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Capcom Won’t Have Any Playable Nintendo Games At E3

A Capcom representative has told NintendoWorldReport that it won’t have any playable Nintendo related games at this years E3 event which takes place next months. The firm could announce some new titles for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, but they apparently won’t have any playable on the show floor. Of course, this could just be a misinformed Capcom representative so we will just have to wait until E3 to find out for sure.

40 thoughts on “Capcom Won’t Have Any Playable Nintendo Games At E3”

    1. Just because it’s not playable on the show floor doesn’t mean it won’t be announced. That’s what I’m crossing my fingers for.

      1. It says “No Nintendo games Playable” so maybe they will announce RE6 for the Wii U, but we wont be able to play it until after E3

      2. It doesn’t say “Capcom will have absolutely nothing to do with Nintendo and it’s products at E3”. So yeah, I think it’s possible.

  1. Unless it’s either Mega Man Legend 3 or Viewtiful Joe 3, with the original team, without the DLC crap and proper spelling. Then I am not interested.

    Capcom can take a flying leap for I care, the company have lost my trust and money.

  2. They still better announce Devil May Cry, Lost Planet 3, and Resident Evil 6 for Wii U, and on the Map Your Show for E3 2012 it says they have something for Wii U

    1. The only cames already announced that should also come to Wii U are Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 6. Lost Planet series is trash. I am looking forward to the unannounced games that will be announced for the Wii U…. I have a funny felling their will be an exclusive or two.

  3. No.. Their new tactic is if you want to play some new game demos that they have on the E3 floor.. You have to pay for it.. I heard it’s $4.99 per play.. Olalu..!!

    1. And if you’re going to their presscon.. You have to pay $3.99 in order for the presenter to come out.. And extra $1.99 for the games to be revealed.. Olalu..!!

  4. Oh boy, here comes the meltdown. Apparently we’re going to have a lot of bombs dropped everywhere in the form of pissed off people getting banned all over the Internet, specially on GAF.

  5. 64supermarioreturns

    Give me Mega Man 3 3D Classic! You might as well give me something with the words Mega Man and 3 in the title.

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  9. Only thing I particularly care about from Capcom is A: Breath of Fire 6. B: Phoenix Wright/Edgeworth Series. C: Okami series or D: Viewtiful Joe.

    And I doubt we’ll see any of them. Probably will announce SF vs Tekken: The Full Game version like they do with all of their fighting games.

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  11. I hope SNKp, Arc System, or even NRS releases fighting games on the WiiU though. Tekken is cool but I always did prefer 2D fighters…I probably won’t be buying a WiiU if it doesn’t get a good 2D fighter.

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