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Nintendo 3DS To Be Sold For A Profit By September

Nintendo expects to make a profit on each Nintendo 3DS console sold by September. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told investors that the Kyoto based firm expects to sell around 18.5 million units this business year. Nintendo managed to sell 13.35 million 3DS units in the financial year which ended March 31st.

“For the Nintendo 3DS, its hardware has been sold below cost because of its significant price cut in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013.”

“However, Nintendo expects to cease selling it below cost by the middle of the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013.”

28 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS To Be Sold For A Profit By September”

  1. This will happen. If The new super Mario bros is out WITH Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Animal Crossing, plus games coming out like Paper Mario, people will be buying it.

    1. I agree. And even if they aren’t back to back releases id figure theyd still be making profit before christmas ( Dec. )

    1. Lol the wii is causing issues also.
      Don’t get me wrong, I love the wii, animal crossing , metroid prime, whatever. They need to put some new and good games on the wii, its getting old!

      1. I’m concerned since the 3ds model is kind of small that a second pad would make the controls crap for a revamp. Though I hopw they fix the damn screen issue, its gotten to the point were I can’t wipe the lines off anymore. The reason I like the add on is because it gives space.

    1. Damn, you must be in under 10yrs old or something to want 3DS lite!!! That or you have small hands? If anything I expect a 3DS XL with a better screen and sturdier, matte design and not much else. The built in second analog stick won’t come as it would allienate the current 3DS owners which will be ~30M+ by the time it reaches it’s second year (Feb2013 in Japan March2013 in the US). I expect by then it will also have a lot of PSV ports seeing that the Vita is already in life-support and should be DNR’d by Sony!!!

  2. This is a very good sign from Nintendo.

    It could possibly mean that (after the E3 2012 reveal of the final version of the Wii U) we could get our hands on the Wii U and its launch lineup games sometime in October/November 2012. To me, November 2012 sounds like the sweet spot.

    Judging on how the past couple of fiscal years were, I do predict this one won’t be any different in terms of operation costs plummeting. However, this is normal and a healthy sign for any company that is going through a transition period between old and new generations of home consoles and portable systems. It does take generally 2-3 years for a console to reach its full potential and become mass market ready.

    The good point of the Nintendo 3DS is that this is already going on as I type this. Not only have consumers all over the world been jumping on the 3D-without-glasses bandwagon, but Nintendo has also been successful once again in mainstreaming what would normally be an experience only offered to people who could afford something so pricey. When people can decide between buying a 3D TV (w/ glasses) that is $1000-3000 in comparison to $169.99 for the Nintendo 3DS (no need for hideous glasses), the result is obvious. They’ll go for the smarter choice and invest their money in the Nintendo 3DS.

    I do hope that Nintendo can pull something similar off with the Wii U. One of its biggest selling points already is its 720p/1080p capabilities (imagine that with your favorite Nintendo franchises).

    The Wii U controller is not meant to function as a tablet. In fact, the controller coincides with something mentioned by Nintendo a few years ago when they stated that they had begun research on having their next console experience truly evoke the presence of virtual reality. Essentially, the Wii U and its controller are both able to create this experience by the controller’s screen acting as a second window into a game’s world. It also breaks the boundaries between the TV and gamer, allowing for asymmetrical gameplay for both co-op and multiplayer games.

    Can you imagine how zany Mario Party 10 might be? Just thinking about the possibilities of games like that that can appeal to a wide fanbase and create such innovational experiences through the usage of the Wii U’s new technology is enough to make me think that we may be looking at a console that can possibly push above-and-beyond these predictions!

    Let’s just hope Nintendo gets the pricing right in the sweet spot, garners up exciting third-party games for launch, gives us a bundled game upon release, and dish out stellar first-party software at this year’s E3. I feel as giddy as a kid again just thinking about how this year’s E3 will be!


  3. …. Not hard when you sell the console for far more than its worth….

    That way you only have to cover R&D, shipping, advertising.

    At 250$ they made about 130/140$ on each one sold after you take the parts out. Now they make about 60/70$

    Still easy to catch up to.

  4. Didn’t someone say they’d already started selling for a profit some time ago? Still, good to know Nintendo will be making money on any 3DS consoles sold later this year.

    Also for anyone saying New Super Mario Bros 2 will affect this, I don’t think so. I distinctly recall them saying that game’ll be out in August not at the end of the year.

  5. I Think that was the correction of the Fiscal year income(ie they make their projection based at 250$ asking price… big mistake Iwata-san, big mistake) at september being the date of the price drop… when they will correct the financial calculus.

    But good news for Iwata-san, he is working with salary reduced(by50% some sources) until the 3DS is profitable as a self-punishment for his overestimation… so by September will enjoy is full salary again

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  7. The 3DS is selling like hotcakes, so they’ll have no problem with this one. As long as they the stellar games coming, that is.

    Leave luck to heaven.

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