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Wii Price To Drop To $99?

Nintendo might be planning to sell the Wii for $99 sometime later this year. The rumour comes from a Kmart employee who managed to take a snap of the revised pricing for the console from the company’s database. It would make sense for Nintendo to announce a price drop for Wii during E3 as the company shifts its focus onto Wii U, which is due for release later this year. We should know for certain in just a couple of weeks.

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49 thoughts on “Wii Price To Drop To $99?”

  1. That would even be a bit too cheap!! I mean, trust me, im all for a good price, but thats almost too good to be true for me!!

  2. Doesn’t surprise me, considering the Wii U will be here come the end of the year. Was about to say they did the same with the GameCube, but iirc that was much earlier on; I remember getting mine back in 2004 (2 years before the Wii took over) for £79.

  3. It’s already 99€ here in Germany, so it’s most likely to happen soon. And with the WiiU being on it’s way, it’s plausible.

      1. The reason the PS2 lasted so long was because it had the technology to last a long time before becoming obsolete. The Wii on the other hand became obsolete not too long after it came out…

        1. Not really.
          The PS2 was the weakest console of the past gen (not counting Dreamcast). Its games looked bland when compared to the GC and Xbox.
          That it still sells is because of the huge quantity of games and because it also reads DVDs.

            1. Why do you think they removed it? XD

              Sony executive A: “The PS2 is still selling more than the PS3.”
              Sony executive B: “Then remove backwards compatibility from the PS3 and make the PS2 stay on the market for another decade!”

          1. Lol ? PS2 was the weakest ?
            Sorry, but I don’t think so. Not at all. I own both systems and from what I see the PS2 offers better graphics. Not that I say the Gamecube is bad, I sure don’t. I mean, look at Mario Sunshine, looks simply great. But that’s the only game with really really good graphics I can think of, though. Maybe I’m just wrong but even if, I don’t think the difference is that obvious. I always thought of the PS2 as a really strong system, for it’s generation that is.
            And I don’t see what’s wrong with leaving the PS2 still in the shelves. Here in Germany it’s still in the shelves too and it seems to be still selling as well.

    1. well nintendo has to support there new platform as much as possible, after what happen to 3ds they know what to do.

  4. I was planning to buy a final fantasy game for ps3 but if this ends up being true i’d rather buy this

  5. well even though it was different the Wii was a formidable console, it have variety, and complexity, but some ppl just didnt click with it. But alas “Leave Luck to Heaven”

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  7. That’s about all the Wii is worth unfortunately… too bad it didn’t have the technology to last another 2-3 years :/

    1. Too bad it didn’t need the technology to last 2-3 years. The Wii still has the most A+ exclusives this gen, the best RPGs on any system, and more than enough games to keep any gamer happy. Except the graphics whores, who simply miss out due to their own ignorance.

  8. wtf? didn’t it just get a price cut late last year??

    nonetheless, my niece took over mine so ill be getting another one. if it is indeed true.

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  10. Shocker. If Nintendo would re-integrate GC playability this would be a wise back-up purchase. But that would be too nice of them.

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  12. Nintentards say its about gameplay, yet they bought the wii a machine that was an insult to hardcore gamers and it was a casual,shovelware gimmick smh good job double standard lying shitendo fags!

  13. ^Fail shitendo is to cheap and poor. Besides they never take risk they’re jews. Ppl just buy xbox…wii u is the same graphics based on demo but weak online compared to xbox live

    1. mate I dunno what your talking about!?!?!? Im an xbox n ps3 fan but to tell you the truth Nintendo has lasted longer than any other gaming supplier so STFU!! and their exclusive games have killed the records more than the ps3 and xbox exclusives…….maybe your just a kid who plays COD all day…loser :P

  14. This should be good in terms of helping the sales for the Wii to go up cause right now Xbox 360 is in the lead right now. But the only drawback to the Wii is that some companies have made a lot of crappy games for it that seem to cloud the shelves and cover up all the good stuff.

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