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Retro Studios New Game To Be “Star Fox & Metroid: Fusion Saga”?

The Paul Gale Network, which is renowned for posting rather obscure rumours, claims that the game Retro Studio’s is working on for Wii U is a Star Fox and Metroid collaboration. We already know that Retro Studios are possibly working on a Star Fox title for Wii U, although this idea sounds a little too far-fetched. All will be revealed at E3 which takes place in just a few weeks.

  • Some folk at Retro Studios wanted to develop a new ip that involved 3rd person sci-fi action with intense aerial combat.
  • Others apparently were leaning towards taking the Star Fox helm.
  • Nintendo sees Retro Studios as a very competent developer and worked with them in creating the hybrid title of Star Fox – Metroid: Fusion Saga.
  • The title has multiple gameplay mechanics and needed a wide staff of talent to incorporate the many ideas.
  • The story begins as you control Fox McCloud and the Star Fox team on deep space mission in your Arwing, flying through a Meteos-like stage. As you enter a light speed warp, there’s a collision with an orange ship (Samus’) and the game continues with you now plummeting to a planet as Samus in her craft. You’re in mild control of her ship, using the Wii U controller to look around and touch screen press the lit up buttons to prepare for impact (while the TV stays locked on what you see out of the cockpit). You’re now on land, as a “yet again” stripped down Samus Aran with the most basic of weapon abilities, in first person perspective, traversing through this unknown planet.
  • The game switches off between intense Arwing space and planetary battles as Fox makes his way to the planet that Samus crashed on and a Metroid Prime-like experience of gameplay as Samus on this planet, gradually uncovering its mysteries, leveling up, etc.
  • The Star Fox stages represent what the series is best known for, including the chatter and coming to the aid of the rest of your team, all range mode battles, and on rails stages.
  • The Metroid part of the game puts you alone, void of human or any talking character contact, and like the Prime series, sees you gaining upgrades, battling bosses, and in this case, repairing your ship.
  • The game is said to be epic in size, scope, ambition.
  • The pacing has been perfected to not interrupt what the feeling is behind either franchise, since Star Fox is more often known for being acceptable to have short sessions with and Metroid rather the opposite. You can opt to continue playing either just Samus’ part or Fox’s part without crossing over for much of the main game (or play it as it’s scripted back and forth), but will eventually have to complete both, as the characters will ultimately meet up.
  • There will be later parts in the game where you do get to control Samus’ ship and fly it Star Fox style.
  • Likewise, Fox McCloud will be controllable by foot (both the above and this bullet point represent a period in the game after the two sides meet up) and be played via 3rd person perspective. Think of Jet Force Gemini with Fox’s known agility as he’s portrayed to having in the Smash Bros. series. (Fox will move more like Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden and less like he did in Star Fox Adventures).
  • Though a tentative title, the idea behind the story of “Fusion Saga” is both a play on the fact that the two series are fusing together into one game and of course, a storyline behind Andross using Metroids to enhance himself, his army, etc.
  • Star Fox – Metroid: Fusion Saga is wholly a satisfying adventure game as Samus, an equally electrifying aerial combat game as Fox, and something that delivers an exciting, special change that fans will love.
  • In consideration was the Star Fox portion having 4 player co-op online, but instead the game will have leaderboards for time and percent complete for all parts of the game and multiplayer will be simply versus mode based.

171 thoughts on “Retro Studios New Game To Be “Star Fox & Metroid: Fusion Saga”?”

    1. I’m not sure if this falls in line with their statement “Something everyone wants us to do”, because no one would even consider a crossover like this.

            1. What I said was meant as a silly reaction to an amusing coincidence, not a proclamation of something that has only just surfaced on a rumor network that, despite having a good record, is the only place it’s been brought up and has no sort of confirmation whatsoever from Nintendo, Retro or any other affiliated parties as truth.

              Long story short: Have a sense of humor.

              BTW, the $2 never came up in the article.

    2. Damn it i just Jizzed my pants when I read this. I truly hope that this is NOT a rumour. I would get this game on DAY ONE!!!!!

