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Capcom Apparently Claims Monster Hunter Tri G Western Release Is Unlikely

David Gibson, Head of Software & Services for Macquarie Capital Securities Japan, has revealed via Twitter that it’s fairly unlikely that Capcom will bring Monster Huntrer Tri G for The Nintendo 3DS to the West due to below expected sales of Monster Hunter Tri on Wii.

@gibbogame could you say if there is any hope for Monster Hunter 3G will be localized in America anytime this year? ‪#MHfan‬

@LiteDrg0nS1ay3R capcom keep saying its unlikely as audience not there based on the wii game

108 thoughts on “Capcom Apparently Claims Monster Hunter Tri G Western Release Is Unlikely”

    1. M’kay kewl.

      As long as we’ll get Monster Hunter 4 here I wouldn’t mind to much. Still not the best of news ofcourse.

    2. that sucks bad karma was lockeing forward for it on nintendo 3ds or else why ewen bother have my nintendo 3ds left else? have resident evil the mercaneries 3d and resident evil revelations and supper streat fighter on nintendo 3ds i think i stop gething cacpom games then sucks=( have resident evil 4 and 5 and 3 and code veronicka and resident evil opiration rancon city and soon devil may cry hd coletion butbut i think

    1. It was released on the Wii what did you expect. The wii isn’t that great of a system, not to mention how easy it is to just pirate the games on Wii. I’m guessing half the people that played the game pirated it lol.

  1. Capcom seems to delight in pissing off their fans lately. I can understand the business logic behind decisions like these, but it’s still disappointing. It seems so many companies think Western gamers are only interested in shooters and action games. :( There are niche gamers who would love to play stuff like this if only it was available.

    1. did U heard the news that (it happen a while ago search it up) that some capcom employe try to commit suicide.

        1. only grammar nazi cares about that, as long as people can read this, who cares, what the big deal about it.

          1. Stop being an idiot.

            oh wow looks at me i writes like a moron so what im saying is treu guis U HABEEB ME RIGHT SO RANDOM XD

    1. in a month or two we will start seeing people go on strike for it……like the MML3 100,000 Strong….

  2. Capcom is annoying me with Mega Man Legends 3 and Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney 2 (and perhaps Phoenix Wright 123 HD) and now Monster Hunter Tri G. I hope they decide to bring these things over because it’s ridiculous at this point. I’m pretty confident it will make it’s moneys worth for only hiring a group of guys to translate the game (but I’m not sure of who the process cost so I could be wrong).

    1. Because it actually won’t make money if they just “sell” it. It takes money to design, create, develop, and mass produce something. Unless they don’t sell enough copies to exceed the amount of money it took for development, then there would be no profitable gain, meaning there would be no money for paychecks, and furthermore no money for other games’ developments.

      1. But if they simply translated the game and made it playable on the US 3DS, then they could just sell it on the eShop, which would cut their costs dramatically!

        1. Dude, there are European and Shouth American (and canadian, mexican, and australian) fans of MonHan, too.

          Also… “Just translate”… no.
          Translate a game isn’t the same as translate a text. It can supose some fails on the software, bugs, and other weird things that aren’t too easy to fix. Also, i’m pretty sure that they’ll need a lot of time to make accordings and others with the anime distributors in Japan to let them allow to bring the game to the west, because most of this game event quest and equipment are based on animes/mangas. In Japan there are just some distributors, but in the west there are lots of countries, and each country has some distributors for these animes/mangas. Also, there are certain rumors about online multiplayer for the west (i don’t believe it), meaning more time needed to bring it here.

          I wish any fans will make a fan translation without regional blocking to can play it on 3DS’s R4…


    …idiots. Just idiots. I want to snap their necks so bad sometimes.

    1. We will need another 2 GB SD if it happen. Anyway, if it allows me to play this game, i don’t care if i need to buy a new one.

    1. they need to be more like Nintendo releasing quality game rather than ripping there customers of(DLC), is the reason why Nintendo gamer did not took interest of.

