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Best Buy Selling Metroid: Other M For $7.99

US retail emporium Best Buy are selling the fairly controversial Metroid: Other M for the ridiculously cheap price of $7.99. Admittedly the game did receive rather mixed reviews from the gaming press. If you were previously sitting on the fence about buying it, then now’s the perfect time to do so.

84 thoughts on “Best Buy Selling Metroid: Other M For $7.99”

        1. Except the Prime series is hardly a first person shooter. I don’t know of many FPS games with jumping/platforming, scanning, puzzle solving and exploration.

            1. So the genre is dictated strictly by the POV?

              I guess that makes Metal Gear a 3rd person shooter as oppose to a stealth action espionage game?

      1. It wasn’t that bad of the game anyway. People overreacted in every single way about it. It wasn’t an amazing game, but it was a pretty good one. It’s certainly more than worth the eight bucks.

        1. it was average in pretty much every single way. Not awful, sure, but “good” is stretching it.

          I don’t see how Other M was similar to the old Super Metroid series like Timothy Jones said either. Did we play the same game?

          1. BurnMacintoshtotheGround

            People need to stop hating on that game, I don’t know what it is with the majority of the gaming community hating change, someone comes along and brings change to a series, and everyone flips out and hates it.

            We still have people that hate 3D Zeldas, you need to grow up. Other M had a badass battle system, great art style, and Samus was actually given emotions and was no longer a silent protagonist in a planet that doesn’t seem to have anyone else but her.

            Yet it kept to its roots and left you alone to explore, to scan, and to survive. Everyone needs to stop bitching and moaning how it was an “alright game” and just “below good”. In the end it is your opinion, but sadly that opinion is biased by your close minded personality.

            1. I hated Other M because the gameplay was flawed and finnicky and the story was insulting to me as a Metroid fan.

      1. That was best buy yesterday 5/16/12 “deal of the day”. It’s a one day thing for $8. Back in December best buy had it for $4.99.

  1. That game sucks, honestly (and I’m not trolling) I wouldn’t take it if they gave it to me for free. The ruins Adam and made samus look like a whiny teenager still getting over an abusive ex

      1. Okay, I call bullshit. Not once did Samus freeze and cry like a baby in any of the instances when she fought Ridley prior to Other M. Think about it; no reaction when she fights him in Metroid, Super Metroid and the two times she fights him in the Prime series. Only the FIFTH time does it happen. Why? It’s crappy writing on Sakamoto’s part in regards to Other M, nothing more.

        1. Exactly, that’s what I’m saying, they never did anything to even HINT that that’s the way she is

          1. Brawl kinda hinted her personality.
            Zero Suit quotes: “Your mine~”, “Is that all?”, “Try me.”
            Sounded much more bad ass and aggressive. I don’t want her to be obnoxious and disrespectful. More so she gets the job done the way she believes is the right thing to do. Her games were about being alone in a dangerous landscape. She is meant to be strong and independent. Not blaming herself for everything.

  2. first duke nukem forever went down to $2.99
    now metroid other m for $7.99?

    whats next? mario kart 7 for $9.99?

        1. Reviews mean nothing if the majority of its fan base hated it. It’s like skyward sword, most people liked it but like 30% hated it in this 60% hated where as 40% liked it. And either way I’ve read many reviews saying they hated it.

      1. Tell me, who has the right to determine if a game is bad. Not every one is going to like every game. Personally I though the Prime series was bad, but that’s because I’m not a fan of first person shooters. So Other M actually made me happy as it’s a 3D Metroid game I could like.

  3. Already got it, for around $12 and it’s definitly worth that amount. So $7.99 is a CRAZY Deal for this awesome game! Buy it, profit.

  4. Gameplay wise: Other M was a GOOD game
    Though the bad characterization of Samus was unforgivable, and the dialogue/voice acting was horrendous.

  5. Don’t know why people didn’t like this Metroid, it was good, my only complain is that it was too easy, making the game too short for me =P

    1. Just curious, but have you tried hard mode?? You’re amazing if you brushed that off your shoulder too!

    2. if you’ve played metroid fusion then u should understand. besides just making samus look like a complete weakling (she never broke down like that in any other game EVER there’s nothing that even implies that she is anything morew then a hardened bounty hunter, also i’m against her showing emotion but this is just ridiculous) they ruind the character of adam. in metroid fusion adam was SO cool and his inclusion lead to one of the happiest moments in any metroid game and he seemed like this selfless hero that deserved all the glory that samus was giving him. but other M painted adam to be a selfish D bag that did not care for samus’ safety at all even going so far as to make her do the hell run only authorizing her varia suit when she was almost dead and shooting her LITERALLY in the back. there was NO reason for that! especially since that immobolized her and put her in more danger. I want to pretend this game doesn’t exist so that I can still enjoy fusion’s ending.

    1. for me the story made the game unplayable, i just couldn’t get passed it. but thats the only reason I hated it.

    2. Not this article again… As an active member of the Metroid community, I must tell you that this article has generated bans, ragequits, wars and deaths in the community.

      1. Really? I never knew that. Anyway, I’m guessing you are against this article as well? Everyone has their own opinion. It just so happens that the M:OM’s story is so controversial. You have to acknowledge that much.