      Get N or Get OUT!!!!


    1. WTF? Samus and Fox (a girl and a fox) together in the same game?? i don’t want that sh*t, seriously this is so bizarre… SO THIS IS A FU**ING FAKE!!!!!

  1. Absolute bullcrap. Metroid is far too serious for this to work, unless they actually want people to hate the franchise even more, they should go back to the roots, or a new prime-style game.

        1. Uhh, yeah, you can. Don’t be such a fanboy. My point was, before the fusion games (maybe enter the dragonfly in Spyro’s case) they were both amazing franchises, then they started going downhill.

          1. They went downhill because both franchises were sold to Universal Studios, and Naughty Dog was no longer making the games, not because they decided to join them.

            1. Naughty Dog stopped making Crash and Insomniac stopped making Spyro, you mean. But same thing either way.

    1. “a storyline behind Andross using Metroids to enhance himself, his army, etc”
      Uhh, that isn’t what Metroids do. Unless they mean Phazon, which does do that.

    2. I know right! especially that bullet point that says: “The Metroid part of the game puts you alone, void of human or any talking character contact, and like the Prime series, sees you gaining upgrades, battling bosses, and in this case, repairing your ship.”
      Such a terrible idea!

  2. It’s just a RUMOR, but I thought I’d share it despite how much I dislike putting up stuff that has as good of a chance at being fake as it does being real. TMNT: Manhattan Crisis and Star Fox – Metroid: Fusion Saga are both one in the same, that’s for sure (unlike PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale which I said was real from the start, 6 months before anyone else).

    We’ll see, but it’s at least interesting to see that it was possibly being considered…

      1. I’m the source of both the PS All-Stars BR story and this one. The former I guaranteed was real, but this one I labeled just as a rumor to be safe since I could not verify it.

      2. Dude, he’s the one who made hte rumor in the first place. As cool as this would be, it may not be true, it COULD be, but it could turn out to be false.

    1. There are always ways to make it canon. In this case it could be “dimensional rift in subspace takes Samus to an alternate world.”
      Farfetch’d, but it would be canon.
      But I agree with you on that it shouldn’t be canon.

  3. if this is real the game will be epic OMG im having a NERD Orgasm and maybe just maybe we see a Legend of zelda cross over with kid icarus just thinking about making me so excited so many possibility nintendo can do with there game characters

    1. Precisely. They just seem like 2 entirely separate games. It’s like making 2 half-arsed efforts and sticking them on 1 disc, rather than making proper sequels to both.

    2. Yeah, because look how that went *cough* StarFox Adventures *cough* Metroid Other M *cough*
      No way Nintendo are gonna risk that again. Merging two franchises with the best gameplay from each of them into one game sounds like a good strategy to me.

        1. So you decide upon getting a game if the plot is genuine or not? Who cares about story, Mario games don’t need a story, Star Fox games don’t need a story either and even if they are there, they’re just pointless. Great games don’t have to have stories. Metroid is already ruined by Team Ninja for letting her talk, so I don’t know, maybe story just ruins the whole game or what?

          1. why are you compearing 2 different things? You want every game out there to be like mario platformers just because “it works”? Complexitie to a plot for a game that deserves it doesn’t seam bad at all if it is done correctly… And after watching what they can do with metroid prime and Starfox adventure, I actually want more! Remember that the gameplay mechanincs are just a way to tell a story (simple or complex) and if you combine both of this factors you might get a good game with substance.

          2. Excuse me? Star Fox games don’t need story?! Part of what makes Star Fox stand out was it’s character development! If you’re suggesting that’s a bad thing then I’ll say the same thing to you that I did when IGN said the same thing: STOP BEING A RETRO FAG!

          3. but this isnt team ninja, this is retro studios who knows what they are doing with metroid, so each should have their own title, this crossover seems ridiculous, I don’t like it because as owner of every metroid game released, I KNOW they won’t mix good

        2. Francisco Alvarado Vega

          Not necessarily, it could be a one time thing. And after the events they return to their respective systems.

