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Nintendo Will Report Its First-Ever Operating Loss Tomorrow

Nintendo is set to announce its first-ever operating loss at tomorrows investor conference. Nintendo previously estimated a 45 billion yen deficit for the business year just ended, leading many analysts to question Nintendo’s decision not to bring its immensely popular franchises to the smartphone market.

“They have been beaten by smartphones and tablets, in particular, for consumers spending and, more importantly, time.”

“Nintendo has to deal with the change and let Mario games be played on non-Nintendo devices. I think it will take at least couple of years to see that.”

“Any drastic strategy shift that would dispatch the Mario brothers into the realm of Android and Apple’s iOS operating system would likely require a change at the top of Nintendo, and that likely won’t happen for a couple of years until the Wii U is shown to be a clear failure.”

– Various analysts speaking to Reuters

221 thoughts on “Nintendo Will Report Its First-Ever Operating Loss Tomorrow”

  1. Blah blah blah smartphones.
    It’s mostly because of the economy change, the amount of stuff in development and the botched 3DS launch.

    That’s my guess, anyway.

    1. it’s because of the heavy development on their games, and not releasing any. What’s the last nintendo game you bought and when was that? Indeed, it was quite a while ago. Nintendo is not in big trouble, though. why? WiiU.

      oh, and the smartphone market hasn’t beaten anything. It’s PC that has the upper hand, nowadays.

        1. That’s because most people aren’t all that great with computers.
          Advantages for a console: already has the hardware you need and issues preventing you from playing the game don’t usually occur.
          Advantages for PC games: flexible(I.E. mods), if you know what you’re doing and you can have top-notch graphics if you have the money.
          I prefer play on both a PC and consoles.

      1. Mario 3D Land, Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario Kart 7, Pandora’s Tower, The Last Story (published by them), Xenoblade (published by them), Pushmo and Dillon’s Rollig Western all released within the last six months. So yeah, you’re right, people haven’t bought anything by Nintendo lately have they? Muppet.

        1. Xenoblade isn’t just published by Nintendo. Monolith is a first-party Nintendo studio much like Retro or HAL, so whatever they make is also “made by Nintendo”.

          … And I can’t believe you didn’t mention Skyward Sword. XD

    1. Yeah, Nintendo doesn’t belong on smartphones. What a bunch of idiot analysts. I just have one word for those morons. Shutthefuckupyoustupidpeiceofshit.

  2. “- Various analysts speaking to Reuters”
    Sounds legit :)
    But really, its much MORE likely that nintendo would make its own smartphone rather than develop for other platforms.

    1. They need to pull a Google! How Google sets up the soft ware of the device but lets another manufacturer make such device since they already have the know how. Couldn’t you see an “HTC Phoneboy” Now that would be cool!!!

  3. Of course phones sell better than Nintendo consoles because they are PHONES.
    There is a lot more people who need a phone than people who need or rather want a gaming console. Seriously, when will analysts get that.

      1. Yes never, that is a difference, you can buy a Xperia Play almost as a freebie in some high cost plans for cellphone. mostly 70$ monthly, the 3ds is 250$ in my country(not import that is cheaper).

        And first Yamauchi will liquidate the company than doing something can damage the Brand of Nintendo as a whole…(thanks to god than the Yamauchi family has almost veto power in the shareholder meetings)

  4. Nintendo sholdn’t release their games on smartphones, they should start working to beat’em. The 3DS was a bad move in the wrong direction, now they are payin the price

    Smartphones are only getting this much space on the game front because the game industry has been making the wrong moves, allowing for disruption to happen

          1. 3DS had a mistake-ridden launch, then the holidays came around and changed that. Of course they’re not at holiday sales now, but 3DS is doing very well now.
            The losses are likely because they’re developing a lot, including an ever-changing new piece of hardware, and they don’t have enough to release. Next year will change, and maybe not the great success that Wii had at first, but Wii U will at least maintain itself much longer than Wii could (I believe) and not have this massive slowdown in software during the last year.