        1. I used to be friends with both Tuvia (aka Sylux) and Mental, the writers of this article, before the Great Divide. I understand their opinions and respect them, but I do think they over-analyzed an aspect of the game that wasn’t really that important for its enjoyment. They helped add fuel to a controversy that didn’t have to be so big.

          1. May I ask for your opinion of M:OM’s story and Samus’ characterization? I’m not going to bash you for it. It’s good to know the claims from both sides of an argument to gain a better perspective of it.

            1. Long story short, I do think those aspects were disappointing in an overall, but they didn’t completely ruin the positive parts of the game for me.

              1. Same here. I’ll welcome another third-person action Metroid, but the story should at least be better.

  6. considering the game can be beaten in less than 10 hours, that price seems about right. I’m still shocked that it was $50 when it came out.

  7. i think i wanna keep the agument clear here:

    Metroid other M’s Voice acting department and story was given to a company called D-Rockets and they failed soooo miserably at it, that is why it had mixed reveiws. They prollly didnt get to know Samus’s character that well, and so they made her cry when ridley showed up, or try to make a conspiracy plot twist within the GF Forces by making a serial kill (the deleter-which btw is a retarted name).

    Team Ninja although they made samus into a playboy bunny, they made the auto aim, in-the-face-combat action, new level design, boss AI, and the rest of the crap that made it ok.

    Bottom line Metroid
    Game; Ok -(team ninja)
    Story : not ok-(D Rockets)

        1. im saying it in regards to ppl who wanted to bitch about story too much, look i like Catherine as the next guy, but metorid wasnt really a story driven game, it was mysterious and onimous thats wat gave it its charm

    1. Um, their wasn’t actually much to Samus’s character before this. Why do people think of her as heartless. The only other game where we get any look at her character is Metroid Fusion, and based on that I’d say her character in Other M was accurate.

      1. samus is a very emotional charcter but never ONCE did she break down and SOB like a baby. she was always strong and determined. I LOVED fusion but the samus in other M is not accurate all when compared to the samus in fusion. samus never broke down in front of ridely. she was decisive and sher of herself (the other M samus was not) and she always did the right thing even if it meant not following orders (also unlike other M)

        1. i think u read my thread worng, so let me clarify:
          Metroid CAN be story driven, its a good thing, but if ur dilivery is crap, then i kills the game, much liek it did in Other M. Fusion was a good game for a gameboy game its pretty amazing that it have alot to deliver. But the voice acting and the fact D-rockets had no experience to how to deliver voice acting (much the same with team ninja, all they new was kung fu and boobs)

  8. I felt that the cons have out weighed the pros just a little bit. What I really love about the game was it’s 3D/2D platforming. They made a great choice making this game third person. Metroid Prime was great, but I don’t want Metroid to be shooter forever. The controls didn’t work for that kind of game mechanic though. And the way they decided to characterize Samus was absolutely appalling. I was looking forward to a Samus with a bit more character who spoke up, not all whiney and submissive. That’s not at all the kind of person Samus is. Also, recharging ammo and energy by focusing? Really? If you don’t take the cutscenes seriously, you can have fun with this one. One thing that caught me by surprise though, hard mode’s a bitch.

  9. Sad it needs to drop to that. Just means a miss. I noticed Wayne Gretzky ea hockey is around 8 bucks! It must be terrible!

    1. If you never played Metroid, I would seriously recommend playing Super Metroid. It’ll leave a better first impression than this game.

      1. Well I kind of disagree. SInce all of us played Metroid, we kind of had high standards for Other M. Other M didn’t really meet the fans standards but a new comer might love it.

        But yeah I agree that he should try other Metroid games just in case he doesn’t like Other M.

  10. A game can not be bad unless every single person in the universe, includeing the creaters, say its bad, then it would be fact. Other wise your comment is your own personal opinion which unless it’s positive or somebody tells you to give it, keep it to yourself or tell the creaters not random people to feel like bitching about to. Like heres my opinion…

    I thought it was a great games , the graphics were beautyful, the controls were smooth, the dialogue lacked a little in volume but was very well writen, and over all it was an amazing experience that reminded me of the first couple of metriods which I loved the most.

  11. I bought this day one, enjoyed the playthrough beat Hard mode, and sold it back out of disappointment. Too damn short.
    But I may buy it again…

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  13. Yep, the geek culture is indeed incredibly unstable. They’ll complain about anything:

    Star Wars exapnded universe
    Remakes/Sequels to 70s/80s (these nerds are born within these decades)
    Post OoT Zelda games
    Post Gen II Pokemon games
    Live Action adaptions to their childhood shows/cult series
    Metroid Other M
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
    Recent shows from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel
    Post G1 Transformers
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Games that aren’t as hard as the NES/SNES titles
    The new Star Trek film
    Wii Music

    1. the only one of those things i don’t like is other M. the story is what made me hate the game. everything else was great. just couldn’t get past the story

    2. I loved the new Star Trek movie, of course it’s very different than the previous ones. I can see how people hate the new ST movie.

  14. so the reason I het this game is the story. the gameplay was great. but i coulkdn’t get past the story. had no prblem with dialoug just hated the story cuz it ruind adam. fusion made him sound like an amazing hero other M painted him as a selfish tool that had no care or regard for samus’s well being.

  15. This game is a blast !! Every Wii’s owner should buy it. The most underrated game of his generation

  16. I recently bought a second copy at 15 bucks new. Which was also a great deal. My original copy always had issues booting up. This new one works every time. I am happy.

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