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Iwata Discusses Digital Retail Downloads For Wii U And Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has informed investors of the potential benefits and the downfalls of providing full retail games digitally on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. We found out earlier today that Nintendo is letting third-party developers put their retail titles up for download on both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Nintendo will begin doing this when it launches New Super Mario Bros 2 in August.

“First, about your comment that digital download sales of packaged Wii U software may not be so attractive to consumers because of the amount of download time, it is true that downloading software with 10 gigabytes of memory cannot be done in an instant today, even with broadband connections. So, compared with the situation of portable gaming devices, where comparatively compact-sized software can be downloaded, we have to ask our consumers to wait for a longer time before the download process is completed. However, consumers will be able to use the Wii U effectively by finding convenient times to download software such as when they are sleeping at night. Some consumers prefer to download digital software so that they can play with them on their system anytime without the need to exchange the games’ storage media. Some other consumers find it easier to purchase the medium at a retailer and play it as soon as they insert it into the game hardware. These consumers think it advantageous that they can exchange games with their friends. In order to offer consumers options to choose from, it is important for the company to first make the situation (where digital downloads of packaged software are offered to our consumers in addition to the existing packaged software sales) a reality, and we are ready to offer these options now.”


    1. Did you get the new firmware update? Eshope is much nicer… not perfect but better…

    1. yet they copied Nintendo motion gaming 5 years later… lol miserably may i add…

      1. The PS Move has existed and was demonstrated as far back as 2001.

        Try again fanboiiii.

        1. That wasn’t Playstation Move, that was a tech demo for the eye toy showcasing COLOR TRACKING, NOT motion control. The move wasn’t even thought of then. Sony was only compeled to develop it because of Nintendo. The move just so happens to be based on that demo.

          1. THE POWER GLOVE!!! That was awesome for about five minutes, cause they only released like two games for it…

            1. still shows that Nintendo innovated motion controls for a brief period…too bad Sony fanboys never do their homework…

    2. That’s funny, they didn’t say anything about downloads finishing when the console is off. Just think of how high my electric bill went when I had to download Mass Effect. Now that sucked.

      1. i don’t think that should be a big deal do you remember how 3ds works with download games?

  1. Interesting concept, he talks about gamers exchanging games with friends as a positive aspect of fisical software. Seems to me there won’t be any “used games” restriction with Wii U

    1. I hope so, if sony and microsoft support no used games then Nintendo will win by a landslide if u no wat i meen…

  2. “These consumers think it advantageous that they can exchange games with their friends”

    Holy… Did Iwata REALLY say that? Did Iwata, the president of Nintendo, a multi million company, REALLY almost promote sharing games with your friends?!
    Ok, so while Sony and Microsoft is supposedly looking to prevent the sharing/reselling of games, Nintendo takes into consideration that some people might want to share their purchased games with their friends!?
    Iwata, you never cease to impress!

      1. Iwata is a great president for Nintendo. The paycut him and the other big wigs took was also very impressive!

        1. Two thumbs up for Iwata-san. This is one of the many reasons I truly love best about Nintendo.

          1. is times like these that makes me wonder whats will nintendo do without iwata.

  3. Good. Some of us, like me, don’t want to support the game stores that overprice everything. I’m talk double or triple the price of stuff in the US (although Australia has it worse off).

  4. That’s what I like to hear, Iwata. I was also wondering how long it would take to download a full Wii U game. We’ll see what they come up with. I’m really hopeful about the direction Nintendo is headed in.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  5. So are we to expect an upgrade to the Wii Connect 24 thing they had with the Wii? Because that would be welcome for the Wii U.

  6. I’m guessing 10GB games are the standard size for Wii U. :) Is digital download an option or is it the only way to get games? Cause I can’t turn my Wii U on overnight because I don’t want my electronic fees to go up. Great idea though.

  7. Already own a 2TB harddrive (check), ability to download games instead of traveling to retail store (check) and high speed broadband internet service at home (check). I like the option of download content and play.

    1. I have a 1 tb hard drive and it will be ready for the Wii U. Just hope it will have an ethernet port.

  8. Yay we’ll still have disc media, I’m not fully on board with this pure digital download thing, anyone remember PSN? :P if the service goes down or your internet cuts out, YOU AIN’T GONNA BE DOWNLOADING SHIT! PERIOD! This is why it is a good thing to always have some sort of media, like dvd, blu-ray or some proprietary media that works like dvd or blu-ray

    1. Says the Sony drone who fails at Economics 101. Nintendo uses their own technology for their own consoles… they don’t need gimmicky DVD or Blu-Ray to add hundreds of dollars.

          1. They’re higher quality, what’s not to like?

            Oh, and you don’t have to own a PS3 to play Blu-ray. That’s like saying you need a PS2 to play DVDs.

  9. The potential for uses to exchange games is huge. I too have been disillusioned by the “one user, one game” approach that digital distribution has encouraged. Having grown up in a multi-gamer family, I can imagine how annoying this trend is to lots of people. This kind of option, similar to lending options on e-Readers, would help to negate a lot of negative reactions people have had to digital distribution (or mandated Steam registry for PC games).

  10. I found what he said interesting for a completely different reason than the news.
    He acknowledges that people exchange games and he has nothing against it. That means that Nintendo won’t even try to block used games. :)

  11. This is the reason I love Nintendo….
    Some other consumers find it easier to purchase the medium at a retailer and play it as soon as they insert it into the game hardware. These consumers think it advantageous that they can exchange games with their friends

    They know how gamers really are and why they game… GOD LOVES NINTENDO…

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