      1. Adventures went down better than Other M did. This just seems like a fanboy’s dream to me. They should make proper games in the franchises!

        1. Duburubengorguturf

          Why do people keep saying Other M was bad; it really wasn’t. Seriously I bet you people didn’t even play it.

          1. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely had good points. I liked more emphasis on story, the graphical style, and more focus on Samus’s character (even if they did it badly). It just had a few potholes and some other bad decisions.

            1. Duburubengorguturf

              Fair enough, it’s just seems like alot of people base their impression on Other M on word of mouth as opposed to first hand experience.

              1. ^ i find this to be true many people i heard talkin never put the disc in the wii, while far from perfect i enjoyed it a a lot hell i even watched it in movie form lol

              2. Other M is Persirved as bad because it doesn’t stack up to the quality of the Rest of the Metroid Cataloge. But its far from a bad game.

  4. Would be awesome if the versus mode multiplayer (hope it’s online) consisted of FPS shooting, Metroid Prime-style and also StarFox airship battle shooting, like the multiplayer in StarFox 64 3D. Now this is a game that I would definitely buy, who cares about the merging of two series, as long as the gameplay is how we want it to be, then I’m all in for it.

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  6. This is obviously not true, the design styles of the two games are just way too different. Star Fox is light-hearted with talking animals (even though it has very intense gameplay), whilst Metriod is dark, gritty and has a far more mature feel.

    Also, can you really see a talking fox in a Metroid game, or a human in a Star Fox game? No, you can’t. Fake.

    However, I do think a Zelda-Kid Icarus crossover would be very interesting. I’m not against the idea of crossovers, just ones that would not mix well.

      1. While I think a Zelda Kid Icarus would be good visually, i think it be a weird crossover in terms of Zelda being a mostly serious and silent in dialogue. On the other hand Icarus is filled with light hearted one liners haha

          1. yeah i mean in the way they leave the gameplay of each series and just mash them smash bros has its own

  7. Of course this is not true but it is a very interesting idea witch could either be fail or a huge success.

  8. The chances of this being real are pretty low, and I highly doubt this is.
    But if it was it would be simply fantastic.

  9. This would be very interesting if it were true, but it most likely isn’t. I think the fans would prefer a new stand alone installment in the Star Fox and Metroid series. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. As much as i would like this to happen, I think Nintendo should do the unexpected, EVERYONE wants one of those titles, or has high hopes of them. But I think if Retro brought back Killer Instinct it would add to the hardcore titles with extra blood, characters finishers, customizable clothing and move sets and lots of unlockables. Then release one of those titles it would be better than trying to mash/mess up.

      1. That would be great, but unfortunately Killer Instinct is owned by Rare who are in turn owned by Microsoft.

        1. A search on shows that Nintendo still owns the Killer Instinct trademark. I think if Microsoft had gotten ahold of the rights to do a KI3 for Xbox/Xbox360 they would have said so by now. — Hardgoodbye 09:03, 8 November 2005 (UTC)
          Nintendo still owns the trademark for Killer Instict, the title for the arcade and SNES. However, the doesn’t necessery equals owning the rights to publishing future titles under that name.

        2. Arnie is right. I’ve even asked the original RARE team (now Starfire astudios UK) and even emailed Nintendo of America and they said those IP’s are owned by Microsoft. So we won’t be seeing Killer Instinct on any other system that’s not made by Microsoft

          1. And I got proof. Still got the email they sent me saved on my yahoo mail. Go ask the old RARE team themselves if y’all don’t believe me (Starfire Studios UK) facebook’em. You’ll probably see my question to them regarding this on their wall and see their response.

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  11. Ughhh please don’t do this to Metroid! Keep the games seperate with their own story lines. Both series are great but they are too different to mix like this.