            1. The sales are not good, they’re bloated. Nintendo is burning a lot of money to keep the 3DS selling. You can see this especially well in Japan where there are dozens of bundles. They belive they can make that money back later, when the 3DS starts selling itself. Problem is, this is not going to happen, that ship doesn’t float. As soon as Nintendo lets go of its hand, it sinks back in

              You can take a realistic view of the market as “trolling”, but that doesn’t change the facts. Nintendo warned the industry of a crisis, launched Wii and DS to solve this crisis, and then abandoned everything they conquered with 3DS and Wii U. Their financial side is responding to this

            2. The sales are not good, they’re bloated. Nintendo is burning a lot of money to keep the 3DS selling. You can see this especially well in Japan where there are dozens of bundles. They belive they can make that money back later, when the 3DS starts selling itself. Problem is, this is not going to happen, that ship doesn’t float. As soon as Nintendo lets go of its hand, it sinks back in

              You can take a realistic view of the market as “trolling”, but that doesn’t change the facts. Nintendo warned the industry of a crisis, launched Wii and DS to solve this crisis, and then abandoned everything they conquered with 3DS and Wii U. Their financial side is responding to this

              1. This would make a lot more sense if you weren’t “anonymous”, just like the guy I responded to named “anonymous” who had a much different thought than you.

    1. I seriously hope you are a troll… Otherwise you’ve completly missed the problem with those Smartphones. They are NOT promoting good games, they want many crappy but cheap games for casual gamers and that’s hopefully not what you want.. Besides, Apple is the most evil company in existance..

    2. That might Damage the Brand and the consumer habbits, because when you have the whole chain from hardware to software, you must asure profits in the whole chain(something Sony learn in the hard way this generation, MS thanks to Xbox live is how not avoid worst loses)

  5. We all know Nintendo will never release their games on android/iOS devices. 1.) purely for the fact that Nintendo focuses on immersing the player into the game. And 2.) because playing games on android/iOS devices aren’t even fun. Sure, they may have games that sale, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re fun.

  6. If Nintendo decide to release their franchises on other consoles/ smartphones, there will no longer be a need to buy Ninty consoles. What a dumb idea.
    Nintendo forever!

    1. Well, that’s exactly the point those self-called “analysts” are holding: that Nintendo (and Sony and Microsoft) should stop making consoles altogether and everybody must play only on phones or PC’s.. But we know that won’t happen :)

    1. Sony took a huge hit and definitive operating losses this year (in most part due to their TV division). I think Microsoft has done just fine, but they do a lot and they’re a U.S. based market with U.S. consumers, so it helps.

      1. yeah what Kurt was saying is Sony don’t want to talk about losses and just ignored those because its really bad.

        1. No, they’ve tslked about it, but yeah its bad.

          byt like mentioned above, its mostly their TV department (I live my ps3 and Vita, but Sony TVs are to expensive) I’m happy with my samsungs.

          1. What I don’t get is how Sony and Microsoft have losses, and they sell more than just game consoles. This is Nintendo’s first loss and they’re only a game company

      1. Did you buy that phone with gaming in mind… My point is here almost everyone in this world has a mobile phone… and I’m sure people play games on them… but not games they would play on a home system…you see?

        1. Precisely. I *bought* less than 10 games, and nothing really for them. You have to have Tetris for long waits at the theater, but otherwise what are you doing with it?

        1. Im 18 I have a regular flip phone with no special features other than calling and texting also I dont even own an Ipod, I have a CD player and I purchase all my music

          1. HIPSTER! lol jk.

            I’m 22 and I don’t have a “smartphone”, no ipod, no CD player, no MP3 player. Just a 3DS, some great games, and a tenor saxophone.

    1. i have one not to play games that are bad(cough 1983 feel) but to talk to people that’s why, is the reason people buy this not for the games.

  7. Yeah… It CAN’T be because they had to lower the price for the 3DS and have sold it for a loss during last year because they had a bad first party line up and that the Wii is rotating out… No it IS because of Smartphones… Honestly, Craphone gamers would never pick up a real gaming system even if they were given money for it -____-

      1. 1. Learn some basic grammar and punctuation. Your text is a pain in the ass to read
        2. You have a Wii U?
        3. His point is very much valid. The operating loss is caused by the 3DS price drop, and Wii sales declining due to a lack of games and saturation.

