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New Beyond Good & Evil 2 Screenshots

A fresh batch of Beyond Good & Evil 2 screenshots have leaked onto the web. The game was due to be developed for the current generations of consoles, but Ubisoft recently suggested that they were considering moving Beyond Good & Evil 2 to the next generation of home consoles. Let’s hope they decide to bring it to Wii U.

29 thoughts on “New Beyond Good & Evil 2 Screenshots”

  1. This could totally run on the Wii U. I’m going to be mad if they don’t announce a Wii U version at E3.

    1. Looks like they’re making it with this gens hardware. And seeing as they are not going all out on the graphics suggest, they’re putting more effort and content in making a large open world.

      This game(or atleast the first 1) would be perfect for WiiU tabcontrol.

  2. I have yet to play the first one, so I might as well buy it for cheap. Also, we all want it on the Wii U, too. But for now, I want to see if it actually is shown at E3.

    1. Don’t bother, the original has really horrible gameplay, mediocre graphics for a PS2 game and just down right boring story.

      1. I just started playing, if you like Zelda(oot) and GTA its a good game ofcourse those games are better but it’s still good. The biggest set back is the camera system.

        It’s only about $10 can be found for last gen, pc and x360. advice some versions(CD) don’t work well with 64bit windows.

  3. Interesting that all these are “leaked” in the lead up to E3. And with Ubisoft’s history with Nintendo, I don’t see how they’re not working with them on this.

  4. I really do hope to see this at E3 as an Wii-U exclusive. First game was awesome for that time, I wonder what it is going to be like with all the new hardware and gameplay elements. Could be so

    Never stop dreaming, right?;)

  5. Anyone who has a ps3, and hasn’t play the first one, it’s on sell @ the psn store. Plus members get it for $5, and everyone else gets it for $7. Plus, it’s in hd.

  6. I really hope this isn’t the art style they’re going for. I prefer the cartoony look as it adds more emotion to the characters. I don’t understand why every game has to push “realism” all the time?

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