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Retro Studios Working On Star Fox Wii U?

We’ve heard numerous rumours since last year’s E3 that acclaimed development studio Retro Studios is working on a brand new entry to the Star Fox franchise for Wii U. Online publication Techroid has apparently heard word from a source that Retro is planning to show off the game at this years E3, but the game won’t be a launch title. Retro Studios has previously been rumoured to say that they’re working on “a project everyone wants us to do.”

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90 thoughts on “Retro Studios Working On Star Fox Wii U?”

    1. I want a new and improved donkey kong adventure like DK64. E erybody is dreaming small and want a mere sequel to restrained side-scrolling DKCR. I am not saying DKCR wasn’t a good game. No, I’m not saying that at ALL. But cmon, dream BIGGER.

        1. should have got a laptop then lol

          I prefered the old Side scrolling DK to the 3D ones i dont know why though
          just enjoyed them more i guess

    2. why does everybody love Starfox ,, this game doesnt have online gameplay for 3DS ,, graphics good and gameplay exp excelente ,,
      NO HATE
      all i want is Metroid or Mother ,,

        1. No offence to anyone,but since your showing an emoticon I might as well do this…..

          t(*_*t) and (_ _*)

      1. It’s not that I love Star Fox but rather I love the potential the series has. If (this rumor is true and) Retro Studios can take advantage of that potential, then I would love it.

      2. Retro has already made 3 Metroid games, and they even said that they are ready to move away from Metroid for a while, and I can’t say I blame them. As a game designer, I understand that working on the same type of concept 3 times in a row gets you, as an artist, wanting more variety in your projects. It makes sense that they want to do something different, and just having them make more Metroid games is really milking it. We’ve had two Metroid titles this gen on home console, but we havnt had a new StarFox on console since Assault on GC, 7 years ago, and believe it or not, this franchise has quite the fanbase. Metroid has had lots of attention this gen, but now I think its Fox’s turn. As the guy above me said, it has potential, a lot of it, especially after seeing what this franchise pulled off on N64.

        1. graphics were awsome because rareware desgined the graphics and nintendo when they were making assault they fucked up the graphics

  1. Meh, I’d rather have Treasure do it. They know how to deliver a hardcore shooting experience. I’d like to see Retro work on Enternal Darkness or F-Zero.

    1. Eternal Darkness was made by Silicon Knights. I think they should allow them to do the sequel as well.

    2. It’s natural to assume that Retro made Silicon Knight’s games. They’re almost so interchangeable in terms of being good companies. Well, Retro more so than Silicon in recent years (X-Men Destiny ewww).

    3. I love all games Treasure, Gunstar Heroes especially. They even made McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure a great game and that was otherwise a McDonald’s commercial.

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  3. hmmm, I know it’s not official, but at least, who ever put the cover art together, couldn’t they have at least put the new “Nintendo Network” icon instead of the old wifi one?

    Otherwise should be awesome! Was hoping by the smallest chance it would have been a metroid title, but oh well.

  4. star fox is cool but i want metroid!! so i guess you guy “aren’t working on a game everyone wants”

    1. It’s not actually possible to give everyone what they want. No matter what you do some one is going to be disappointed.

      1. well an not sure what to say but i guess you’re right! but they should had say “a game half the gamers want ” hahaha but is cool though!!!! :)

      2. But let’s face it, everyone would want a Metroid game over StarFox. It was Metroid that showed off the amazingness of the Gamecube back then, so it seems natural to have Metroid show off the power of the Wii U as well.

        1. I disagree with that. Retro has given us some great Metroid games for GC and Wii. They did an excellent job bringing Metroid to life in the last 2 gens. I would love to see what they can do to revive the Star Fox franchise.

            1. You may be in the minority there. A lot of people complained about that game. Thought it ruined the character of Samus.

  5. If they make it as fun as Star Fox 64 was on N64, they’ve got a classic on their hands. Also online multiplayer would be more than welcome. If Retro is handling it, it’s sure to be awesome. They reinvented Metroid beautifully, Nintendo can trust them with Star Fox. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Yeah, the multiplayer in 64 was incredibly fun, and that was just the local multiplayer. Online should take it to the next level.

  6. Let’s hope that Retro Studios bring the franchise game (Starfox, Metroid, Eternal Darkness, etc.) back… this time on the Big N’s new console. We are now 1 month away from dropping the A-Bomb at high Noon (12:00N EDT/9:00am PDT)!!!!!!!!!

  7. I hope this is true. I would love to see Retro give Star Fox the game it deserves. An epic cinematic story, amazing combination of land and air combat, and extremely fun online play. Also I would like them to make it a trilogy like they did with Metroid Prime.

  8. I’m all for anything Retro is doing, but the more I think about it, the more I want a Metroid game as soon as possible.

  9. If this turn out to be true, then it would be a big waste of talent. I’m all for a new Star Fox and stuff, but the design of that game, if they really intend to go to its roots, does not lend itself for a project that these guys would turn into gold unless it was an adventure game, and that’s what people don’t want. I would rather have a new Metroid Prime; a new IP, preferably an FPS, an open world adventure, or a new 3D Donkey Kong game.

  10. This of course does not mention the other rumor about how Metroid was worked on by Retro with Unreal Engine 3 and a tech demo was presented.

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  12. If this is true I will explode with happyness.

    Been waiting for 6 years for a new SF game.

    If Retro are not developing SF then it better be Metroid.

  13. If it’s true, it’s good news. Been a while since we’ve had a decent Star Fox game (I recall the last ‘great’ one being Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars), and I believe Retro Studios could certainly do the series justice.

  14. I’d like a Metroid more than a Star Fox, honestly. Star Fox may also be neglected lin recent years, but I think Metroid hasn’t been done RIGHT in even longer. When will we get a GOOD adventure-based Metroid game again? Hell, do it as a 2d perspective with 3d models, a la New Super Mario Bros. That, in true 1080p HD, with real-time lighting and particle effects, etc? I would cream in my jeans for that!

    1. Please, no more New Super Mario Bros, or anything similar. Those games are awful (and that’s coming from a huge Mario fan).

    2. Did you not think Metroid Prime 3 was done right? Because that game was released 3 years after the last Star Fox game was released, and not everybody liked that game (Star Fox Command)

      1. Prime series was okay for what it was. Didn’t feel like a Metroid game to me though. Just so drastic of a shift of game styles. I want another 2d adventure/platformer Metroid. In true HD.

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  16. Sheesh people. Metroid Prime this, Metroid Prime that. No offense, but give it a rest! Why can people just let that series be? I certainly would like to see Retro make something new, but everybody seems to want them to make the same game over and over again!

    Please let it Star Fox! Either that or some new IP. As long as it’s not first-person.

  17. Most people are overrating Retro and underrrating Starfox. Nor Retro are videogame gods whom hands can only touch gold nor starfox games are easy to make, specially in the situation that last games put them.

    1. It was amazing man. Thanks. Star Fox and Star Fox 64 are 2 of my favourite games of all time. Countless hours spent on them.

      1. agreed :) I hope the new game retro studios model after the original star fox and 64 and of course 2

  18. Why do I feel that this title that they’ve been working on that everyone wants is a new F-Zero game seeing as Retro has a lot of experience with creating stages and AND recently worked on Mario Kart 7?

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