      2. Man I really hope you dont become a regular poster on this site your profile picture is fugly and it gives me the chills.

          1. I understand your opinion and dont care because it is very stupid and pretty illegible lol please just get a normal 8-bit photo like the rest of us or at least something else, it makes shiver and get a chill down my spine, and I dont recall you posting on this site im a regular on here and never seen your profile.

    1. In a certain article, i read it costs 101$ to make a 3ds. True there are other expenses but shudnt the large 3ds sales, ocarina of time, mario3dland, mariokart icarus uprising, cover up the costs by now, y still da operating loss. :/

      1. I really am waiting to gauge on the reaction after E3, when developers are able to really discuss their plans, we won’t get a bunch of anonymous analyst reports, and the online structure will prove that the system can sell even to non-Nintendo gamers.

  8. if you dont want the Wii U To fail then give us permission too homebrew it in any country then it will be more of value too costumers besides the point also i think its due too the fact that most people are into mobile gaming because of the xperier play as well as gaming on the xbox and ps3 etc

    1. why the fuck u wanna homebrew i? WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF THEY HOMEBREWED YOUR GAMES/WORK???!???!?!?!?!!???!???

      IGNORANT woman!

      1. You’re the ignorant one.. Many people want to customize their games. Homebrew channel for the Wii is VERY popular..

  9. Good God, why does EVERYONE assume the Wii U is going to be a damn failure?!?! I can’t wait to laugh in their faces when it sells like f-in hotcakes.

    1. Seriously, sometimes I think they’re quoting an X-box live party while they’re playing Call of Duty (yes, I’m hating on them, bringing them into an unrelated post). I say this because real developers with names tend to say they’re excited for the possibilities on the Wii U, while nameless people give unfounded comments, saying that a company that has thrived on paving it’s own way is going to fail for doing just that.

  10. Really? Even Pacher is better than saying the Wii U is inferior to a few inch screen with your fingers covering it

  11. Oh look ignorance. I doubt the Wii U will fail. Ha, smartphones suck, just more money to line the pockets of industries and indie developers. I hope Nintendo don’t sell out, don’t become like the rest Nintendo!

        1. Card games business from 1889-1956. That’s pretty concrete. But after that, they did experiment with multiple markets.

  12. First off, if smartphones were killing Nintendo, the 3DS wouldn’t have had the most successful first year of any gaming platform ever (despite having one of the worst first six months). Second… What would be the point of having Nintendo games on other platforms? Skyward Sword on dual-analogs? No, thanks. Nintendo is the company that keeps the hardware part of the business alive and interesting. D-Pads? Nintendo. Shoulder buttons? Analogs? Nintendo. Touch screens? Nintendo. Motion controllers? Nintendo. Glasses-free 3D? Nintendo. Even if these aren’t necessarily great for ALL games, they’re the innovation we’ve had in this industry. Even Apple owes a bit of the iPhone’s success to Nintendo, who paved the way for touchscreens and for non-gamer games with the DS. Coupled to all of that, iOS and Android games may be fun passtimes, but it really isn’t the place for anything more complex than Angry Birds or Tetris (as a sidenote, New Super Mario Bros. Wii still earned Nintendo more money than Angry Birds earned Rovio).

    Finally, “and that likely won’t happen for a couple of years until the Wii U is shown to be a clear failure.” Could you please lend me your time machine?

    tl;dr: LOL, nope.
    Thanks for your attention.

  13. That is not gonna work unless Nintendo turn into a third party. We don’t see Halo in platforms outside of Xbox. Why should nintendo?

  14. Will people spend 60 bucks on a nintendo game for android/iphone? Nintendo won’t sell the games for a buck

  15. It will never happen. Investors are, by their very nature, seriously stupid. Very skittish and love to push companies into doing things they would never do. Nintendo will not put their games onto another platform. It makes no sense. It sounds like these “investors” are looking to get rid of the heads of Nintendo so they can gut the company for all it’s worth before they burn it to the ground.

