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FIFA 13 In Development For Wii U

Eurogamer is reporting that EA is hard at work developing the next iteration of the FIFA franchise for Wii U. The game is being developed by a different team from the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC version. EA confirmed earlier today that FIFA 13 is in development for Wii and Nintendo 3DS.

45 thoughts on “FIFA 13 In Development For Wii U”

  1. Very good. They can do a lot for the season mode with the tablet controller. Like draw out your plays on the touch screen and watch it play out on the TV. Leave luck to heaven.

              1. i dont mind about that word.ha anyway soap,i will deal with you very much later because i have 2 little problems.first i give final exams next weak and i dont have time to w8.i am using my pc for some exercises and second i have to deal with a real number more bastard and idiot than u idiot! have a hell life in the meanwhile!

  2. I have no problem with sports games designed to take advantage of the tablet or any other alternate control scheme but i also feel the option to use conventional controls should ALWAYS be available. Nintendo learn from the wii, dont force me to use the wiimotes or now the tablet…always and i do mean always give me the choice to use classic controller pro

  3. Me no likes dah sports games. Cos me no understands dah rules an me bad at dah sports. Me likes dah sportsmans to fuck me in ass.

  4. i hate everyone who cares abouts this game and i chalange you to say how its different 2 the last one

  5. I think the wii version should have more mini games so it’s a family game, the 3ds version should have some mini games but also some of the vita features and the wii u version will have a few mini games and all the features of 360 and ps3. When is say mini games i mean things like penalty shoot outs and kick up challenges

  6. I love fifa. So my fingers are crossed that it will be better than 360 and ps3 my confidence is low tho cause another developer is making it. Not sure what that means. Will it be that different that they need another developer to make it like the crappy wii versions? Still crossing my fingers.

    Get N or get OUT!!!!!

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