Ubsioft has finally decided that the time is right to show off the first gameplay trailer for Assassin’s Creed 3. In this gameplay world premiere you travel through the early American city of Boston, battle man and beast alike as you explore the vast open frontier, and witness to the intensity and excitement of the Battle of Bunker Hill – one of the most famous battles of all time.



  1. been playing ac games on my 360. its about time for me to play another one on a new console, but mainly for that wii u controller. just cant wait to get my hands on it when i get to e3!


    • It’s for every system…
      However, the Wii U controls, when revealed (hopefully at E3), will certainly prove to be the most interesting part of the game


      • I realised that as soon as i saw it posted:P Yeah thats what i forgot to add,looking forward to see how the controls work on the Wii U.


  2. me sey me love how this damn game looks, i love the fighting scene, i love the graphics. This is A MUST BUY for me for my brand spanking new wii U.

    GET N OR GET THE F OUT!!!!!!


  3. I do like the fact that they will include most of the stuff that did happen during the Revolutionary war. Slavery etc etc. Now if they continue in America i do hope that Assassins creed producers touch on the Civil war :D. Now that was a time for a lot of killing tech. The rattling gun,repeating rifles,subs etc etc


  4. I get that the new Assassin is supposed to be “neutral” in this conflict, but why does EVERY single trailer depict him ONLY killing the British? Seriously, release one damn trailer where it shows him killing Colonists/Americans.


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