No Aliens Wii U At E3 2012

Gearbox software and Sega have confirmed that Aliens: Colonial Marines won’t be making an appearance at next months E3. There was speculation that Aliens Wii U would be a timed exclusive for the console, but this is now sounding unlikely. Sega announced earlier today that Aliens: Colonial Marines won’t be released until next year.



      1. Thank you. It’s common knowledge that Microsoft pays activision several million dollars to get call of duty DLC a month early (they pay more than the DLC is worth but make up for it with software and hardware sales)

        But unless Nintendo pays them why make it an exclusive? It would serve no advantage at all. They wouldn’t make more money, only Nintendo would (from people buying the system)

        I know Sony also pays for timed exclusives too….

        I mean most gamers know this already….


      2. Maybe Sega likes Nintendo?
        Or Nintendo is bribing Sega with more opportunities in the next Smash Bros? Say, a bigger role for Sonic in something like Subspace Emissary. Sega might be jealous of Snake’s larger role.


      1. Its not a curse. Its called being gay, embrace it. Besides, youre not first until you take my penis out of your butt.


    1. a new Mario has been confirmed to be shown this E3 and it’s the WIi U one ;)

      Zelda could be possible for all you know, and… Starfox or metroid…


      1. They’re showing two Mario games. And Pikmin, and a bunch of other stuff. But Zelda on Wii U is really unlikely right now. Those games have long development cycles and Skyward Sword was just released.


      2. Still not that much. If there is one so soon, it’ll probably be based on Ocarina 3D’s engine (but not necessarily a remake).


  1. Meh… the game doesn’t features Sigourney Weaver anyways, just a bunch of gay troopers trying to make Aliens mad to rip their earthling asses off.. LoL :p


  2. So… theres Gearbox hyping everything up highly and it’s not being shown this E3? wtf?

    At least we have Ubisoft with their Killer Freaks and Ghost Recon Online for Wii U launch.

    Still, Aliens: CM is going to be awesome


  3. I’m beginning to think they’ve hit some major snag somewhere in the development and they really need time to fix it.


  4. Fffffffffffffffffffffffffuck, I was hoping to have this at launch. Oh well, i’ll see what Nintendo has to offer at launch instead.


    1. I’m not sure. Metro 2034 was delayed a while back to 2013 also! Ack I’m losing hope!
      Is there any other good third party games coming to wii u?


      1. It’s not that bad, if the delay means that the game wasn’t ready, i’m happy they’re not trying to push it out sooner.


      2. I’m starting to lose hope for the Wii U now as they keep delaying games just like with the 3DS.

        They said Starfox 64, MGS, and Dead or Alive was going to be a 3DS launch, but it never happened, MGS got delayed 4 times also.

        For Wii U though, they have delayed Metro Last Light now. and Now this! At least Killer Freaks and Ghost Recon Online is coming at launch.

        What I’m pointing out is if Wii U games and Wii U stuff gets delayed, it will be a 3DS launch which would fail.


      3. How the fuck is the launch going to fail when Assassin’s Creed 3 still remains as a launch title! I don’t give 5 fucks about Metro being delayed! AC3 remaining a launch title is I care.


      4. Umm…

        Ok AC3 is all you care about?

        Wow, Ghost Recon: Online being a launch is going to be another I care about.

        What I was saying is I don’t want the Wii U to be a 3DS style launch with all most of the games being delayed.


  5. That sux I get it if the game isn’t finished etc….I get that if it was there it wouldn’t be in playble form if not ready….I just wanted to see it running on the hardware in some form :-(


  6. There is a chance they may show skyward sword on the wii u this year, I wouldn’t put it past Nintendo to try and increase that games popularity by making it HD…will it utilize the the controls? That’s in the air too…am I just doing some wishful thinking?! Ya damn right I am lol


  7. Smh ppl just get it on the pc or better yet the xbox360 with kinect …its not about graphics its about gameplay besides based on demo the wii u is equel to the xbox but xbox has better online.


  8. I bet this news changes before E3, they wont miss E3, don’t know why they being deceptive, but it will be shown at E3. 1st Nintendo will most Likely be the stage They’ll show it on. 2 they’ve shown to much not to show it….it’s releasing early 2013 so they will need to set a presidence with Gamers no other stage is grander then E3…….something sound misleading with this news IMO…..I don’t buy it


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