          1. stfu nintengay lets face it since nintendo bought mh’s rights meaning CAPCOMS Can’t say no too us or eu but if nintendo say lets keep it in jpn mh is nintendo’s now also its not capcoms choice where they realise it now so stfu

            1. Your an idiot dude how about you face it capkripple your on their side an that enrages me enough they need to bring the game out period that’s it translate it and mass produce it that’s the bad thing they have enough money to do that but will they tell us no so hey you stfu pedafile

      1. Hey Denny ortega, Soy de Mexico y tambien tengo un grupo de amigos que esperamos el 3G. Jugamos Tri de vez en cuando y tenemos un grupo de Facebook para hablantes hispanos. Agregame a CaraLibro : Tez López

  4. It’s understandable. Though MH3 was the best selling MH game in the west, the sales were still underwhelming in comparison to Japan, and I doubt people will be willing to buy the same game again on a handheld. Yes, I get that 3G has alot more content than MHTri, my point is people won’t pay for the same game for more content in this world of DLC. Not to mention MH3G has no online functionality, and relies on streetpass, which us american gamers won’t be happy about. In short, I see why they don’t want to localize THIS particular MH game. I think it’d be better for them to focus on localizing MH4 to the west. As long as that game utilizes online play, it’ll sell. Capcom knows MH is an important franchise in the west, but MH3G won’t sell well to the targeted audience in America. MH4 has a much better chance.

  5. Meh who cares, monster hunter for 3ds doesnt even have online multiplayer anyway, i’d rather wait for monster hunter 4 which is annoucned as a 3ds exclusive

      1. fcking dumb capcom why do they bother translating the game what if they make a monster hunter game that is already translated to english people these days i mean they should release it or spread the news if they already created the game that is already been translated to eng or eur

  6. I understand where they’re coming from with this, but there is a simple solution. Have a limited release to gauge fan support. Keep releasing according to the demand. Let’s say you release only 1 million copies, then if all those copies are sold you release more. The fans can make their orders and payment online. I don’t know if that’s possible, it was just a thought.

    Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Ummm that is possible, pretty much as Nintendo Planned with Xenoblade(before Gamestop help with the Localization Bill and take the exclusivity), maybe if Capcom, Nintendo and a Big Retailer(Gamestop,Best Buy, Etc) a Limited American released is possible…

      1. Yeah, but a company has to localize the game, and that means paying for the translation, the distribution and stuff.

  7. …. The best selling hand held series of all time is not being released in the area of the world that had half of those sales figures because of sub par sales of a console version of the game… makes perfect sense…

  8. Nonsense, Capcom have said nothing of the sort – 2Head of Software & Services for Macquarie Capital Securities Japan”

    Svensonny Jim has hinted to me and others that it’s coming to the West with changes – online

      1. He just sucked that bad lol haha the nargacuga must have bent his ass over lmfao oh I’m sorry I mean the giadrome rotfl

  9. CMON, man!!!! Monster Hunter Tri is one of the most EPIC games on Wii(after all Zelda, Mario and Metroid games…)!!! If thex don’t bring it AT LEAST to europe, I’ll… I’LL… I’LL UNLIKE CAPCOM ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Don’t you just love it when Capcom ignores its Western Fans and bitches about how a game has not got enough fan support even though it has loads of people wanting it… oh Capcom, why are you committing suicide?

  11. This will be terrible . Am sure the fans are here comon capcom. Or maybe it was a spelling mistake.but seriously this game needs to be localised and of couse no online will not stop sales the 3ds needs this

  12. Its literally the best selling entry in the series here in the west and they wont do it. I would buy it again if they released it. Why even show it at E3 if you’re not gonna release it.
    If it never makes it here, then I hope to god MH4 does.

  13. I wanted a Monster Hunter TriG on my 3DS, you know, on the go, kick Monster’s ass, fighting Deviljho’s subspecies, and that new final boss monster…

    … And is this the best they come up with? This ain’t my goddam morning, Capcom, that’s hardly an excuse.

    At least there’s MH4. But if CAPCOM… EVER CRUSH MY HOPE FOR MH4 to NOT BRING IT HERE… Then this means fucking WAR.