    1. Retro basically re imagined Metroid and did it pretty damn well. I would think that, they could create a new art style that really suits both, something not too different from Prime. They have to redo both for HD, and maybe they found out the right mix.
      I think, with both series having a strong emphasis on tactics and exploration, this might just work…

  12. this would be pretty damn sweet, better than other m of course. and they would be able to get 2 franchises out again with 1 game. i approve.


    what a stupid idea!!!!

    but its false!! (i hope :/)

  14. This better not count in the Metroid storyline, or I will be ultra mega super pissed. To me, it just seems like a very stupid idea, StarFox and Metroid are 2 completely different series. But then again, we ARE talking about Retro Studios here…

  15. Mel FUCKING Gibson

    This is just going to be one big fapping competition for Nintendo fanboys.

    Half wank over Samus.
    Half wank over Krystal.

    Only difference is that the disc wont get sticky as you dont have to swap games!

  16. :O This would be one of the most epic nintendo games (but almost all nintendo games are epic)

  17. I have a a really hard time believing this. Although a new Star Fox and Metroid game would be nice…..

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  19. This is STUPID. hope it’s not true!! None if it makes any since and Nintendo would put to completely different game together when thief trying to be taking serious by Hardcore gamers!! Plus it would be waste and misuse of to incredible franchises witch brought would bring n more money in stand alone form!! This is to far fetch to believe IMO!!

  20. Sounds like a crazy set up. However, my curiosity is quite high. Fuck it! Give it a try. I’d love to check it out and give it a review.

  21. WTF? Are they retarded? It sounds so stupid! They want to fuck up metroid? RIDICULOUS!

    “The story begins as you control Fox McCloud and the Star Fox team on deep space mission in your Arwing, flying through a Meteos-like stage. As you enter a light speed warp, there’s a collision with an orange ship […]”

    OH GOD, NO!

    *STRONG Facepalm*

  22. this sounds absolutely crazy. And the psychotic type of crazy (maybe a little bit of the awesome crazy), but really, its just weird. I doubt its true.

      1. Damn right! Nintendo calls that shit an “EVERGREEN” title because it ALWAYS sells. It’s been out all these years and they’re JUST lowering the price next month on the 10th

      2. You misinterpreted what they said. “That’s the SHIT” is comparable to “That’s off the CHAIN” or some similar positive comment. Drybones is just being very enthusiastic about the series.

  23. thekidnintendowiiman

    I think that first they should make standalone games to establish the two games especially Star Fox since we haven’t since a new game since those DS ones and Star Fox 3D is a remake so that doesn’t count. I think F-Zero deserves a new game in its franchise more then the other two. Retro, please make an F-Zero game first. Then you can do whatever the hell you want.

  24. There’s no way this is real. However, that boxart is definitely what Wii U cases will look like.

  25. As farfetched as this is, I think it would be cool if it were true and done right. It doesn’t seem like the two series would mix well, but I’ll like to see what Nintendo/Retro Studios do with it anyway. It might turn out to be really great game. I’m excited about the prospect of another first-person Metroid game regardless. I think if done right, in a creative way, it could be good. :D

    1. Personally if they do a Fusion Saga, make it Zelda and Metroid. The “Zeltroid” intro on link side would be a time flux bringing all the Links from the future into the skyward sword era Link, and the planet that the kingdom of hyrule is located would be at its beginnings of being built and Demise would resurface with possible aid from the Deity’s Majora and Fierce Deity.

      On the Metroid side Samus investigates the planet that is in an apparent dimensional flux similar to Aether. All the while the ship at the end of corruption would finally reveal itself as Dark Samus Reincarnated as Samus is weak from being exposed to Metroid DNA after Fusion. The planet would also house new upgrades as well as restoring Samus’ Chozo Armor. With the Fusion Suit Dark Samus can possibly see her as an ally and destroy and aid the timeline on the planet for the power of the Chozo. somehow they end up in the past when the Chozo were on the planet and the prophised hunter would return and Dark Samus feeling betrayed will aid and fuse with Demise forming a twisted and evil incarnation that will spread a new form of evil around the planet and the galaxy.