    I think these “investors’ are about as credible as the anonymous “developers” who claimed the Wii U was weaker than the PS3/360 a few weeks ago. They ‘re already saying the Wii U will prove to be a failure. i call bullshit on this story.

    Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Yeah, I suspected these analysts who want Nintendo to develop for the smartphone market are really just corporate raiders and crony capitalists. Making smartphone games would only yield short-term success. It should come as no surprise Nintendo would post losses because the Yen is strengthening and they also get income from other countries.

  16. If I ever see mario (or any nintendo game) on anything other than a nintendo consol, then I will stop playing video games all together. I can not stand this smartphone/tablet shit. Thats not gaming. Ugh. Also loss of money may have something to with the fact that (here in the us at least) our economy sucks, I mean duh ppl.

    1. Not to throw you under the bus, but Mario *has* appeared on the PC before, in Mario’s Game Gallery (or Fundamentals, it has also been called). There was also Hotel Mario for the Phillip’s CD-i machine. Granted, they were bad, but they do exist. If you just mean you don’t want to see Mario on iPhones and the like, that’s one thing, but Mario has been on non-Nintendo platforms before.

  17. I think the only nintendo game that will do well on a phone is Animal Crossing. Anymore and you’re swimming in salty water

  18. I just think Nintendo needs to really take console power more seriously. From what I can tell, the gaming community is just appealed by power and gameplay. Same goes for 3rd-party developers. A system that isn’t strong enough to run their games just isn’t worth it to them, especially if the game developers are looking to impress graphically as well. Nintendo is just starting to fall short of the competition, whether they think they’re a part of it or not….

  19. there are good games on smart phones that are but cud much better if it had buttons or on handhels that main reason why most smart phones games sucks cuz it has no buttons playing mario games on iphone is crap. but still they are some good games like zenonia

  20. Their main problem is still the strong yen, which they can’t do anything about…
    Making games for smartphones will not help. It would diminish their image and they would struggle to make good returns b/c smart phone games are hit and miss.
    It’s ridiculous to suggest that because they’re having problems they should abandon their hardware and enter a highly competitive, saturated market where they don’t have the upper hand in being the people that made the hardware, and where they’re restricted to what a phone can do. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. They would probably get loads and loads of sales in the short term but I doubt it’d last

  21. Nintendo in trouble? Wii-U fail? Fall to smart phones? This is nonsense. This Nintendo first operating loss. The fact that this is the first one after all these years says something in itself. They’ll probably double up next year.

  22. The Wii U will be “OFF the CHAIN” =^_^=! Smartphones SUCK and you can NOT possibly think that the so called “games” on them are better than owning a console. I bet more ppl spend money on fixing/replacing “smartphones” than what is spent on a console and games. Hey I don’t even have a cell, I got a home line, LOL! Look I love quick fun and cute games as much as the next chick, I do play facebook games, but when I seriously want to get my game on I hop on my PC, PS3, Wii or DSi! NEVER GIVE IN Nintendo! Nintendo FOREVER!

  23. “Any drastic strategy shift that would dispatch the Mario brothers into the realm of Android and Apple’s iOS operating system would likely require a change at the top of Nintendo, and that likely won’t happen for a couple of years until the Wii U is shown to be a clear failure.”

    – Various analysts speaking to Reuters

    Hence, all the bad publicity about the Wii U (ie being less powerful than the X360 or PS3 even though the GPU and CPU shows at LEAST 3-4x more capable than either of those basic HD-systems). These analysts must somehow be motivated by their close relationship with smartphone markers; Apple in general. Though, I would see a reason for additional revenue for Nintendo to make games for smart devices; Mario and others should be Nintendo centric hardware only!!!

  24. honestly why would u post these anylists’ remarks, i think its very unprofessional sickr!! these people are clearly ignorant, just because they have a status doesnt mean they deserve recognition, ur only giving them what they want – attention. u need to stop this. we have other sites that provide news that dont do this crap. its happened so many times i think i might unsubscribe from this website

  25. I’m telling you guys, Nintendo is telling analysts to build up all this negative hype so that Nintendo can totally blow our negative expectations out the window with E3. I really think they’re planning on making this E3 their absolute best, by far.

