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European Nintendo Direct Conference Tomorrow

Nintendo UK has announced via Twitter that it will be hosting its own Nintendo Direct conference tomorrow. The event will take place at 1pm Central European Time and 12pm midday in the UK. Nintendo of Japan also announced it’s hosting an event tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “European Nintendo Direct Conference Tomorrow”

      1. People get way worked up by people saying first. I simply don’t care and move on. But if you do comment (Like I’m doing right now) you show that you do actually care. So guys, if someone is “FIRST” just ignore them.

  1. I want some Wii U news, damnit!! Looking forward to seing what it is about. Maybe they’ll announce the date of their E3 press conference.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  2. Excellent! Not just the conference but also the fact it’s by NOE themselves. I just said previously that I would like to see the NOE president actually taking centre stage for a change from Iwata and Reggie. Especially since these days they’ve made a lot of good decisions and have kept a lot of Nintendo fans happy by doing things like releasing the “Rainfall” games as well as sometimes giving us releases before the States.

    Basically they’ve vastly improved upon what they were like years ago.

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