      Mechanics I would like to see would be have Link and Samus fly through the sky towards the middle to the end of the respected story’s

      Samus actually have NEW items and no more rehashes. Have the rehashes but at the beginning.

      Have the scale of the world be 5 times the size of Twilight Princess

      With the arm cannon, bring modern design concepts such as a minigun expansion and shotgun-esqe charge blasts that are 3 times more powerful than a regular charge shot. Also bring back all the elemental beams from the prime serious with new elements such as wind, water, and earth.

      Are these good ideas?

  26. I’ve never played Starfox and I’ve not played much of Metroid, but this sounds really cool if it’s true! And it kinda makes sense: Nintendo needs to satisfy both SF and M fans due to lack of well-received games for each series, and it would ultimately be cheaper (and possibly more epic) to satisfy both fanbases with one game.

  27. Personally, I’d rather see a MarioxKirby crossover.

    That being said, I would give this a try as long as there is no FPS crap in it. Likely false info though.

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  29. This whole rumor seems like a delusional idea when the guy saw that fans wanted both Metroid and Star Fox from Retro studios. I’m surprised it doesn’t add, “and then the Blue Falcon hits the ship’s wreckage and the Kongs awake in a nearby jungle.”

    1. Despite what I said, I’m really starting to warm up to this idea. I mean, this is probably the most creative use of both universes, and it seems plausible. Moreover, it seems AWESOME. It’ll bring Nintendo into the HD era AND show that they can excel with stroytelling, really diverse gameplay, COMPETITIVE ONLINE, and doing something really different with long-lived characters.

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  31. Well, people wanted Retro Studios to work on either Metroid or Star Fox. Why not combine the 2? Nintendo is not new to merging their franchises together, and they went big with the story more in Brawl, though the gameplay was repetitive.

  32. The.Most.Awesome.News.EVER.
    I can see this working and making everyone’s going “wow” in a couple of weeks from now. Mark my words: this is just the icing of the cake. Nintendo’s E3 conference is going to blow our minds in more than just one way.

  33. Awful, truly abysmal idea. I can’t think of a more brutal way to compromise the integrity of either IP’s universe. Adding anything Starfox to the Metroid universe would just trivialise said universe, and a bunch of cutesy animal characters, no matter how competent or loved by fans, will look ridiculous and frankly trivial when placed next to the much more gritty backdrop of the Metroid series. Let’s not forget that Metroid is inspired by Alien for bob’s sake.

    Some things just don’t mix. Heck, I loved Finding Nemo, but I wouldn’t want Dory to show up as a supporting character in Prometheus.

    1. Really? With more realistic-looking, sci-fi graphics, I see the Star Fox team as an alien race similar to the Metroid Prime series.

      1. I totally respect your opinion, and if enough people like the idea then who am I to argue? I just personally wouldn’t be able to take it seriously enough to play it. To me it’d be a similar leap to putting Pikmin in the Star Fox universe. Or Link showing up in Skyrim. Or even Mario being an unlockable character in the WiiU version of Aliens: Colonial Marines. Admittedly I’m exaggerating to make a point on that last one, but that’s just how out of place I personally feel it would be.

        I can see that it could work if they updated the Star Fox characters to fit into the Metroid setting, but I can’t imagine Nintendo allowing that amount of change – just to illustrate quite how much they would need to change the look of the characters to fit in imo, Slippy Toad would have to pretty much end up looking like a Krogan. Come to think of it, if they updated both universes to that level of detail then I would possibly buy it in a heartbeat…

    2. O.o the gamers are very similar in nature. They are both in outer space and deal with aliens. I can very well see Starfox existing in the smart universe as Samus.

      1. Being in space and dealing with aliens are things they have in common, sure, but they are tonally very, very different. Dead Space is set in space and technically the necromorphs are aliens (ie extra-terrestrial in origin), but that doesn’t mean it would be appropriate to drop anthropomorphised animals into it just because of sharing a couple of broad keywords in common.

