Ubisoft F2P Wii U Titles Are Planned For Coming Year Says Analyst

Robert W Baird & Co analyst Colin Sebastian believes that Ubisoft is preparing a number of free to play titles for Wii U in the coming year. Sebastian comments come in response to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot’s remarks to investors on next-gen systems. He claims that the popular F2P model will broaden the content offerings on new platforms, including Wii U.

“It appears that new consoles from Microsoft and Sony will also allow more integration of item-based transactions within games, including a free-to-play option similar to the model used in social and mobile games,” he said. “Ubisoft expects this to drive better monetization than what is commonly available in the current generation”

“We believe the F2P model on consoles, as part of a broad multi-platform strategy (phones, tablets, connected TVs) could drive a higher level of profitability per franchise. In addition, developers of Facebook and Mobile/Tablet games may discover a new platform opportunity for their titles in the next console generation.”



  1. This sounds to me like its not too farfetched that nintendo will off a cloud gaming service….nintendo fans rejoice!


      1. Yes it is. It would be a very smart move for Nintendo if Ghost Recon Online is a free packin or a download day one when the console is released.


      2. i would love that lol. not having to actually buy any games day one and still being able to play something on your console day one is a pretty big selling point, i think that’s part of the reason the wii sold so well, i mean wii sports was a lot of fun and came with the system.


  2. This interesting news. I’m personally not a fan of free to play games, but it would nice for them to have the flexibility.


  3. Unless they are PC quality games, F2P with micro-transactions won’t work. No one will buy stuff for a SP game. And what MP game would have micros outside of cute little outfits?


  4. see ubisoft is like a faggot commenter on a thread, taht says “first” cuz thats wat they do, their the first to make the games.


  5. I DO NOT want F2P Games do they not realize that people will get pissed off when they realize they just spent $40 in in-game content that they will say this game is rediculous and then wont play it! I played Some Facebook games and got impatient waiting to build my score that it was easier to pay for more stuff until you realize what a waste it was to do so. I am sorry but a F2P system will not work effectively to keep a game alive in the long run this is not an MMO or a PC!


    1. That I wont do. I’ll pay $40 for game and $15-$20 dlc (that’s current gen price) Reggie said at E3 last year ” The Wii U will be aimed at consumers with a higher finance than the Wii” People seem to want next gen stuff at current gen prices. Honestly I’m willing to pay $349.99 for a system and $59.99 per game (and Amazon says $49.99) but that’s about as high as ill go so there is a limit.


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