Nintendo 3DS Close To 1 Million Sales In UK

Chart-Track data has revealed that the Nintendo 3DS is nearing the one million sales mark in the United Kingdom. During its 61 weeks on sale the handheld has sold almost 950,000 units. By comparison the Nintendo DS managed to sell one million units in the United Kingdom after 51 weeks.


  1. Didn’t they just say the other day how the 3DS doesn’t do as well in the UK as it does in other countries? What gives Nintendo, make up your mind lol

      1. But that doesn’t make any sense, it was Nintendo who said it wasn’t doing well in the UK in the first place.

    1. This is loads of sales in that there are only 62 million people in the UK so that means everyone in 62 people has a 3DS

        1. Actually, 1 million 3DSs in the UK is closer to 1.7% of the population. Not too bad.

  2. Well I absolutely love my 3ds. I take it everywhere. Its probably the best nintendo handheld ive owned. Thats just me personally.

  3. And I have StreetPass’d a massive 7 of those people! And 2 in-store demo units, but they don’t count.

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