  26. Nintendo will be destroyed if they allow their games to be put on anything they don’t make themselves. That is the only way they make money, and it’s the only way to push gaming forward.

  27. Im so fucking tired of these retards saying that Nintendo needs to go to smartphones and smartphones have won. Fuck them, they need to super glue there pesky mouth’s shut. Ironically though, im typing this on my smartphone lol. But when I game, I go to my 3ds, wii, ps2, xbox 360, gamecube, and gba :)

    1. I really like the thinking of some of the other people: smartphone games tend to really copy off of a couple ideas. Eventually, people can get tired of them and “smartphone” and “gaming” will never be mentioned in the same sentence.
      Wii U can also help Nintendo by pulling away from the “casual” stamp that smartphones have

  28. Every time EVERY GOD DAMN TIME i play a game with a virtual d-pad and virtual buttons on the right, i CANT play more then 5min because of how akward it is to tap on a screen, there is no feeling even if the phone rumble when the ”button” is ”pushed”.. i have played n64, snes,nes,gameboy and even atari 2600 on emulator on this phone and every time i miss the regulare buttons , now im stuck with a stupide 450$ phone tht i have to pay, excuse me but i wish i had tht money to put on a 3ds and play REAL games with normal buttons. Oh and i’ll have money to buy hot dogs and beers with the rest! And that.. is a must

  29. I think we shouldn’t worry too much about their financial loss. First of all, Nintendo said that their banks are pretty filled up ( I don’t remember which day they posted that, but Sickr may know it!), so don’t expect Big N to crash in a couple of decades! Second, now that we’re on April, the Nintendo 3DS will (finally!) make our beloved company have profits with its sales. So, the business year of Big N was worse than the last one, big deal, I still believe the next one is going to be way better, now that we have Kid Icarus, Revelations, Mario Tennis w/ online gameplay, and let’s not forget the launch of Wii U! (at least I hope they don’t screw it up just like they did with the 3DS)

  30. i have a 3ds and love it but does anyone use the 3d? I would have prefered it to be 2d with a little more power/higher resolution.

    1. I use the 3D a lot and I do enjoy it. Lucky Nintendo gave the option to send to not use the 3d and use if for something else.

  31. oh and that did sega any good. It just cheapened their main character, sonic. At one stage sonic was a mario contender but now everyone knows sonic games are mostly rubbish.

    1. as much as i like sega, that company hasn’t been the same since they went third party. and just last month, they recorded record losses.

      i fear this will happen to nintendo if they go the same route as them and succumb to making crappy, cheap mobile games.

  32. Huge factor that’s overlooked, people who want Wii’s already have them. And other people are probably just waiting for the Wii u to be released. When a next gen console that’s backwards comparable is soon to release, it makes sense that the current one would take a sales hit. People got to see a hd nitendo console nearly a year ago, and now console sales are down. Anyone interested in getting a new system might as well wait. No point in buying a Wii now when its gonna be replaced by a way more powerful, and still compatable console in a few months. Also, there were a few months where the 3ds was going slow, plus they had to drop the price big. From the wii u release on its gonna be much better. Even is getting better now, I’d say. The 3ds started picking up and e3 and the Wii u are nearly at hand. Show em what you got Nintendo

  33. Well, considering that most of these comments have already stated why and how these “analysts” basically don’t know how to do their job, I think that everyone just needs to ignore these unintelligent blokes, and wait until E3 to see all of the amazing games Nintendo has to show. All of this constant anonymous developers and analysts talk are putting a bad taste in my mouth.

    -Nick the Nintendo Nerd

  34. You casual gaming fucks are the reason why we don’t get Mother games in the US. That would have solved a ton of our problems. Fuck smartphone games, they never counted as real gaming anyway.

      1. you mean for virtual consoles that’s one thing, but like mother4 example can be made with no copyright problem but the creator said no lets not make it anymore.

