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Epic: “The Intended Platforms Unreal Engine 4 Is Aimed At Haven’t Even Been Announced”

Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of the Gears of War and Unreal Engine 3 developer, has explained to Gamsutra that the intended platforms the next-gen Unreal Engine 4 is aimed at haven’t even been announced. This has prompted speculation that the Wii U may not receive games running on Unreal Engine 4, and that those games are reserved specifically for the next Xbox and the PlayStation 4. We should find out for certain at E3 next month.

Gamasutra: I know it’s under wraps, but you guys are probably feeling pretty okay about Unreal Engine 4.

Tim Sweeney: Yeah, we’re starting a behind-closed-doors showing of the engine to developers; this is part of our very early ramp-up cycle. We went through this cycle with Unreal Engine 3 starting in 2003 and 2004. At some point we’ll make public announcements and ramp up to the point where developers are shipping games, but it’s very early right now. We’re aiming very high, and the intended platforms this is aimed at haven’t even been announced.

79 thoughts on “Epic: “The Intended Platforms Unreal Engine 4 Is Aimed At Haven’t Even Been Announced””

  1. This could be the FIRST time Nintendo has this engine this gen! Man the news for Wii U is making me feel FIRST-y!!!!

  2. Not that surprising that it won’t be designed for the Wii U. Nintendo consoles will always be lower-spec.

    1. troll you do realise only the wii has been low spec. N64 was far more powerful than ps1 and Gamecube was actually strong. do your homework bitch…

      1. The N64 was not better than the PS1/Saturn as it used cartridges that couldn’t hold anywhere near as much data as a CD. No need to flame people either what are you 10?

        1. I forgot to add the GameCube’s disk also held less data than a DVD. It doesn’t matter how powerful the system was if you need to shrink you game down to fit on the GCN it will lose quality, weather its textures, video or sound something needs to be downscaled.

          1. Gamecube games were on par with xbox in general ur logic sucks also n64 games were just as big as ps1 and saturn games in environments so u failed again oh yeah and the graphics are far superior too. Its kindof like comparing a stale loaf of bread to a fresh one and may i add that n64 is very fresh lol

          2. i just wanted to reply to you to make a couple of thing clear. First the N64 cartridges can or could store just as many data as a ps1 cd, example: RE2 (by pushing data compression to its limits) it had everything the original ps1 version had, the cinemas and even some extra content. Cds were not entirely superior to cartridges. CDs had enourmous loading times, cartdriges loaded very fast there were not even loading screens on n64 games. Now onto GC, same thing, gamecube discs actually loaded FASTER than dvds, because they were not minidvds like people thinks it was a unique format developed by nintendo. Yeah they were smaller, but if a game couldn’t fit on one disc they just give you TWO and END OF THE PROBLEM (example: Resident evil 0, Remake and RE4). Sounds logic dont you think?Maybe all this advantages over normal dvds plus the superior graphical capabilities of the gc is what drived capcom to release resident evil games on the gamecube first rather than the ps2. You probably havent even played a GC game, if you had, you had noticed that there are many games that give you 2 discs, so they didn’t have to cut anything from the game wether be textures, cinemas or whatever. Your not a troll you are just not well informed do some research. good day.

        2. N64 = 64 bit
          Ps1 = 32 bit

          In terms of power, Nintendo is DEF NOT LOWER SPEC

          I agree on the cartridges though fair point but we are all sick of fags putting Nintendo down because of ONE generation…Nintendo set trends and the rest follow. Motion gaming and in the future tablet controls.

            1. He’s talking about real controllers with extra tablet controls and not pure tablets. The important difference is the buttons.

          1. Nope. x2 32 bit does bot equal 64 bit.

            Duh Nintendo loses out on a state of the art engine that wont be coming out for two years. Not much room to grow graphically? Really? Look @ Crysis 2 maxed out on a 55″. Thats this gen. We havent even seen next gen.

            1. And you fail miserably, troll. Go back to Trollsville and play along with your graphics whores!

              1. Trolling would imply that i had incentive to care about your feelings. My post might have been a little harsh but I was trying to make a point. The technology optimizedto run something like this isn’t available to the public yet. We can speculateall we want on what’s underneath the Wii U’s hood, but we all know that Nintendo is under the shareholder’s gun and it can’t afford to take that big of a risk. Sure Nintendo is worth billions and could affird to make an all-out beast of a machine, but it’s smarter than that. I honeatly don’t care. If i want graphics, ill alwys stick with pc. As for my take on the Wii U? I’ll be there for it day one.

          2. That’s funny, Jaguar’s system was 64 bit too, in fact it was the first one. You’re telling me that the more bits, the more power? We’re done measuring consoles by that standard, dude.

