphone combination to try to beat Sony? It’s possible.

    2. Are you serious? You’re leveling this charge at Sony when Nintendo has been doing this for OVER 10 FUCKING YEAR! Two Zelda games in 5 years for Wii. One a GameCube port. Skyward Sword was worth the wait but give me a fucking break! 3rd party support for Nintendo has sucked harder than your mom at a bukakke meet up!

  10. Software number .ign*. 1.) 2nd Super Robot Wars Z Saisei Volume (PSP, 34,403 [299,842])
    *. 2.) Kingdom Hearts 3D (3DS, 20,977 [276,788])
    *. 3.) Super Mario 3D Land (3DS, 18,119 [1,504,812])
    *. 4.) Professional Baseball Spirits 2012 (PSP, 17,037 [104,806])
    *. 5.) Kid Icarus Uprising (3DS, 15,228 [220,643])
    *. 6.) Monster Hunter 3G (3DS, 15,047 [1,390,226])
    *. 7.) Professional Baseball Spirits 2012 (PS3, 14,485 [131,804])
    *. 8.) Mario Kart 7 (3DS, 12,212 [1,649,867])
    *. 9.) Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition (DS, 10,377 [295,974])
    *. 10.) Mario & Sonic at the London Games (3DS, 8,254 [131,222])
    *. 11.) Atelier Elkrone: Dear for Otomate (PSP,8,012 [New])
    *. 12.) Yakuza: Black Panther 2 (PSP, 5,882 [147,829])
    *. 13.) Harvest Moon: Hajimari no Daichi (3DS, 4,574 [165,182])
    *. 14.) Wii Sports Resort (with Wiimote) (Wii, 4,243 [914,691])
    *. 15.) Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP, 3,658 [236,467])
    *. 16.) Devil May Cry HD Collection (PS3, 3,641 [65,245])
    *. 17.) Mario Kart Wii (Wii,3,505 [3,546,938])
    *. 18.) Wii Party (Wii, 3,446[2,328,169])
    *. 19.) Hatsune Miku/Future Stars: Project Mirai (3DS, 3,392 [132,689])
    *. 20.) Armen Noir Portable (PSP, 3,254 [New])

    1. It won’t help even if they did. A price drop might alleviate the situation for a few months but the 3DS could just drop in price once again (since they have a strong userbase ~16M; buying their games now) since manufacturing cost have gone below so the system can be profitable. The only solution for Sony is to cut their losses and leave the handheld market with it’s tail tucked in it’s back. No shame since Sega, Bandai, NeoGeo, NEC, and Nokia have come and gone to challenge Nintendo in this market and lost. They need to concentrate on their home console since rumors state the PS4 will be equivalent if not slightly more powerful than the Wii U. This will leave MS as the only one with monster console in their hands leaving Sony the odd man out seeing it doesn’t have powerful specs or innovation for it’s next console!!!

  11. With this i think sony need to bundle the memory card with the game cause it seem the japanese are getting more involed with the ps3 and dont want to get a vita that play lower content of games on the ps3.and rather get a psp and play other games

    1. +1

      just like the launch bundle for the 3G Vita, 299 and it came with a 8GB memoryCard, and that free month and a game.

      1. Yeah, that’s a great idea!!! While we’re at it lets have them bundle a $50 points card as well!!! Never mind that the company had already lost $7 billion this year!!! What’s another $200 million loss by doing that?

  12. Nintendo is kicking a lot of ass these days. I love it. This wll truly be the year of Nintendo. I hope they will be back on op of the gaming industry again soon. (They always were #1, but that’s just my opinion.)

    Leave luck to heaven.

  13. This surprises anyone how?

    Oh, and for the people wondering why he doesn’t cover US/European sales data, I think it’s because the group responsible for the former aren’t releasing it for free any more and the latter is pretty difficult to find. It’s the Japanese video game sales data that’s released consistently month after month.

  14. I’m really concerned about Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. I want this game to sell extremely well on 3DS so Square Enix will consider putting Kingdom Hearts III on a Nintendo platform. If you are a fan of Kingdom Hearts or Square Enix, it is your duty to buy Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Start pre-ordering!

      1. support they better release kingdom hearts 3 for wii u also:P i rather have sora roxas etc in a super smash bros then capcom versus etc;)

  15. the VITAnic is still sinking, i see. i can only wonder what the vita sales will bottom out at before it gets a little boost from persona and the (probably) inevitable price drop that’ll get announced at E3. maybe i’m giving sony too much credit again like i did with my expectations of their western advertisement campaign. i was at least expecting a super bowl commercial for the US but what i got were some of the weakest advertisements i’ve ever seen for a product so sorely in need of sales.

    the vita’s japanese sales are still about on par with a system on its way out the door (aka Wii, which is doing better worldwide) and its western sales seem to be on the decline so if a price cut doesn’t happen, nobody’s going to be able to wish the vita a happy birthday, if you know what i mean.

  16. Well true the fall of the vita is the same as the psp when several people have played hd games on ps3 i dont think they will want to get the vita.
    Look at ultimate marvel vs capcom . The vita one has lesser content than the ps3 version .and the apps every has an iphone or android ,touch screen app not a good selling point with a crazy price for something that can easily get stolen

  17. Wow! So much hate is going on in here. Just get all the consoles and you wouldn’t have to worry who’s good and who’s bad. All these facts only matters to the game developers and the companie that makes the consoles. If you got all the consoles like I am, all I worry about is finding good games and best deals. It’s fantastic! Hassle free. When it gets old, sell and upgrade.

    1. why should I spend my hard earned cash on a company that fails to have online security and rips you off with memory cards? Nintendo on the other hand can use ANY SD card to put your eshop games on etc. SD cards are pretty cheap but a Sony SD card? PFFT!!!!!!!!

      1. Fuckig sony cunt they’ll only be slightly more powerful and even if they are it will bankrupt them making games for that much power.

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