  35. I hate analyst, they say stupid things, I also guess for there statement about Nintendo then I guess they also think Sony should just stop making handhelds and start making games on the 3DS and Microsoft to just focus on PC’s and not consoles.

    analyst really don’t know what would happen to gaming if they controllered it.

    The Wii U will be a success like the PS4 and 720 also will.

  36. don’t know if anytones covered this but at 2006 N was worth 883.14223 billion YEN so a 45 billion YEN loss is nothing really going on logical if nintendo keep posting losses of 45 billion yen it will take almost 5 years to go bankrupt but to pysically lose 45 billion yen every quater will be really hard to do considering all games in development and the wii u ofcourse! even the 3DS is coming back after its poor launch all im saying is you have to spend to accumulate, right? (OH and side note nintendo donated a very large relief fund for the tokyo earthquake, you think they’d piss that away if they didnt see it benefiting them and their supporters? i doubt it)

    1. Posting Nintendo financial results from 2006 really holds no bearing into their financial future in 2012. A lot has happened in 6 years,kid.

      1. Yeah alot has happened, but that was from before the wii came out which made them alot of money for at least the 1st 4 or so years than their profits slowed down off the wii, but dont dont forget all the money they made from wii games, ds’ and ds games through these years, so stop being a douchebag and get off this nintendo site ive seen your other posts your obviously not a Nintendo fan so get the fuck out jerkoff.

        1. And the Nintendo Fanboys come out in full swing.

          COntrary to what ou think I am a NIntendo fan, but I don’t blindly think they are the BEST company in the damn world. Do they make money? Yeah, but what company doesn’t. Are you saying that because my opinions do not align with your I am a “jerk off”. Nice. Real nice and mature. I am sure you’re not some small child…

          1. Ooooo you really hurt my feelings by calling me a small child, you really think I care if i’m mature or not, not really I love being an 18 year old immature person, I admit it I am immature. But it does not matter to me I enjoy acting, talking, and being the way I am. I still play with legos and Pokemon, etc and will always enjoy it. I will not conform into something else just because some asshole in front of a computer screen doesnt like it. Your just trying to act like some big shot because you think you know something about a company who has pretty much been fine for the past 100 or so years without the need to be part of the current trend. They are fine now and will always be fine. If you read the headline of this article you will realize that this is their FIRST EVER OPERATING LOSS and the only reason this is like this is because they are focusing on making games for their next generation hardware the Wii U and 3DS and they made a few not so great business decisions at the launch of the 3DS, and finally just because you and quite a few others are graphic whores does not mean that every single person is are graphics important sure but how you play a game and how fun it is, is all that really matters. So why dont you “in the words of great 80s band Skid Row” and Get The Fuck Out.

      2. whole point of the comment was to prove theyre worth and as Jason pointed out the wii came out strong and provided alot of profit to ninty as well as all DS models and games which would only have increased the 883 billion yen worth 6 years have passed since 2006 and NINTY is STILL here so if you read the post you’ll realize that even if they post 45 billion yen loss every quater they will still be here for the next 5 (or more with their worth now) years long enough for wii u to make its stand but thats provided they make no profit at all which is very hard to imagine have a look at sony and yes fag this is upto date and instead of trying to talk trash about Nintendo get your facts right first.
        i’ve commented on another of your posts about get the 10 confirmed third party games and 10 developers well i think you’ll find thats been done no rumours there jack ass

        on another note, Thanks Jason–Px__YnXBdcH9MbZ-


        1. Yes, i saw your post of ten games. Did you notice anything…strange about your own post? How about most of the games you mentioned are already out right now. How about that by the time the WiiU comes out, these games will have been out (some of them) for the better part of one year.

          I never said Nintendo was going away. I said they have been screwing up for years now. The Wii could have been something, now it is merely a Gamecube clone, releasing decent to good games once or twice a year with poor third party support, again, for the THIRD GENERATION IN A ROW. Most developers hardly take Nintendo seriously anymore because it’s almost as if they refuse to innovate beyond The DS anymore.

          Here you go Fanboys: Let’s call Nintendo what is is for it’s recent products:

          3DS: Nothing more than a slightly more powerful DS with only a handful of games worth playing, after it’s been out for a full year.

