VVVVVV For 3DS Receives European Release Date

Nicalis, the publisher behind VVVVVV has announced via Twitter that the game will finally be coming to Europe on May 10th. The game is already available to purchase in North America, so it’s excellent to have a firm release date for VVVVVVV in Europe. The game has received positive reviews on both the Nintendo 3DS and PC.


  1. Ok, we are getting VVVVVV, now can we have Mutant Mudds and Sakura Samurai as well please?

      1. What gave it away? Him saying “we are getting VVVVV” or him asking for games not available in Europe?

      2. cause i been with this blog ever since 3ds e3 2010 and i know some of the people here that’s why.

  2. I only have the steam version, so I don’t need an eShop version of that game.
    But: It’s really awesome! Everyone should have played it once in a life! :)

    1. I think it’s technically called “V six times”, but I prefer just saying “V”.

  3. i still hate sony for stealing super smash bros from nintendo and they are making into a super smash bros sisters. lol

    1. They didn’t steal anything FROM Nintendo; they copied their idea. Smash Bros will continue to exist, and Sony’s Long Name Game will be terrible

    2. That’s like saying every one stole from the street fighter idea. Don’t worry Sony has that dumb parapper character in it. Sad!

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