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Wii Outselling PlayStation Vita In Europe

Despite many naysayers proclaiming that the Wii is dead it seems as though the ageing console is outselling the recently released PlayStation Vita in Europe. These incredible figures were disclosed by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata at the firms investor meeting. Given the amount of advertising and publicity the PlayStation Vita has received since launch you would have thought it would be outselling the Wii at the moment. It should also be noted that the PSP is outselling the PlayStation Vita in Europe.

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  1. Nintendo of Europe is a little smarter than NoA, they know Wii U is a bad move and started preparations to milk Wii longer. That’s why they’re still going strong, while NoA is ignoring the console. I remember the same thing happening with Sega when they were pushing the Saturn and their oversea business was making money by still selling the Mega Drive

    1. Er no, Nintendo of Europe knew that the Wii U is a long way off so they are trying to squeeze everything they can out of the Wii.

  2. This is good news for the mushroom kingdom the vita doesn’t have a free game and plus you have to pay for a memory card. 3ds 3308-5494-1135

    1. not necessarily, it takes more than 7 (yes we only have 6 games) games to entice us europeans, the price is waaaaaaay too hihg and it costs 20 quid for a memory, before you know it your tossing 250 bills down the drain

      1. The memory cards are over priced and they need to change that, but the console itself I think is a fair price. Games are slow at coming but so were the 3DS ones. Once it gets more first party titles and big third party ones it should be ok.

  3. Well, trolls are going to hurl all over when they see this. Though, I was expecting the same thing: When a new console comes out and an aging console starts to diminish, then we would usually see driven sales of the newer platform/system.

  4. I seem to recall that Europe was actually the region where the Vita was selling best? Worrying times for Sony. And to all the naysayers, this is important: if the Vita flops it will have far-reaching consequences for ALL handheld gaming, including Nintendo platforms.

    1. Don’t think that is tru… All High powered portables that come out after Nintendo Portables always do worse than Nintendo Portables…. other than SmartPhones which are not Dedicated gaming Devices such as 3DS or Vita. Examples, Game Gear, Color Graphics competing against Dot Matrix Graphics of GameBoy- Winner GameBoy, Sega Nomad plays genesis games competes against Gameboy Coler winner GameBoy Color, for a time Gameboy advance had no Competition and if it did I can’t recall what… Wonderswan? Nintendo DS vs. PSP… PSP powerful processer, Graphics akin to Ps1.5 (between 1 and 2) winner DS, Now we have 3DS vs Vita- obviously current winner 3DS… does Vita have a chance… no why because if they drop the price to compete with 3ds they will not make profit for 5 years on the system… = another Billion dollar loss per year… compared to Nintendo 500 million dollar lose this year. Why does Nintendo win because NOW UR PLAYING WITH POWER> NintendoPower.

      1. btw Nintendo should enter into smart phone Market, if the Android rumor is True we may see a Nintendo Powered Smartphone in 2 years… let’s Hope… and as a regualr mynintendonews person often says… and I give him credit for this saying… Leave luck to Heaven…

        1. Nintendo is a video game company and will remain a video game company indefinitely.

          Considering how enthusiastically they refuse to develop games for smartphones, it really doesn’t make much sense to think they’ll develop their own smartphone.

    2. How would it be bad for Nintendo? Less competition = better sales. Everyone knows that.

      It will be EXTREMELY bad for Sony though. They just had a $6.4 billion loss and they really don’t need to tack on a failing console…

      1. They won’t feel the need to push themselves into making amazing games/ staying to deadlines if they have no competition to worry about.

    3. God is the level stupidity in this post is high.

      If the Vita fails then it means that Nintendo has no completion to complete with and has the market to them themselves, the iOS market doesn’t count.

      The Vita isn’t selling for one simple reason only, it is bloody expensive to buy.

      And given how we are still in a recession, something that Sony has realise,thus people aren’t willing to buy pay for a gaming system that is pricey.

    4. The only ones in the market is Sony and Nintendo, smartphones do not count simply because no one buys a smartphone for the sake of games, thats just one of the factors that helps (btw if you do buy it for games you are downright retarded)

  5. It deserves it. No new games in 4 weeks besides a remake of disgaea 3 (which granted is awesome) but 1 game from a niche market does not sell a system.

    Next month sees mortal Kombat and resistance tho. And a week later MGS collection and gravity rush.

    1. Yup, and MK and MGS are just ports..

      I hope it picks ups like the 3ds did when it wasn’t getting games, cause my vita is getting lonely.

    2. I would buy more games if it supported ps1 classics I would like to catch up on some final fantasy games I missed.

    3. Sorry, but didn’t the 3DS also need months to get started ? I mean, we had to wait about 3 months for Ocarina of Time. And we had to wait more than half a year for the Mario games. At the beginning there was nothing but bullshit for the 3DS as well. And in my opinion, there are still not enough good games for it, there are still some I can’t wait for getting and waited too long for already.
      As soon as Assassin’s Creed, CoD and Final Fantasy/Square Enix games are released for the Vita the sales are most likely to go up I guess, I don’t think I’m the only one looking forward to those games.

