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EA Product Manager Calls Black Ops 2 “Tired” On Twitter

Never a company for refraining its words EA has taken a shot at Activision’s recently revealed Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. After watching the trailer for Black Ops 2, EA global product manager Kevin O’Leary took to Twitter and stated “Poor [Black Ops 2] you look tired, you should take a year off and rest.”

61 thoughts on “EA Product Manager Calls Black Ops 2 “Tired” On Twitter”

    1. I think Activ… will run out of ideas and storyline after BO2 ,, they squeezed the milk of the cow too much ,,

      1. 64supermarioreturns

        Kind of fits your avatar doesn’t it?

        I think it looks more like the Alien from Space Invaders

          1. They are not socks Dobby, they are empty bull testicle sack, they give strength to you, be strong like bull.

  1. actually the graphics are better then modern warfare 3. Morons making comments about a trailer. hmmm typical. maybe do a little research first. I’m not saying battlefield 3 was bad but the graphics were terrible on both systems.

        1. Try Capalizing every word, after every period. Your the one who should learn some basic english my friend. And what research make you conclude that this game has better graphics then modern warfare 3? The game hasnt been released yet Moron. And you shouldnt change the subject to Call of Duty, To Battlefield like that, it makes you seem less intelligent.

  2. Even though Black Ops is clearly better and well develop then the Modern Warfare series (not mentioning the online because who cares at this point) ,but I do feel Call of Duty is becoming old by now.

    Still look forward to Black Ops two, (for the story, not online servers)

  3. theonewhowrotethis

    Although I do have to agree with the fact that having a new CoD game released every year may be a bit redundant (it’s practically almost the same thing over and over again, just with different settings), CoD is a good way to reel in cash. I think that EA is saying this so they could boost the sales in its shooter Battlefield.

    I don’t play shooters (barring games like the Metroid Primes and Star Fox Assault) so I don’t have to worry about this that much. :)

    1. Aparrently nothing. He has a point though. Nothing kills a series faster than releasing one every year.

      1. As much as I dislike EA, yeah, he has a point. But /my/ point is that “My Nintendo News” isn’t really the place to read about this.

        1. Then don’t. Obviously you clicked your way over to this article and bothered to write a comment about it being irrelevant as well as reading the article but you still don’t think that these news are appropriate for this kind of site. Seeing as though all other people did the same thing as you and didn’t complain, which means they weren’t bothered and they wanted to know more about the content of the article. sickr will still continue to post these type of articles in the future for that reason alone. Not all visitors to this site are Nintendo readers, they could be Microsoft or Sony readers or even a mixture of Nintendo and one of those companies (like me).

        2. I agree. Looks like a slow day. Sickr runs a good site, maybe it doesn’t mention Nintendo directly but these devs are most likey to support Nintendo’s new console.

  4. In all honesty they should take a break from the series for about 2 or more years come back with something that destroy’s Crysis in terms of graphics and you got a solid game only problem the game actually has (In terms of Treyarch not Infinity Ward) is the graphics. The campaign is always solid it’s short but not crappy like Battlefield they have amazing writers who make the campaign this time the guy who was apart of making the Dark Knight’s story is making the campaign so I expect it to be amazing

  5. That BO2 trailer looked a bit like terminator because of it being set in 2025 and the events.

    Seriously, CoD series is dying now.

  6. I love Codfish i don’t see why i should stop eating it for a year. (Uses brain for a 2 seconds) Oh my mistake Call of duty is no way as tasty as Codfish

  7. Uncharted 3 online ftw just saying. A shooter needs ways to keep it fresh with good variety. I prefer third person shooters myself. But once there’s an FPS that is innovative breaks away from the pack I might change my mind

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  9. Ok, pause for one damn second.
    Just what is running dry about Call of Duty?
    With each installment the online gets better, despite infinity wards poor efforts with mw3 servers.
    The campaigns are great. After I complete a CoD campaign I look back and realise just how much I did, it has a lot in it.

    BO2 is in the future, this could be the real kick CoD needs to show it is a good franchise.
    New guns, perks, locations, maps…ZOMBIES!
    MW3 got sabotaged remember by I think the CEO, I don’t properly remember, and it turned out great.
    Also, sales don’t lie. If people truly thought cod was becoming stale, why do we keep buying them, they are just too good!

  10. COD is getting milked like the kid who died jerking off 42 times in a row BUT….I like black ops more than MW. MW is garbage, same shit all day different maps. At least treyarch tries to change and I’m excited for this black ops 2

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  12. True story. There’s a new game every year almost. And there have been 13 total in less than 10 years. Aside from slightly improved graphics over the previous release, all of these games are pretty much the same game with different areas or locations. Sure, they add some new guns and features but those features wear off fairly quickly.

    At least with games like Halo, there have really only been 5 main titles in 11 years. They’ve all DRASTICALLY improved graphics over each previous title, too. Halo 2 introduced multiple storylines, many new weapons, much more impressive online multiplayer, etc. Halo 3 again introduced huge changes in multiplayer, drastic graphical updates, etc. Halo: ODST is obviously different all together in almost every way and added “Firefight” mode, and Halo: Reach is as well. Finally, Halo 4 I’m sure will be amazingly updated in graphics (especially lighting, character models, etc.), and introduces Spartan-Ops as a sort of alternate campaign, much updated multiplayer, et cetera (I can’t wait for it).

    CoD should take notes and take a couple/few years off. I think it could really help the series. The only new thing Black-Ops 2 seems to be changing is the time in which the story takes place. Otherwise, it looks pretty identical to the first one, and even MW2 & MW3.

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