          WiiU: By the time it DOES come out, it will be outdated. It’s not as powerful hardware-wise as the XBox 360 nor the PS3, or if it is JUST as powerful, that means it’s still about 5-6 years behind the technology curve. This system (tablet controller or not) will be a stop-gap; something in-between the Wii and whatever else Nintendo comes up with. If this is truly their next generation system for the next 5-6 years, they are in more trouble than you all are willing to admit.

          Recent 3DS games: All rehashes. The new Resident Evil is decent, I will give you that, but SSM 3D, is short (read: 4 hours), easy, barely worth 40 dollar title. StarFox64 3D is just that, StarFox64 with LOCAL multiplayer (local…fail). Mario Kart 7 is Mario Kart, nothing new. Kid Icarus is…disappointing…it’s the same two level schemes with over spastic combat and hand-cramping controls. Zelda:OoT is a port….it’s a port with polished up models and Master quest, bt it’s a port. Maybe when Monster Hunter comes out, their will be more to offer…but as of right now…

          You guys can defend Nintendo all you want. I really don’t care. Just remember, these quarters of profit loss are going away. if you HONESTLY think that the WiiU is their savior, you are going to sadly mistaken, come, i don’t know 6 months from now.

          1. I didnt really read anything you just posted except the part where you said you dont care, well if you dont care than
            1. Why do you keep replying to all this stuff
            2. Why are you on here spending probably 10-15 minutes writing a response to us and finally
            3. Why did you go on a review site and steal all the bad reviews for those 3DS games those are the same exact issues that ive seen reviewers write
            If you dont care than stop trying to fuck with people on this site you dick nobody cares its just funny to see that you waste your time replying so in modern internet terms which I dislike using “we are trolling the troll” lol

  37. I can’t believe these analysts, they really don’t know anything about video games. I recently bought an Android phone and I can find maybe 2 or 3 games that might be worth buying, but would rather buy on a console due to actual buttons (Sonic CD, GTA III etc.) Smartphones are not good gaming devices, these Starbucks yuppies who want to play Nintendo games on their iPhone’s need to give up hope of that ever happening, because it won’t.

  38. I never cared about what these people said but now this just made me mad! smartphones are the worst thing ever invented i prefer those old flip phones with amazing battery life just for calling.

    1. Exactly same here my battery lasts for days lol and hey screw you just because everyone else has a smartphone doesnt mean you have to jump on the smartphone bandwagon.

  39. When will people learn that you can’t compare quality games (Nintendo games) to Smartphone games? Also.
    >Saying Wii U will fail.
    That explains why many big name developers are excited about it and developing for it.

    1. Name ten developers and then name ten confirmed third party WiiU games.. No rumors, and and not developers saying “we are interested… “. The term “we are interested” means nothing.. Once again, I ten confirmed developers and ten years informed games.. Go!

      1. THQ, SEGA, UBISOFT, CODEMASTERS, CAPCOM, TEAM NINJA, EA, ROCKSTEADY, TT GAMES. Theres 10 Devs actually developing for Wii U

        games here you go

        Project cars
        Battlefield 3
        Batman: Arkham City
        Assassin’s Creed
        Ghost Recon Online
        Darksiders II
        Aliens: Colonial Marines
        Metro: Last Light
        Ninja Gaiden 3
        FIFA 12
        Madden 12
        Lego City Stories

        1. let me try that again mixed publishers with devs

          Project cars slightly mad studios
          Battlefield 3 EA digital illusions
          Batman: Arkham City rocksteady
          Assassin’s Creed ubisoft
          Ghost Recon Online ubisoft singapore
          Darksiders II vigil games
          Dirt codemasters
          Aliens: Colonial Marines gearbox software
          Metro: Last Light 4a games
          Tekken namco bandai games
          Ninja Gaiden 3 team ninja
          FIFA 12 EA
          Madden 12 EA
          Driver ?
          Lego City Stories Travellers tales

          plus theres more been announced
          Dragon Quest X: The Five Awakening Races Online
          Square Enix
          Killer Freaks from Outer Space Ubisoft

          my opinion which will no doubt happen
          as much as it annoys me you can no doubt find Call of Duty as well
          black ops 2 treyarch
          new Call of Duty infinity ward

  40. You mean Nintendo is losing money in another sector of their business due to poo decisions? But but but, according to the fanboys, and Nintendo can do no wrong. Quick fanboys, go into defensive mode and act like this investor related financial news is nothing but trolling nonsense and let’s all pretend tomorrow this news doesn’t exist and that Nintendo is actually reporting a profit this year!

