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Wii U Patent Shows Off Wii Remote To Wii U Pad Point and Drag

An exciting new patent has emerged which was filed by Nintendo back in October. The patent depicts a player extracting and moving an object from the TV using the Wii Remote and transferring the virtual object to the Wii U controller. An example that Nintendo used is that the player is under attack from a UFO so the player uses the Wii Remote to help move a character from their television screen to the safety of the Wii U tablet.

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73 thoughts on “Wii U Patent Shows Off Wii Remote To Wii U Pad Point and Drag”

    1. Yea, this idea just blow my mind, but not just the idea itself, it’s the way they surpirsed make forward to get even more new ways to play.

    1. I saw another vid, showing the opposite — throwing shurikens, etc., from the controller, to the screen at targets on the TV… though yeah I agree, I don’t see it being utilized to a great extent…

      1. I’m sure people said that about motion controls with the Wii, but there are some good games with motion control. At this point, we really can’t tell how well it will fare.

    1. It’s not about the idea but the technical concept. It’s like patenting the Sanity Meter from Eternal Darkness.

  1. Ingenuity, innovation and creativity. Nintendo really puts the FUN in fundamental… Shield Pose is one of the main examples.

  2. That’s a very interesting concept. I want to see how they implement it into a real game. Kudos to Nintendo. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Unfortunately it’s gotta be done to stay competitive, heck Nintendo pretty much just took an iPad, added some triggers, two slider pads and buttons, would be dumb of Apple to sue them, if they do, they may as well sue every other company that has adapted touch :P

        1. Yeah, thats the name of the game. Apple has already tried to sue Google over android, I wouldnt put it past them to sue nintendo for the Wii U controller. I’m not saying that the Vita/Ps3 would be a bad thing though. Im just saying that they already have that planned, I don’t think we can even call it a copy of nintendo here.

          1. Then would you care to tell us why Sony’s PlayStation Move is ripping off the Wii controller?

            1. Sure thing, because that one IS a blatant ripoff. Nintendo made a lot of money, sony felt the pressure, and ipso facto we got the move. Not too different than the SNES/psX controller issue that happened, or the N64/Dualshock thing that happened. Gotta stay competitive. Apple does it all the time. Takes technology, remakes it in their style, then claims that they made it first and all their fans are non the wiser. Pretty slick marketing if you ask me, even if its shady.

        2. In fact was the sucess of the touch techology with the DS who make apple touch a prioriity in the for their Phone…

  3. SONY rules nintendo is a bad company. i mean the wii has terrible graphics and the wii u is just ripping of the ipad.

      1. @ranmamorobushi – You’re truly a failure. Last week, Sony had lost $4.6 billion due to poor sales, economy, etc. The Wii U is the most powerful and sophisticated video game system ever made. And the Nintendo 3DS is outselling PSVita in Japan. In conclusion, NINTENDO rules… Sony is an inferior company.

        1. The only failure here is you commenting before knowing anything. Im a nintendo fan. Rather than trying to flame the troll above me for his comment, I wrote “insert something witty here”. I wouldn’t be in a nintendo forum if I wasn’t a huge nintendo fan. Look that was harsh, just really I am a nintendo fan, please do not assume otherwise because you didn’t understand the context of my comment.

          1. Damn, now Im the one commenting before I read it all. Now I have to apologize. Sorry @upadwatcher, I just get on edge in this forum. I can’t joke without being flamed….

            1. Yes, I saw that after I already posted. Im sorry about that. My bad for not checking the other post before I responded, please accept my sincerest apologies.

    1. The Wii does not have bad graphics at all. They just aren’t as good. And you, are the most stupidest troll I’ve ever seen. If you are going to say Nintendo ripped of the iPad, why don’t you bring up the PlayStation Move. You are an idiot. End of story. Oh and also: NINTENDO ruules sony is a bad company.

    2. Please, look at when Wii came out and now, graphics get better, hell look at the first Nes game to the last, much better.
      Now Bitch get da’ fuck out of this page. This is MyNintendonews, not LittleBitchSonyRip-offs
      now if you want to hate write it in you’re diary not the Internet, Pencils erase,You’re post DOESN’T.

  4. That sounds awful to be honest. Doesn’t anybody remember the drag (pun intended) it was to complete the monster list in Monster Hunter Tri? It’s not like you have mousepointer accuracy with the wii motes…

  5. ^fags nintendo sucks. They sold alot, so what ford outsells lincolns and its still a piece of shit. Die fags enjoy ur ugly 3ds and wii caca. Nkntendo went casual because they were failing the hardcore with n64 gamecube and virtual so stfu cracker

    1. Ok Little bitch now for you, again Get da’ fuck off this page, This is MyNintendoNews not LittleBitchSonyRip-offs.
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      1. lol nice comment …. by the way wheres LittleBitchSonyRip-offs site is so i can pick a fight to them.

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