  6. That’s just down right disgraceful. Both the PSP and the Wii are outselling the Vita, ridicules.
    We can basically mock Sony now because not only is their new system the Vita being beaten by their own older console, but they are now being beaten by a old console from Nintendo witch hasn’t really been selling great this or last year. Even the old and sick are kicking the PSVita in the balls. The 3DS had a bad start because it had no games, but the Vita had games and sold terribly and still is. If no one is going to buy the handheld when it has games then we can conclude the Vita is a failure.

  7. I’m a fan of Nintendo but bought the Vita. The Vita is a far far better piece of kit than the 3DS. I think once it drops price and the big hitters come out it will sell. It’s already gone down to £175 on Amazon. Sony do need to do something about the memory card fiasco though. So far I’ve played Fifa which is miles better than anything football wise on the 3DS, Unchartered whose graphics are incredible for a handheld and Rayman Origins, which I believe rivals Super Mario 3DS. Don’t knock the Vita till you’ve played with it. A great achievement from Sony. It deserves more love than its getting!

      1. I’m afraid it does, don’t get me wrong I’m. Huge Mario fan, but not only is Rayman damn pretty on the Vita, some might argue its a better game!

    1. I love the Vita, I find it truly an amazing handheld. I can’t wait to get mine, but as you mentioned, I just won’t buy it at that price… I have already spotted a few games that I want, but honestly, a 250$ console + at least one or two 40$ games + a fucking too costly memory card (and let’s not forget those taxes!) is much more than what I can afford, or would like to pay.
      When there is a price drop, I’ll get one for sure! I really love the Vita, as I love the 3DS too, but both in their own way.

  8. I feel really bad for Sony. This must be embarrasing news.
    I haven’t bought a Vita yet because it is WAY too expensive and you dont even get a memory card with it. The Vita with Wi-Fi and 3G cost like £259 when it launched, granted that the 3G version is a bit more expensive, and has now dropped down to £209 (according to Amazon). I might consider picking it up if it drops to about 170 MAYBE and if they included a memory card with it and if it had some decent games (which is doesnt except for the Uncharted game).

    1. Ya, I haven’t bought one because of price either. If they lowered it then I might get one but I just don’t want to pay all that money for a portable…

      1. Same here again, and I gotta add that if their memory card was cheaper (or even better, if the Vita used SD cards), I would already be more interested right now.


    This would have been fine if it was still 2008, nowadays that’s a shame that a console with probably a decade old hardware is out selling a handheld with 2006-2009 hardware.

  10. I don’t know why Nintendo fans have to be so against the Vita and vice versa. The only reason I have a 3DS is because of the Nintendo made games, let’s face it, take those out the equation there’s nothing. That’s the big selling point of the system, that’s when it started selling when Mario was out.It also appeals to a wider audience (casual gamers) The Vita appeals to the more hardcore gamer and has a much wider range of games and Sony are working hard to include PS1 on the system. The Vita is an excellent bit of kit, and a few of the games already out are very good. People said the psp wouldn’t last, it did. I’m pretty sure the Vita will start selling it deserves to. Both handhelds have their good and bad points, but having played on both, the Vita is much much better.

    1. I personally don’t hate the Vita but I can kinda see where the hate comes from.

      Before the 3DS was released(and after launch) the internet was filled with comments like “Oh, the NGP(Vita) is gonna destroy the 3DS” and “Oh, this is the new portable king”. Sony even got into the mix with their own comments attacking Nintendo.

      So I can definitely see why Nintendo fans would hate the Vita…

  11. The thing is that it may have games in America, but in Europe it is like the 3DS all over again. It will probably pick up more momentum, but with no system-seller franchises like the 3DS’, it will undeniably be the underdog.

  12. don’t worry sony I’ll support you when the vita drops in price. nintendo and sony ftw and microsoft can go suck it.

  13. Not really surprising. I live in England, and apart from the windows of my HMV and Gamestation, I’ve seen no advertisement for the Vita, local or TV.

  14. i don’t think i can say enough how messed up it is for a system that’s less than half a year old to be outsold by a system which will be essentially replaced by the end of this year.

    one of these days, sony will start putting forth effort with the vita by getting games for it or at least doing advertisements that aren’t completely pointless (like people want to spend $250-300 for augmented reality). if sony doesn’t announce a price cut by E3, they’re idiots who’ve successfully killed their own product

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  16. I reckon the reason it’s selling so poorly is that ridiculous price tag. I’d rather buy a 360 with a bit more cash… oh wait, I did.

    1. You fucking idiot ofc the Wii’s sales are low, its not a matter of Wii sales being good its a matter of Wii sales being very low and still doing much better than Vita, showing that Vita is doing horrible

    1. Epic fail? It’s double the price because it’s better hardware than the wii in a handheld. See the link above, the PS3 is outselling the Wii.

      Epic fail Nintendo drrrrrrrrrr!

      1. Yeah, congratulations Sony, you’re finally outselling the Wii after nearly 6 years at market! Woohoo! Nintendo better watch out!

    1. Yeah thats cuz the Japanese all already have Wiis, the demand is next to nothing in Japan after a few years of any major console release

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