    Sarcasm, and of course ourselves.

  41. Again, I don’t put much value in the word of analysts. Their main concern is with getting the most profitable result for them right now, but that doesn’t always translate to reality.

    Sure Nintendo could put Super Mario Bros. 1-3 and World on a smartphone and make a pretty penny from it, but there are already a couple viable platforms from Nintendo themselves where someone can play these. In addition, said platforms can also run Mario games that would be downright unfit for a smartphone without the additional purchase of an analog/buttons add-on, and that would go on top of the price of the phone.

    With all this in mind, why bother?

  42. all these anti-nintendo people just want nintendo out of the was because they go there own way, they are leaders not followers.Nintendo is here to stay i shall be in line for the WII U “whos with me”!!!!!!

    1. Why would I buy a WiiU when i alerady have an XBox 360? I mean seriously, none of the games coming to the WiiU are going to be any different than the ones on the XBox 360 or PS3. The WiiU is still Nintendo finally playing catch-up, and it won’t even be as powerful as the PS3 nor 360 either way (this was all but confirmed about a month ago). So, no, let’s hear Nintendo squirm about their recent bad decisions and hope they learn from them.

      1. you cant actually say thats been confirmed because some devs say its not as poweful as the PS3 or 360 but then other devs say its more powerful than both of them just wait until E3 troll

      2. That wasn’t confirmed. In fact, it was confirmed that the ones that said that were actually lying. 0/10. Lear to troll, faggot.

  43. if they put nintendo games on smarthphones or tablets maybe next year we wont see any nintendo conslose anymore if they do that… does investors always thinks they should bring those game but in reality there are many illegal staff going on with those tablets and smarthphones.. those investors should think twice nintendo is actually in the right track now

  44. Mario played on other consoles/devices? If such a thing ever happens, I will know for sure that Hell froze over.

  45. It’s kind of funny when these businessmen fail to perceive that this new shallow facebook game and smartphone game market that has popped up recently is sort of mutually exclusive from what the video game industry has been up to for the past 3 decades. It’s exactly like when our parents would tell us to turn off our Nintendo if we were playing xbox…

  46. What I don’t get is why Smart Phones are considered Video Game Killers.
    Its not the first time that phones had games, and it isn’t the first time that they are popular. Angry Birds isn’t much greater of a deal than Snake, I think.

    But that’s not the point. The Smartphone market is incompatible with the video game market, and that’s a fact. Who out there is saying “I don’t need a 3DS, i have an IPHONE”. No one. The people that own Smartphones and play games on them did not intend to play games on them and were, therefore, never potential 3DS consumers.

    Also, stop saying that Smartphones are killing Video Games; emphasize the type of game that is popular because of Smartphones. Have you ever noticed what’s going on?

    Arcade-esque Games are getting more popular, and the video game market isn’t capitalizing on that. Small time developers (A.k.a the developers of pretty much all Smartphone games) are mostly making Arcade Games, and those are selling a bunch. Bejeweled 3 costs 15 bucks I believe? That sold like hotcakes and wasn’t necessarily for the Smartphone. What about the Blitz facebook games? Profit profit profit.

    I say, give the big-time consoles some arcade games. Make them cheap (of course, since they are mostly low in production costs), shiny and make them addictive. Seriously, I spend more time playing Super Stardust HD than Mass Effect, and I am not alone.

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  48. They seem pretty confident that a console they’ve never even seen in its final form is going to definitely fail. Then again, they said the same thing about the PS3 because of its high price point, and although it wasn’t THE best selling console, it’s doing more than fine now.

    Conclusion? Analysts are retarded.

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