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Sega Unveils Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed For Nintendo 3DS

Sega has officially announced Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed which will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Some of the characters announced for the game include Dr. Eggman and AiAi from the Super Monkey Ball games, Gilius Thunderhead from Golden Axe and Vyse from Skies of Arcadia. The “transformed” part of the title refers to the fact that the characters Karts can change into cars, planes and boats depending on the racing surface. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is coming sometime later in 2012.

51 thoughts on “Sega Unveils Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed For Nintendo 3DS”

    1. You’re right. This game is a rip off and it might take its “transforming” gimick as an excuse to copy Mario Kart once again. Typical. I can just wait for Mario Kart Wii U. Who knows, it might just be announced at this year’s E3.

    1. Keep dreaming, Mario Kart is utter crap for idiotic casuals.

      I’d much rather play this competent and actually balanced racer that probably isn’t going to be yet another stupid rehash of MKDS.

      1. MK7 isn’t anything like MKDS, it’s more like the main console games. If you’re going to slag a game off at least know what you’re talking about.

        The first Sonic and Sega racing game was really good, slightly better than MKWii for me. I’ll no doubt get this even though the transforming bit is a shameful copy of MK7’s new features. As long as its fun that’s all that counts though (please have more non Sonic levels though!).

      2. you truly are an idiot..go back to school. This is blatantly copiying mario kart 7 now shut the fuck up you moronic arsehole!

        kids these days.

      3. Mario Kart utter crap? I would agree with that statement if there were actual evidence to support it. But that is just a bold, and completely stupid opinion. Why? Because Mario Kart titles still earn higher scores from critics. Almost every other Kart racing rip off has more flaws, and is unoriginal. Why can’t you accept that? Are you just a Sonic fangirl?

      4. “competent and actually balanced”

        I will agree that Mario Kart has taken a U-turn and is focusing in giving casuals a bit of a lead, but to call the game utter crap is too much. So what makes this any more competent, balanced, and even original that hasn’t been done with Diddy Kong Racing’s vehicle diversion and automatic transformation like Mario Kart 7?

        And for the record, I’m among the few who are sick of MK and would love a new Diddy Kong Racing based more on skill than on luck.

      5. 64supermarioreturns

        Balanced?…..please tell me you are joking. I don’t hate the game, but balanced? My friends and I would like to say otherwise, not saying MK is balanced, still just a lot of fun.

    1. I don’t understand why they can’t make competitive foot races. Even Sonic Adventure 2 almost pulled it off, just add more levels.

  1. people talk about clones like they are bad BUT infact they are not. If a formula works then why not use it, its a clone in the sense of how the formula is but the characters, environment and story are completely different. If you don’t want 2 similar things then always buy the same laptop, same car, same phone. Variants of things are never bad.

    1. agreed, they act like only Nintendo can use an idea. No other kart racers should ever exist. I mean ModNation racers is really unique but oh no, its a kart racer from someone OTHER than Nintendo! This site is just annoyingly filled with Nintendrones. Yes, I know is MyNINTENDONews but still people should have open minds before blindly defending Nintendo. Especially since this is on Nintendo consoles. <_<

      1. hey i agree with you, but in a racing game there are many ideas to explore. for example look for example diddy kong racing it is an amazing game and in manyy ways different from mario kart 64. the fact that people are mad about the clne stuff, is that the “transforming” idea is so fresh from MK 7 that it feels like cloning. at least say “hey besides from karts,planes, and, you can transform in bobsleighs for snow and jet skis for water”. so people say well the made an effort to be different. sega is taking a great idea which is good, but at least improve it

        1. To be fair cars in MK 7 didn’t really transform, they had attachments like the hang glider and the propeller for the water. Sega can still be different with this formula by basing
          a whole level off of a variant of cart, could have one level all flying, could have one completely in water, could have one that is off roading possibly. We don’t honestly know until we see the trailer or play the game ourselves and even if it is like MK 7 who cares if it is a good game then play it. Nobody has a problem with playing COD and all of its copies for hours so i don’t see where the issue is with this

      2. keith: what if you put so many ideas into a game and some shit third party copies your idea? WOULD YOU LIKE IT? I sure wouldnt!

      3. Thats my point if a formula works a formula works.
        Same thing goes for the newly announced Playstation all stars battle royale OH IT LOOKS LIKE BRAWL/MELE so what? if a game is fun, looks good and is different then whats the issue with using the same formula. If sony is “cloning” ssbb then ssbb cloned marvel vs capcom and marvel vs capcom copied street fighter

  2. Sounds very much like Mario Kart 7.
    But I’m looking forward to it anyways, since I never got the first one :D

  3. Its coming to the Vita as well. If the game comes to the Wii U, PS3, 360 and Vita, the 3DS version will look cheap…

  4. “The “transformed” part of the title refers to the fact that the characters Karts can change into cars, planes and boats depending on the racing surface.”

    Now that sounds good. I’ve been waiting for a new Diddy Kong Racing for the longest time. Let’s hope it’s actually good.

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  7. this will never be better than. Mario kart double dash although I am hoping they do add chakan the forever man, Chuck.D.Head and kid chameleon.

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  9. Sickr, I noticed that in both posts you said “3DS, XBOX, Playstation, and PC” but you forgot that it’s coming to the PS Vita as well.

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