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GamesMaster Teases ‘Huge World Exclusive’

The next issue of UK gaming publication Games Master promises to contain a ‘huge world exclusive. There’s no hints regarding what this world exclusive might be, but the magazine promises that it will be big. What would you like to see revealed?

36 thoughts on “GamesMaster Teases ‘Huge World Exclusive’”

      1. also Sony has crap exclusives. It has to be Nintendo related….the ebst company with the best exclusives

        1. I don’t agree that they have crap exclusives though I have never played them they are just not so popular.

          1. well I have at my bro’s house, not into them, liked crash and spyro for ps1 but since then sony have been a let down…

        2. by exclusive I don’t think it’s means a game in relation to which console it’s on but that the story itself is exclusive to the magazine and it is entirely possible that they could announce the ps4

    1. I was just thinking about that the other day, Why not put the classic Final Fantasys (1 through 9) on the 3DS e-shop? I would buy the heck out of those!

        1. Personally FF9 is my favorite. If they added that to the e-shop (I don’t even care if they add a 3d element to it) I would be overjoyed. I would gladly pay 10-15 bucks for it.

          1. 6 and 9 were my faves but i wish we get ff7 only for 3ds to stick one up at the Sony Drones. And no sony drones, FF is not a sony exclusive ROFL!!!!!!!!

          2. also ben this year is FF7’s 15th bday. Coincidence? Also costs far less to develop for 3ds, which means nintendo and SEnix make loads… everyone is happy

            No point developing for Vita…. cant even sell in it’s motherland Japan hahaha!

  1. Hopefully something to build hype for the Wii U among the European audience. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. It’d be funny if all these exclusive reveals from different sources, turned out to be the same damn info/game

  2. Estuans interius
    ira vehementi
    estuans interius
    ira vehementi
    Sephiroth !!!!
    ————— FF7 3DS ——————–

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