  14. Seriously, fuck capcom. All they care about is money and milking games that make the most of it. I’ve lost so much respect for them

  15. Why not a limited release? Make like 2 million copies and just sell those, minimise the loss. Maybe charge a bit extra for it too. I would definitely pay £45 maybe even £50 for it if it was limited.

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  17. 1.Didn’t Tri make at least a small profit on West sales? If they want money, perhaps shutting down some empty servers in Tri would help.

    2.This disappoints me. It makes me sad Capcom’s fans say they get disappointed alot. Make people aware about this game, Capcom! I sure never heard of anything before Tri. Shove it in our faces! Show this game off, man! Get them interested! I bought Tri because nothing else was out! I never do that!

    3.The 3DS might not be the best platform to sell a game like Monster Hunter. Perhaps the Wii U would be a better choice to attract teens and adults who just don’t take the 3DS and Wii seriously. Great graphics and killing giant monsters might draw in a big crowd.

    And on a side note, how the heck did 2 Monster Hunters get on the 3DS anyway?

  18. WTF Capcom? I was waiting for the game to by a 3DS.

    Why are you doing this to me? Why?
    Could they at least make the Jap. version without the region lock and allow people to make translation patches? I believe there are many fans who are willing to buy the game and some hardcore fans who are willing to do the translation work.

    Capcom, please don’t do this to me… PLEASE!!!

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  22. Meh, I almost expected this… I mean how could I expect a smart move from a company that can’t even spell it’s game titles or even it’s own name right?

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  24. not surprised, NA never gets those best game in japan, instead they release some shits like FF music stuff..

  25. I swear, Capcom, if you do not have this game localised and ready for release by July I will seriously consider executing myself on live webcam. Your racism towards the west is sickening and I can only hope, my people will unite and bring you the same misery and despair you bring us.


    1. I don’t think they should even bother with console releases, the game sells well on portables and Japan is the proof that I am right.

      If you look at it like this. Capcom say; this game will be both single and multi player. But, for you to coop play, you must get off your lazy ass and socialise with like-minded people. The Japanese then say; Ok we can do that.
      (They then get a new monster hunter each year)

      Ware as those of us in the west tell Capcom. We wont bother buying your new MH unless it has online, because I am too lazy to find people who also play. Capcom then say well we have a perfectly good market without the west so Fuck off and have fun not playing monster hunter.
      (FYI I’ts not hard to make a fan page/group on Facebook. I have done It and hosted small events ware 20-30 of us all meet and play)

      This isnt a rant at you adnan. I just get carried away LOL

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  28. Its very easy..
    there will be no announcement for 3g or 3rd in the west. its to late for it, so its logical.
    but maybe theres a chance for a new mh, we will know btw june 30th and july 1st.
    how about a ps3-own monster hunter? THAT would make me very happy..
    CASHCOM, u read that? :P

    1. If we skip this one and go straight to 4 then we will miss out on 4g. I personally think its not really worth buying/playing if were only gonna get the shit version and miss out on the extended one.

      And how much of a dick are you. You want to have a ps3 exclusive for monster hunter. Your only thinking of yourself and not all the fans who want this game.

      1. If you’re a REAL MH fan, it doesn’t matter which console it’s on because you’ll buy the game AND the console if you love it enough, like I do, anyways. Fans will paraglide off of Everest in swimsuits if they have to to get a game localization from CAPCOM.

  29. I like mostly on PSP so I don’t mine what capcom told about Monster Hunter 3G on 3DS, but if Monster HUnter 3G is on PSP I would to think again.

    1. I would love the mh3g on psp but hey least I can say is capcom is just holding back cause they don’t think the west is good enough they just don’t understand most of all of us on this site are WAITING for 3G and 4 so capcom get on with it or get lost

  30. Possible solution: Start buying the friggin’ game… More than one copy if you must… So that it can ‘exceed the expected number of sales’…

    #Over and out

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  33. Terrible spelling and grammar, all of you, but just because you’re terrible at english doesn’t mean you don’t have good ideas. I think translating it and putting it on the nintendo shop channel would be a great idea, and put it on the Wii (or Wii-U if it’s out by then) and have the games work together like portable 3rd on the PSP and PS3.

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