  34. The universe is gigantic. There is no reason for Fox and Samus to not exist in the same universe, especially if they haven’t even crossed each others’ paths yet. We didn’t know Tallon 4 existed before Metroid Prime. Nor Aether before Metroid Prime 2. The universe just keeps expanding. And out of all the franchises with Nintendo, Star Fox and Metroid are the two likely to crossover anyway, due to their similar alien themes. Metroid is hardcore in its story, but I wouldn’t say it’s overly serious. Maybe more in its aesthetics, but not so overly mature. And there’s no reason for Star Fox to get about as hardcore as Metroid either.

  35. What if… Retro was making two separate games. One of them is Star Fox HD, and the other one is Metroid HD.
    Hmmmm… I wonder if Retro Studios is split into two teams and making two different games for Wii U.

  36. Come on people, stop bitching. If anything this is SAID TO BE JUST A RUMOUR. But if this turns out to be true, then it would be awesome. Besides, if they managed to pull that huge, amazingly awesome crossover named Subspace Emissary off(which made every Super Smash Bros. Brawl character cross paths), then they can pull this off too. I seriously trust Retro Studios. They have proven they won’t dissapint.

  37. This is some interesting stuff. Metroid and Star Fox are my favorite game franchises of all time.

    And with all this Rumors of Retro making a Star Fox game and a Metroid game. This could be likely.

    Because Retro would be making this game it will be good. A bit like SSBB to me with the story line mode.


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  39. Wow awesome. I always thought Nintendo would do a crossover of some sort one day (Smash Bros excluded. If this is true, it’ll be one heck of a game.

  40. I don’t know why ppl are bitchin like 5 yr olds. It makes sense. Both characters share the space universe. What makes you think star fox isnt or can’t be serious like metroid or vice versa. Not to mention graphics are HD. Outer space, Alien races, you mean to tell me this won’t be a good game if done superbly good. Get out of here, your loss not ours

  41. Please, no… I really like the two franchises for what they offer. Keep them separate. I would have yet to see it, but I don’t think I would buy the game; especially not if Metroid went back to the Prime FPS gameplay.

  42. Although i admit it probly would be an awesome game if done correctly I still don’t see how the story would workout it just seems dumb to me. I believe if this rumour is true then the story will be horrible with some great gameplay which is still good enough for me lol but I don’t see how both samus and fox would fit together in a game. Starfox is more like cartoony wit all the talking animals then the world samus is in with a bunch of humans and stuff

    1. Here’s where your wrong, samus’s world has talking humans and talking aliens. The space pirates, luminoth, and bounty Hunters talk right????? and again with the “starfox is kiddy and cartoony” seriously dude, was there anything cartoony and kiddy about fox and falco whooping ass in smash bros. My point exactly

      1. Well… When Fox threw that poké ball at Wario and then Kirby ate Falco, that may have been a little cartoony…

  43. This is for all retards that keep saying star fox is kiddy, cartoony, and not serious………..take a look at smash bros and tell me that fox and falco whooping ass wasn’t serious

  44. You know what I personally want? A Yoshi’s Island/Kirby’s Dream Land Crossover. They’re both cartoony and they both eat stuff. And I’ll admit, Star Fox/Metroid Crossover sounds, er, interesting. But the way it sounds so far seems like a ridiculously cliche fan project.

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  50. ok all you stupid people dont know anything about metroid. if they made a game like this the whole metroid series would be dead and would only be remembered as a game of the past. i dont want metroid to end up like many other great games that went down the drain because someone had to change something. metroid is one of nintendos original title games one of the first. but its not treated as good as zelda or mario. why? nobody knows the gameplay is great the graphics are great but its not as famous as other games. nintendo has to step it up make its games greater and better. please just make it better. thank you.

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  52. oh shit!! a crossover between two of my most beloved franchises!?!?!?!? omfg I don’t know if I want this to be true or not, cuz im afraid it will ruin the good names of both series, but then again, it might as well be one hell of a game!! im not sure if I want this to happen or not. or instead, id rather retro studios make a sequel for both games instead of risking ruining both starfox and Metroid

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