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Nintendo Power Teases Exciting Announcement

The latest edition of Nintendo Power contains a teaser for the next issue which proclaims that ‘exciting new revelations’ will be revealed. Let’s hope it’s a pre-E3 teaser. What would you like to see revealed in the June issue?

“As summer approaches, Nintendo Power will start to heat up with some exciting new revelations in the June issue, including a cover story for the generations. Don’t miss it or you’ll rue your fate, comrade.”

86 thoughts on “Nintendo Power Teases Exciting Announcement”

        1. Metroid never was in the gutter. I just don’t want it to enter another decade-long stagnation just because of how some silly fans reacted to one game.

          PS: Taking a better look at the image, this announcement is definitely not Metroid. But I still have my hopes up for E3.

  1. Something to do with militant characters that’s for sure. They wouldn’t just hint “comrade” for no reason.

    1. Wow! Didn’t see that, cool! Sounds like a shooter to me! Maybe Nintendo has a new FPS based on the real world coming soon?

  2. Lunar Knights Sequel? Doubt it but the shape for some reason just reminds me of the Boktai/Lunar Knights series.

  3. Hmm……”Don’t miss it, or you’ll rue your fate, comrade.” Sounds like something from a shooter game. :I Oh my, I wonder.

  4. Since they said ‘comrade’ and the image looks very similar to a map of the former USSR, I am assuming it is a new IP based around it.

  5. Either some shooter ( likely CoD), or Wii U news (Maybe both).

    Do you know how hard it is to type with a finger puppet on your hand?

    1. I also think that, but metro last lights is already announced and said to be for wii U and all that stuff, it wouldnt be a mystery and theres no reason to hint at it

  6. It’s definitely something military related. I wonder what it is. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  7. Maybe it is an Advanced Wars title for the Wii-U. The military theme of the ad would fit plus that series would be perfect for the Wii-U

  8. It looks like a gun from Kid Icarus. Wasn’t DLC announced for that game during nintendo direct? My guess is this is the first glimpse.

  9. Metro Last Light, Advance Wars, or something else.

    I cannot even begin to guess what it is, since I’m not even familiar with what I’ve just mentioned.

  10. The way they say “generations” and “comrade” makes it sound like they’re going to reveal 007 Legends on either the Wii or Wii U. I’m guessing it’ll be on Wii U.

  11. I’m confused with all these teased revelations yet I don’t remember any of them being revealed in the magazines teasing them. Or maybe I just missed them all. Or have they been announced yet?

    1. The announcement that was yellow and black was teasing Epic Mickey 2. This one, I am willing to believe, is GTA5.

  12. It’s a very weak detailed map of Soviet Russia, and it talks about comrades. I’m guessing this means…. will find out soon!

  13. Nobody has said that it could be a reveal for that new title: “The Last Bodyguard/Ranger.” Maybe that game has something to do with the military…

  14. I’m guessing it’s either Star Fox (remember the rumor going around that Nintendo was working on one with Retro possibly), Advance Wars 3D (yes please!), Homefront 2 Wii U, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, or something to do with the Metro series other than Metro: Last Light (perhaps a port of Metro 2033).

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