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Miyamoto: We Will Introduce New Nintendo Characters Soon

Nintendo will soon introduce some new characters to its lineup according to Shigeru Miyamoto. The revered games designer was questioned whether he has a yearning to create a new franchise and replied that while he doesn’t have a big list of ideas to work on, he has been musing some new ideas which will involve the introduction of new characters.

“I don’t have a big list of ideas I want to realise. I usually come up with new ideas while I am working on other games. That said, there’s a strong possibility we will introduce some new characters to the scene soon.”

87 thoughts on “Miyamoto: We Will Introduce New Nintendo Characters Soon”


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        2. Dude he can do what he wants… He’s no more a loser than you complaining about his comment… And I found It amusing… So… He’s now my idol

      1. Why, because you’re so childish you get hurt over the internet? Here’s an idea; don’t like reading something? Stop reading it, fxcking kids.

  1. Hmmm they should go for some mature character that has a gun or a blade ….more violent characters …nintendo needs more mature games if they want to suceed …

    1. A 50 year old man in a suit with his cock flopped out all over the place. Oh yeah, he also has a Desert Eagle. That’d be a pretty mature character huh?

    2. No. The over-saturation of that shit is one of the problems I have with Sony and Microsoft. I have nothing against M-Rated games but dammit, I want some variety now and again.

      1. Yet… you don’t want Nintendo to do a M-Rated game, apparently… where’s the variety in that? Cartoon-y character after cartoon-y character. We’re not necessarily getting variety with Nintendo. Just a bunch of lighthearted, “E” rated games. Yes, Metriod and Zelda are sometimes dark but Zelda also has the lighthearted nature to it at points. It wouldn’t kill Nintendo to do one or two mature franchises.

    3. While the others bash you I agree (partially). We already have a mature franchise in Metroid. I’d say Zelda also to an extent but what’s wrong with another? A mature game doesn’t have to feature blood etc simply needs to be a game that appeals to adults. Yes Nintendo is a family company but adults are part of that family. A mature character with a blade doesn’t need to be cutting someones head off and blood doesn’t have to go splashing across the screen. Metroid is probably the only Nintendo franchise that truely fits this role. None cartoony graphics, a badass with a gun etc. Why can’t we have another Nintendo franchise that adults will find more appealing. Something similar to Castlevania or even a open world RPG game doesn’t matter we know with Nintendo behind the wheel it’ll be amazing and fresh. I love Nintendo games and what would be more cool then a new and fresh franchise that doesn’t look like a Saturday morning cartoon was huge and featured a new badass character that I a 31yo man will find more appealing one I can play with the kids in the room but still feel like a badass. Mario is great I love him I’ve played him since I was a kid and still faithfully buy every game with him in it but I don’t wanna play him all the time……..while writting this I imagined a Fire Emblem game that was more of an action Rpg! How awesome would that be!

    4. Making a violent game is one thing… Putting a violent character in a game that children rechonize and love to play is just stupid

    5. Well not to split hairs or anything, but Links got a sword, Samus has a gun, the Star Fox teams got guns, Pits got blades and an arrow. That isnt enough guns and blades for ya?

    6. I don’t think that will happen for long time because Nintendo has always wanted to be seen as a family game system, than a teen – young adult system.

      1. Wii U is a brand new console that will be much more powerful than 360 and PS3 and features a touchscreen controller and support for all original Wii controllers, accesories, and games.

    1. Wii U is an entirely new system, completely different from the Wii, NOT and add-on for the current existing Wii console.

    2. That’s like asking if you need a PS2 to play a PS3. It’s the next generation system. Seriously what kind of question is that

  2. Lord of Battle with Clatos.
    Unmapped with Julian Hake
    LargeSmallWorld with Patchboy

    Taking inspiration from Playstation All Stars Battle Royale of course…

    1. The way he put it kinda indicates that it’s new characters, not a whole new franchise, so that would make sense. We’ll have to wait and see.

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  4. I’d love to see the Big N come out with a new Mature character. Samus and the Conduit guy are really the only ones. It would be nice with the graphical jump from the past consoles to have a new IP set in a real world type environment, other than the cartoon style all the other ones have.(don’t get me wrong, I love all nintendos franchises, just would like a little change if they introduce a new character) Maybe a 3rd person view or maybe a new type of view with having 2 screens now. I’m sure whatever they come up with will be good either way.

    1. But from what the article says, it doesn’t sound like a new franchise or IP, it sounds like they are just adding characters. So perhaps Mario will battle someone other than Bowser? Or Bowser got some more kids? Or maybe Samus gets a partner? Could be any number of the Nintendo franchises that see new characters.

  5. A beautiful unicorn vomiting rainbows all over the universe fighting a Astro Galactic Neon Space Kitten! with K-pop insane techno music

    1. Dillon (Dillon’s Rolling Western) came out a few weeks ago.
      Shulk is classed as Nintendo property too. As was the thing from Pushblox (I think)

      If we are including Rosalina as a new character from a Mario game then we can include at least Magnus, Pittoo, Viridi and Hades. Also the likes of Matthew from Golden Sun. And most importantly the Submarine Driver from Steel Diver.

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    1. There’s nothing stating that these new characters can’t produce their individual franchises. For example: LUIGI’s Mansion, Super Princess PEACH…

  7. I’d like to see a new princess come out, or something like that.

    Princess of the Boo Kingdom, maybe? That would be interesting to see.

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  9. I look forward to this as well. Does Nintendo own the “Xeno” franchhise now that Xenoblade Chronicles has been released on Wii? Or is it still a third party franchise?

    Leave luck to heaven.

  10. All Nintendo has to do to get new characters into the big leagues is to put them in Smash Bros. Look how far Pit has gone!

  11. What they really need to do is give Waluigi his own game, like with Wario, they made Wario World, Luigi, “Luigi’s Mansion”, etc. Not that i am opposed to inventing new characters but make use of the ones that are already in existence first!

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  14. Love how people instantly jump on Nintendo for no new franchises and characters (I mean in general. Not so bad here) when Dillon’s Rolling Western was released about a month ago.

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