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Massive English Kingdom Hearts 3D Trailer

Square Enix has unleashed a gargantuan trailer for the forthcoming Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance which is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. The trailer is nine minutes long and shows off the game’s English voice cast. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is due for release in Europe on the 20th July and July 31st in North America.

29 thoughts on “Massive English Kingdom Hearts 3D Trailer”

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    1. Kingdom Hearts 3 is next.

      Then after that, there’s gonna be a brand new saga with a new villain.

  2. That was so fucking amazing. The story looks great and action packed. The game looks great for a 3DS game. It looks just as good as the PS2 games, imo. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Am I the only one that doesn’t know wtf is going on in the story anymore? Even after playing all the games, knowing all their backstories. I still don’t know, but even after being lost in all these senses, I’m still going to get it? O.o I sense sorcery.

      1. Uh oh, you figured out the secret of how we get people to keep buying Kingdom Hearts games. You must be terminated.

      2. The story is not really that complicated. You can probably get caught up on the Kingdom Hearts wiki.

  3. mmlol family guy online

    ok need to get my mom to buy this I REALLY MUST HAVE it kingdom hearts is my life D::3

  4. I’m hoping the majority of the game is good. I’ve heard that the opening theme is rather underwhelming.

    If only they used Sanctuary instead of this orchestral theme.

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    1. lol ikr i was like yayyy sora and then WTFFFFFFF but i guess sora finaly hit puberty lol i liked data sora’s voice the one in recoded so i hope they change his voice to normal ya know

  6. this is fucking shit… another rehash which you will all eat upp… why cant square enix and disney make a new series?!

  7. Mel FUCKING Gibson

    Does anybody actually follow the series story?

    This shit is more fucked-up than the fucking Matrix!

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