      2. Do your research. Yes, the N64 was more powerful than the PS1, but the Gamecube was released after the original Xbox, which was significantly more powerful. Let’s look back shall we.

        NES < SEGA Master System
        SNES (roughly equal to) Genesis/Megadrive
        Game Boy < Game Gear
        DS < PSP
        Wii < PS3/Xbox 360
        3DS < PS Vita

        Nintendo have hardly ever been the leader in hardware spec. It's not necessarily a bad thing, just look at how many of Nintendo's handhelds sold better than technically superior hardware. Yep, all of them.

        The problem with the Wii-U is that, sure, it's looking like it'll be higher spec than the current generation of consoles, but if either Sony or MS release their new hardware within the next year or two then the Wii U will be back at the bottom of the pile spec-wise. Ultimately, the Wii-U is a next generation console, so the fact that it will probably out-perform the current generation should be expected. The problem will be whether the rest of its generation will be significantly better when they eventually show up, which is looking likely, as the Wii-U so far looks to be closer to 'best of the current gen' than 'contender in the next-gen'.

        Let's not forget the lesson of the Dreamcast – ie launching a next-gen console ridiculously early in the current gen is no guarantee of success.

        Ultimately the specs won't matter too much if the software is up to scratch, and it's doubtful that the industry can really maintain current AAA quality while pushing better graphics (just for example), but to say that only the Wii has been low spec is just plain inaccurate no matter how you choose to look at it.

        1. I think this time the hardwares from Nintendo, Sony & MS will be the same. Sony and MS haven’t released any info about new consoles, and after the problem the PSVita is facing, Sony will think very well the strategy. More powerfull hardware is not the solution for two simple reasons:

          1. It will make the console much more expensive and that makes you think, what to buy, a new console or an used car?
          2. Improving the graphic power of a console is not innovation, it’s just making it look better, which in my opinion only works if you are going to play DOA Xtreme or something like that.

          And to finish, there are lots of Nintendo Fanboys, like me, that will buy the console no matter if it has the same power than other two.

        2. You forgot to add that..
          NES beat Master system in sales,
          SNES beat Genisis in sales,
          GameBoy beat GameGear in sales,
          DS beat PSP in sales,
          Wii beat both XB360/PS3 in sales
          3DS is beating PSV in sales…

          Thus basically saying, graphics mean nothing :) as you sorta said in your last paragraph, though I do miss my sega systems.. :( I own all from that list but the sony side..

    2. I’m not mad like ^that guy only because your 6 and started gaming on these consoles the GameCube was the strongest of the 3 and the n64 was stronger than ps1. Smh

      1. Funny how sony fags and xbox fags say Nintendo always have bad graphics when Wii is the only gen to be lower spec…but shock horror! Wii sold the most consoles! Goes to show it is all about the gameplay and not dressing your games up in pretty makeup with no substance…

        1. Yeah and which consoles have better game sales? The Wii sold a fuckton to people who don’t usually play games, companies make little to no profit on selling hardware its the games where they make the money.

          1. I know plenty of people who never touch their ps3 and clone 360 too , because there are a bunch of generic westernized games

        2. Sony drone and Xbox fags don’t care about sales, they care about the m rated games.( best of best they said)

    3. PS2 was the weakest console last gen, remember? And the PS1 was 32 bit while the N64 was 64 bit……then the N64 got an expansion pack upgrade to widen the gap. Besides, I’m pretty sure Sony won’t be in a hurry to make a super, high spec device this time around after what happened with the PS3 and Vita. They’ll go for innovative features first. Microsoft will probably have the most powerful console this time around.

  3. He meant they haven’t announced the platforms they intend to aim UE4 at yet, hence the secret showings.

    He didn’t mean the consoles havnt been announced, he meant they havnt announced which consoles ue4 is meant to operate on.

    Grammitically, he didn’t need to say “intended” and “aimed”. It makes that sentence confusing, especially when being read.He should have said, “the platforms this is intended for have not been announced.

    Come on, guys…..

    1. ^This. Also why is everybody ignoring that UE 3 is already running on Android, IPhone and so on. Is anyone expecting that a) epic stops that and will only run ps4, xboxnext and pc (and making them irrelevant or b) galaxy s3 and co will be more powerful than wii u?

  4. Actually the Next Nintendo system has not been totally revealed yet. We literally no nothing about it other then the controller beyond that we know nothing. It would be crazy for Epic to wait on Sony and Micro if Nintendo has what it takes to run the engine, and by all the reliable sources account it should be powerful enough. Believe u me if epic is pumping up the Unreal 4 Engine it’s because they will get to show it off at e3 most likely as a surprise announcement for Wii U or whatever the new name is!! Nintendo said they r focused on the Hardcore Gamer!! This will be the announcement that blows the roof of the build at e3, Epic will have a new game for Nintendo system run on Unreal 4!! That’s what I believe.

    1. this!!! ^ I wonder what sony and eggsbox fags will say to Nintendo? probably say that unreal engine 4 is gimmicky or something retarded! (ok i might be exaggerating)

      Good point though! Cant wait. Nintendo never dissapoint me. Yes I love my wii and yes Xenoblade came to europe and No i dont give a flying fuck about Earthbound. They deliver the experiences that I want. Oh and i dont buy shovelware like dancing, cooking mama and all that.shabam! Just CORE titles (yes thats right) CORE titles

      1. too bad Sony did the worst thing in the history of gaming and copy Smash bros. Yes I understand you can be inspired to make a game based on other games but Sony always bitched about Nintendo’s approach, yet they copy them with motion gaming and now a key franchise with characters that aren’t THAT well known? Yes smash bros got influence from power stones but it is still different in gameplay and mechanics.

        Sony smash sisters however is literally the same!

    2. Staff-D… ten thumbs up for you. I have a strong gut feeling that Epic Games and Nintendo are keeping quiet about the top secret announcement during the Big N’s E3 press conference.

    3. I simply cannot deny your comment at all, Staff-D. I agree with you to the extreme. I believe Epic Games will have a new game for Nintendo’s new console.

  5. It clearly says that it will be for ps4 and nextbox, sadly “for platforms that haven’t even been announced” = ps4 nextbox

    1. But that where ur wrong xbox next system has been announced and ps4 their just not being shown this e3! We know there coming so it no secret or unknown thing, just like Wii u! The different we will see the Wii U this e3. Point 2 Epic loves to brag about they System and they have a hard time keeping quite about their specs and intention, so here’s my logic, Micro and Sony would not make Epic hold back info thats not their style…Sony alway Leak info cause they can’t hold water, same as Micro, but Nintendo is the Secret holding King and has always been. Epic is itching to reveal their hand but they can’t cause Nintendo has not annouce the “official” system yet!! This Epic way of letting off a little excitement before the big reveal!!

      1. but if not, this worth 300$? and the promise of third party suport? reggie said this will have enough horsepower to get third party suport omg, i feel cheated, prob the nextbox will cost 300 too or at max 400$

        1. Pointless as always, Anon. Nintendo have already gotten the fullest support from third party publishers and developers. In actuality, the publishers and developers have given support to the Big N. Finally, Nintendo will announce the price of the new console AFTER the big dance at E3.

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  7. I think he means they (Epic) haven’t announced the platforms for which they’re making Unreal 4, not that the platforms for which they’re making Unreal 4 haven’t been announced (by the console makers).

    Pretty confusing, though.

  8. you can all speculate all you want, but his words make me think I wont get to see the next metroid running on Unreals new Engine. sad day

  9. this doesnt at all imply that the wii u wont run it, just means that some of the consoles that will run it havent been announced yet

  10. This could be interpreted in two ways:

    1. The specific consoles haven’t been announced to the public by their manufacturers, or
    2. Epic themselves haven’t announced the systems the new engine is being optimized for.

    People are quick to jump to conclusions; they should stop worrying about all this matter.

  11. Well, HAVING red a lot of comments here, i’d like to say two things.
    1) let’s wait for the E3 and stop making too many assumptions… I really got sick and tired of reading news that claim different things every single day.. One day, it is said that the wii u is gonna be a pretty powerful console and the other one they say it’s gonna suck……
    2) I invite you all to to consider what playing video games really means.. The most powerful machine wont always give you great times… you CHOOSE what kind of games you like to play and have fun with them, so that’s the reason why i prefer NIntendo.. Moreover, I admire Nintendo because they always make an effor to innovate. After all, they only produce videogames……

    For example: I have played hundreds of times Majora’s mask and I always get fun… do graphics matter? No, even when its a nintendo 64 video game…. I like it because it’s incredibly difficult and does not allow me to cease playing and playing…

    Finally, Im pretty sure that next PLAY STATION console wont be only based on better graphics.. IT was proved that gamers are ready for playing with another kind of device.. the classic PLaystation controller is history… therefore, will playstation copy nintendo ideas once again?

    By the way, this website is awesome!!!!

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  19. Again, Nintendo STILL hasn’t revealed much about the specs of the Wii U even though they released a file talking about it, its only labeled as “AMD Radeon-Based HD GPU”.

    This could mean a number of things, it could be a GPU that is more powerful than the GTX 670 or it could be a customised version of the Radeon HD 6770/7770. We just need to wait until Nintendo says what the heck the GPU is and if its powerful enough to play UE 4 games.

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